“We the People” feat. GET LIT
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“We the People” feat. GET LIT

October 13, 2019

– Hello.
– Kedu. – Hola.
– Guten Tag. – May-hoh-mah.
– Bonjour. – Salam.
– Shalom. – Hi. – The world’s countries
have united to create – a blueprint for the future. – In September, – the U.N. is unveiling
their global goals. – A manifesto of today’s humans. – By today’s humans. – For today’s humans. – And for tomorrow’s humans, too. – So, to ignite world leaders, and turn these words into actions, we’re making a film. – But we need you. – Whether you know it or not, – the world needs your voice. – Let’s change things. – Create a world where hope – is something you can reach out – and touch.
– Hope. (saying “hope” in different
languages) – Here are 17 other ways to say
“hope.” – [Voiceover] The Global
Goals of the United Nations. – We will live in a world where
nobody, anywhere lives in extreme poverty. – We will live in a world
where no one goes hungry. No one wakes in the morning asking if there will be food today. – We will live in a world
where no child has to die from diseases we know how to cure. Where proper healthcare is
a lifelong right for us all. – We will live in a world
where everyone goes to school. And education gives us
the knowledge and skills to live a fulfilling life. – We will live in a world
where all women and girls have equal opportunity to thrive, be powerful, and be safe. We cannot continue if half
the world is held back. – We will live in a world
where all people can get clean water and proper toilets at home, at school, and at work. – We will live in a world where there is sustainable
energy for everyone. Heat, light and power for the planet, without destroying the planet. – We will live in a world
where economies prosper, and new wealth leads to
decent jobs for everyone. – We will live in a world
where our industries, our infrastructure,
and our best innovations are not just used to make money, but to make all our lives better. – We will live in a world where
prejudice and extremes of inequality are
defeated inside our country and
between different countries. – We will live in a world
where people live in cities and communities that
are safe, progressive, and support all those that live in
them. – We will live in a world where
we replace what we consume, a planet where we put back
what we take out of the Earth. – We will live in a
world that is decisively rolling back the threat of climate
change. – We will live in a world
where we restore and protect the life in our oceans and seas. – We will live in a world
where we restore and protect life on land, the forests, the animals, the Earth itself. – We will live in a
world with peace between and inside countries, where all governments are open and answer to us for what
they do at home and abroad. And justice rules, with everyone equal before the law. – And we must live in a
world where all countries, and we, their people, work together in partnerships of all kinds – to make these global goals a
reality – for everyone, everywhere. – Film yourself delivering the
goal that resonates with you. – We’ll put it all together with thousands of your faces, voices, and all of our collective hope to create a film and show it to the
world on TV, online, and live. – Your voice matters. – Your voice matters. – Make it known.
– Say it loud. – And let it echo around the globe. – The future is in your hands. – The future is in your hands. – The future is in your hands. – Don’t drop it.

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  1. Warning! Read the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on the UN website. It cannot be accomplished without massive loss of freedom to Americans and the establishment of a new global socialist society. Don't fall for the promises of a better world through uniformity! Nature favors diversity when overcoming adversity, NOT uniformity. Even Charles Darwin agrees.

    Masked within these goals is a socialist agenda and a reduction of rights and freedoms for more developed countries like the United States. The UN has issued its own "Declaration of Human Rights" that does not encompass the US Constitution, which states that our rights are unalienable. Their rights are government-given. There is also no 2nd Amendment equivalent in their Declaration. Don't fall victim to the message of "peace and equality" coming late Sep via the Pope and the UN meetings. They and the Central Banks will propose to rescue us from ourselves and our failing economy through this new "global agenda", but the reality is much more sinister. Wake up kids and ask yourself what freedoms we must trade for these goals to be accomplished. You'll find that the "world they want" is not the "world we want"!

  2. We need action not words. We all know what kind of world we want to live in but our 'leaders' are not representative of our views. They do whatever corporations and the rich and powerful want. We need a world where each individual gets to vote on matters directly and not through corrupt individual 'leaders'

  3. It makes me sad that this organization doesn't get as much recognition. But besides that, this makes me hopeful, and someday, (hopefully) I want become part of the UN to enforce these things more.

  4. Sustainable! I think that's the most important part here. No point in going half way… give "hope" but not in a sustainable way is to forget to give it to the future, too.

