Welcome to English 100 (“Freshman Composition”)!
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Welcome to English 100 (“Freshman Composition”)!

November 10, 2019

So, I’m not used to teaching in my office.
I’m used to teaching in my classroom. Although I’m excited to teach online, what I miss
most from my classroom is the whiteboard. So I actually purchased a couple portable
whiteboards. Let’s try them out. First of all, welcome to English 100, section
number 25813. This is an online course, so we won’t have any face-to-face class sessions
this semester. But I thought it would be better if you had my face to go with my name. So
I’m your professor, Chad Greene. While you are welcome to meet with me face-to-face during
my office hours here in LA 231 or to call me at Extension 2826, I prefer to be contacted
by email at [email protected] So, what are we going to do for the next eighteen
weeks? Excellent question! My answer is suggested
by, of all things, my graduate degree, which I wrote after my name on the previous whiteboard.
Most of the professors in the English Department at Cerritos College have an MA, which is a
Master of Arts degree, an MFA, which is a Master of Fine Arts degree, or a PhD, which
is a Doctor of Philosophy degree. But I’m not like most of the professors in the English
Department; I have a different degree: an MPW, a Master of Professional Writing, from
the University of Southern California. So … Fight On!
With that in mind, my goal for this semester is to help you to develop the skills and strategies
that will enable you to eventually elevate your writing to the professional level. Now,
that doesn’t mean that I assume you want to be a professional writer – although that’s
what I was before I transitioned into teaching. What it does mean is that I hope to help prepare
you to write within your profession. Whatever your profession – medicine, law, education,
public safety – it will require you to write. The first step in preparing you to write at
the professional level will be building your ability to write at the collegiate level.
After all, many – if not most – of you probably enrolled in college, in part, to
prepare yourself for a professional career. So, that’s what we’re going to do the
next eighteen weeks. But what are we going to do this week?
By Friday (January 16), you need to complete your online orientation. After watching this
welcome video, there are three remaining steps in the orientation process. First, read your
syllabus. To do that, click on the link labeled “Syllabus” on the left-hand side of this
TalonNet site. Second, take your orientation quiz – which is based on the information
in this video and in the syllabus. To do that, click on “Tests & Quizzes.” Third, post
your introduction. To do that, click on “Discussion Forum.”
If you want to work ahead after completing your online orientation, the lessons for next
week should be posted by the end of this week. Until then… I look forward to working with
you all in English 100.

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