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Welcome to New Frame Plus!

August 24, 2019

Hello there, and welcome to New Frame Plus. My name is Dan and I’ve been a professional animator in both the film and the game industries for, dang, like eight years now. And this series, which you might previously have known as a show called Extra Frames, is all about the animation in video games. We are gonna be talking about all kinds of animation here, good, bad, old, new, and everything in between. We’re gonna talk about basic animation principles, how game animation works, why some games animation looks so darn good, and why others didn’t work out quite so well. Now, fair warning, if you don’t see any new episodes show up on this channel for a little while, don’t worry. Your feed is not broken, I’ve just bitten off a bit more than I can chew with this next batch of new episodes. I’m excited about them, but they are taking a while in the meantime, though I’ve got a handful of episodes already released, which you can check out, and if you have any particular games or game animations that you would like me to talk about sometime, leave me a comment on one of those videos telling me about it or hit me up on Twitter. I am very interested to hear what sorts of animation you all want to hear about. Oh, and also check out our sister channel, PlayFrame. It’s more of a let’s play channel really, but I do still talk about animation and game dev stuff there from time to time, and we’re gonna be releasing new videos there every week. Anyway, again, welcome to the channel. Hit subscribe if you want to see more game animation videos, and I will do my best to make sure that you’re not kept waiting too long. Until then!

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  1. Wait, Dan? As in the voice for Extra Credits? That's what he actually sounds like? It's a good voice, but it just sounds wrong. It may take a while to adjust.

  2. I'm so excited to see your new content!! immediately subscribed as soon as I saw the notification. ♡

  3. Dan, you might be the saving grace for animators that are REALLY interested on the industry side. Hope things work out enough to maybe guarantee regular content, cus can’t stand the wait. Also, more Monster Hunter analysis would be much appreciated. CHEERS

  4. Hey Dan glad to see you back and in action, on the note of things Thatd be interesting, maybe a compare and contrast of the animation of soulsborne and monster hunter, especially now that World's been out

  5. Hey Dann, as a professional animator could you give us some tips on 3D animation? I plan to get into character modelling and animation on Maya, Id love an episode or a series on that even if it was Patreon exclusive or paid. Loved your work since extra credits came out.

  6. Lets just hope that New Frame Plus doesn't get a case of 'Dan Fever' (when the channel that is voiced, started, and run by Dan Floyd gains several crew members who also share the name Dan)

  7. Hey Dan, i know you like hands animations, so why not take a look at street fighter V's Zeku? He does a lot of stuff at the end of his moves

  8. Super keen to gear your take on fighting game animation. Not like injustice cinematic but actual attacks etc. Particularly the complications of using 3d models in 2d fighters. There would be a ton to unpack from SF2, to DBFZ.

  9. So, since you have a whole channel dedicated to analyze animation, you MUST analyze cuphead. No, this isn't a request, is a requirement. An absolute requirement which I will be posting constantly while watching your other videos.

  10. An idea for a game worth looking at: Skullgirls is a fighting game with some beautiful animations, but because it's a fighting game, most of their motions have very few actual frames to the motion (there's a video somewhere on youtube where their lead animator mentions that their "light" attacks are only allowed to have 4-5 frames in them).

    It'd be neat to see how it (and other fighting games) deal with the conflict between fluid motions and the need to stay "punchy" and fast.

  11. I love videogames and this is cool, but there is any chanel that focus in animation in general? Like I always wantes the GDC of animation and I dont know where to find it.

  12. With the rebranding of this and PlayFrame, is are these channels still associated with Extra Credits or is the rebranding because you're striking out on your own?

  13. it would be interesting to see an episode on fighting game animation, as how it has to be highly responsive yet feel really unique for the characters

  14. you gotta cover kingdom hearts 3 when it comes out, heck maybe even cover the trailers and compare some of the scenes with the movies the scenes are from, check out gameplay animation who knows, but it is a must pick

  15. Ah so THIS is what you were heading off to spend more time on!

    Hell yes I don't think I've ever been such an easy sell for a channel. I've already watched everything in your current log like 3 times. Looking forward to the new episodes, and I'll send some suggestions to twitter straightaway. 😀

  16. So…should I unsub from Extra Credits?

    I love the series, but I know it's Dan's baby. I'm gladly subbing to this channel, but now that Dan's gone and I'm hearing about some controversy stirring over at Extra Credits, I have to wonder if it's going to become a shell of its former self. In particular, I really don't like the new speaker, especially with the forced "cats are cute lol please like me" pandering.