  5. HAHAHAHAAAAA  this is a joke!! A very BAD joke! The new head of the UN Human Rights Panel is Saudi Arabia….  Saudi Arabia!!! a place where women have NO rights equal to men, where being gay is a guarantuee for punishment!!! A country where NO Syrian refugee is welcome.The UN is a sick and hypocrite organisation.

  6. Are you kidding me? The Lady, who says "Guten Tag" to represent Germany has blue eyes and blonde hair. The thing is : She isnt even german^^ She has a terrible accent. As a local, you can tell instantly by just hearing those two words, that she's been placed there to fit the stereotypes >.<
    That's kinda racist I guess

  7. We don't need global laws or global monetary assets. This is like something out of a scary sci-fi movie… EVERYONE follow & obey


  9. If you know or don't know that you need a new government, it doesn't matter. The Illuminati wants it, and they have a plan, money, loyalty from celebrities, and they are technologically 25-30 years ahead of your primitive latest smart phone.


  11. Those who have nothing nice to say about this or the goals are part of the reason that we need them. Whether they have been announced by the UN or by everyday, normal people they are still things that we should all be concerned about and want to do something about them.

  12. Saudis just let women start to drive? Then make them head of human rights? GTFO, makes zero sense to anyone with their eyes open. I recommend better less obvious propaganda. This shit is just too rich & worthy of only a chuckle. Wake up people….this shit doesn't add up and for that reason one should question the agenda…..cause it sure as he'll isn't to benefit humanity.

  13. this is the most important video on the whole of great site YOU TUBE … because it talks about the future of our planet earth and all the people live on it for the coming 15 years from now >>>i.e from 2015 to 2030 = the video is in only 3 minutes = it shows the 17 goals of the sustainable development which are accredited by all the leaders of the world in September 2015 at the United Nations summit = our great and beloved president of Egypt SiSi attended himself this international summit= we all of us as global civilized citizens from all ages and from all countries worldwide must transfer it or its meanings to all the world to keep reminding and keep refreshing our human commitment to make our world a better
    place to live in = i am engineer : mohamed hesham khattab = quality , conformity assessment and accreditation consultant in the industrial sector = from Cairo / Egypt
    هذا الفيديو القصير في 4 دقائق فقط لاغير هو اليوم ونحن في نهاية سنة 2015م يتم إعتباره أعظم وأرقى وأهم فيديو على موقع اليوتيوب على وجه الإطلاق بل إن محتواه يتم إعتباره من أعظم الكلمات في تاريخ البشرية كلها على الإطلاق لأنه يتحدث عن الأهداف ال 17 التي أقرتها الأمم المتحدة وأقرها وإعتمدها كل رؤساء وزعماء وقادة دول العالم جميعاً وبلا إستثناء على الإطلاق وذلك للتنمية المستدامة في العالم كله طوال ال 15 سنة الميلادية القادمة بدءاً من نهاية سنة 2015م الآن وحتى نهاية سنة 2030م القادمة =
    ورغم أن الفيديو ليس الأكثر مشاهدة على اليوتيوب لكنه يمثل أهمية بالغة للمثقفين والخبراء والمتخصصين والقادة والمهتمين بالمسؤولية المجتمعية ورواد الأعمال ومع ذلك فالأمم المتحدة تطلب من كل الناس في العالم أن يشاهدوا هذا الفيديو ويتداولوه ويتعرفوا على ال 17 هدف التنموي من أجل جعل العالم كله أفضل وأكثر أمناً وتحضراً وثراء وعدلاً وجمالاً أيضاً وإلى الأبد = بالمناسبة الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي شخصياً حضر كل أعمال قمة الأمم المتحدة التي أقرت وأعلنت هذه الأهداف في إجتماعاتها في شهر سبتمبر 2015م نظراً لأهميتها للحاضر والمستقبل =
    والسطور بالإنجليزية هي مشاركتي مع خبراء هيئات المواصفات القياسية الدولية وخبراء نظم إدارة الجودة وتقييم المطابقة والإعتماد للترويج والدعاية والإعلان والمشاركة العالمية في نشر ثقافة التنمية المستدامة والمسؤولية المجتمعية وجودة الحياة في العالم أجمع =تحياتي//

  14. I still found this today and I only found out about this campain (haha can't spell) In social studies class. I just have one question for this campain (still can't spell sorry) Does it also cover mental health? I didn't hear anything about it, and I really want this to be adressed (*sighs* spelling…) Where I'm from has (or is) one of the highest suicide rates in the world… I want to make it so no one will be sad enough to kill themselves.

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