Welding the Steel Frame – Marble Machine X Goes Metal #11
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Welding the Steel Frame – Marble Machine X Goes Metal #11

October 17, 2019

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  1. amazing video, the song fits perfect, I didn't know that wintergatan would make a very nice heavy metal song, keep doing

  2. Did you do some research on how to treat the wood? In the US. they are really picky with wood items that come into the country. If there is anything not treated, you could lose it and they may even incinerate it.

  3. You ever make Oscilloscope music. I'm betting you've heard of it; but, in case you haven't… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOjld0ZcNzs&feature=youtu.be&t=6m15s

  4. Wow… every time I watch you guys I get surprised by your powerfull energy and talent, I'm your fan, regards from Mexico… I hope you come on the near future to this lands…

  5. Awesome video. You can spray it with a clearcoat to protect it. Is it not going to be very expensive to travel with such a big, heavy object?

  6. Wow…your videos are beyond eclectic. They are always (that I have seen) very different yet still very enjoyable. Love the music and the Darth Vader effects especially. But the metal work was great as well.

  7. When I saw you playing guitar for this 'improvised' music, I had to control my self to not my phone. You are like my dream band came alive as a one person.

  8. This is the one single time I sort of wish you'd done things just a little different. I'd have put an arch in the lower horizontal supports, rather than let them just be straight. And even – but this is just pure wishlist – T- or I-shaped profiles with rivets, then painted green, in a 19-century train-station kind of vibe.

    But then, I'm not the one who has to live the result, so who am I to complain 🙂

  9. Yep, nothing more metal than power chords on Guild hollowbody acoustic-electric and a floating bridge whammy. It looks like you're even using the neck pickup so you get that smooth, fat tone that metal is known for. I couldn't think of a more metal instrument to play on!
    And yes, this is all sarcasm. I'm just saying it for the lols. When I saw they were "going metal," I half expected you to be playing a guitar you welded together and slapped some string on. I like the music and the construction. Don't be so hard on yourself for a late video! Getting stuff done is what's most important!

  10. 2:42. Seriously, dude, what are you doing? You are betraying the "If It looks straight it is straight" movement! That's what you are doing…

  11. Why are you using steal? Didn't you say in the past that you wanted to keep it light you can take it on tour? Aluminium would have been better and in my opinion a little more fitting for what it is.

  12. You should have used ratcheting Leveling Casters like this mcmaster(dot)com/#24125t41/=19cvnrl so you can push your machine on wheels when you want it to be mobile and level it when you want it to be stationary.

    Awesome song as well by the way, i would buy an album of this genre from you.

  13. I have to say that I love how rather than showing a step by step video with narration that you have a music video using some of the sounds that came from making this frame! I look forward to seeing each part coming together!

  14. Wow such a fun song!!!
    That's a bit of inspiration for a guitarist with lots of resources (instruments and such) and without a band!

  15. That song Rocks! I look forward to these video's on Monday and Wednesday ! I love seeing it come together and I'm super excited to see it in action! your options are Clear Coat or Clear Powder Coat it. If your familiar with powder coating its much tougher than paint. I also read a bit about using beeswax.

  16. Is everyone ignoring the Darth Vader and lightsaber sounds?? Also loved the 3:09 epicness followed by dat shiny metal finish, looked like a car feature

  17. Sounds great! One thing won't stop you from playing the other! Great music is great music! And it makes you feel good! 😀

  18. Aside from it being half-improvised, this song sounds completely different and so much better at the 1.25 video speed.

  19. Aww. I was hoping for a grunge version of the Marble Machine song maybe with some of the Imperial March mashed in.
    That would be seriously cool.

  20. it's superb to see handy men and their craft and to hear this calm wintergatan as such a badass djent master 😀

  21. so amazing – not only designing the MMX, but also creating the videos, composing musik, building the components and pushing every part of this project to the limits and beyond – 24/7 – you are obsessed and I love it!

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