  17. So glad the channel is up and running! I've been a fan for 12 years now. So glad to see you still out here educating our community.
    Much love from Jefferson County, WA!

    Also if you're taking suggestions on videos how about the animation of Absolver? Currently one of my favorite art designs in a game.

  18. Hey Dan I just wanted to let you know that I think the reason why not many people have signed up on here is because they do not realize that this channel exist it would be amazing if extra credits gave you an extra shout out. Because it took me 4 to 5 weeks to realize that this was here. Anyways since I’m on here I want to thank you for all the great inspiration you have given and for that reason I am actually making a in-home Mocap rig for game development and making it mobile for game jam workflows

  19. dan whyyyyyyy why did you leaveeeee the extra credits team also you sound sooooooooooooooooooooo different

  20. i find you dan… gdi finally even thoug not high pitch anymore it still sound good lol keep making videos alright

  21. Subscribed to this. Hopefully it'll be interesting once it kicks off again. (Don't choke on Final Fantasy! XD)

  22. I'd love to see a video about the animation in pretty much any of the Supergiant games, but especially transistor

  23. I would like to see a video on titanfall 1 and 2, some of the animations look really good. Love you dan keep up the good work.

  24. I’d love to see stuff on hand drawn games, personally. I know it’s kind of niche but I’d be interested to hear about the benefits and problems of doing a game in the old-style.

  25. heY! thanks for making history fun daniel. please come back at least every couple of months to do an episode, that would be great. Also, i'll be checking out your new stuff.

  26. Could you please do videos on how you can get into animation yourself? I’ve been interested for a couple years in becoming a game designer and working with animation. Details on how it happens, what programs to use, etc would be amazing

    WAAAAAH Look at what just happened to my YouTube backlog!! It's exploding now!

  28. Just heard about this channel, after being a big fan of Extra Frames.
    Instantly subscribed! So excited to see what you have to say.
    Dead Cells might be an interesting game to talk about? The devs did an interview with Gamasutra where they describe their 3D to 2D animation pipeline

  29. If you ever feel like going into the field of beat'em up (Bayonetta, Darksiders, DmC…) and other hack and slash of all kinds I would be very pleased

  30. Hi, Dan! I'm an absolute animation fanatic. This channel is a dream come true. The videos you make are absolutely amazing and I can't wait for more in the series on the 12 principles of animation. If there's a particular type of game animation I'd love to see you talk about, it would be more on first-person perspective animation. I loved your video about the personality that was conveyed in Overwatch's animation! I'd love to see what you think about a game like Titanfall 2's animations. There is a huge weapon that the giant robot Titans use called the 40mm, and that is something I've used just so I can watch its reloading animations. Whatever you do, I can't wait for more from your channel! The Smash Bros videos are awesome! Keep it up!!

  31. So, I'm assuming that most of the Extra Frames videos that I can't find (The principles of animation, i.e Monster Hunter and I think Shadow of the Colossus?) are being reuploaded and aren't here yet? Plz Dan Senpai reply ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

  32. Could you talk about the animations from For Honor? Even if its quite old now I believe its one of the most detailed and satisfying animations in a fighting game.

  33. I didn't thought that Dan was an animator. HOLY SHIT YOU'RE AWESOME. I loved your previous content, with extra credits, now I love this thing too.

  34. Hi, do you make 3d animation tutorial? I'm a 3d designer but not really a professional and im trying to learn animation in 3ds max, and i have no idea where to start.

  35. I, ju, wha, huh? Dan? Don’t get me wrong, don’t dislike your voice but, I never knew u were using autotune or something in extra credits. You could have easily fooled me my whole life without knowing this was your real voice. Or honestly, I wouldn’t even know that the fake voice was actually fake at all. I’m completely flabbergasted right now. Like, pardon my language but, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA(MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM)NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  36. I miss him being in Extra Credits. I really only watched for him, I find myself scouring through all of his extra credits videos. Be cool if you could at least do a few episodes.

  37. Yaaaaaaaas! Just found this channel (followed you intensely over at Extra Credits, haha), so really excited to watch through this content now! 😀

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