What House Judiciary Subpoena For Mueller Report Means For Justice Dept. | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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What House Judiciary Subpoena For Mueller Report Means For Justice Dept. | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

November 23, 2019

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  1. WWG1WGA TRUMP 2020 Good morning fellow patriots God Bless us all as we go through out our days and most of all protect our President 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. All great empires fall. The United States will be no different. We’re just seeing in real time and up close and personal how it happens…. It happens from within because of corruption and moral decay.

  3. No u can’t run the country from jail but that’s why we have a system where there are others that are to step in as president if our president commits crimes and is corrupt

  4. THANK YOU MSNBC for speaking the TRUTH!! And don’t forget the words of our Real POTUS to Putin: ‘I’ll have more flexibility after the election’. Obama 🍔🇺🇸

  5. Barr should be impeached for dereliction of duty. He is acting only as Trump's personal attorney instead of as the Attorney General of the US.

  6. William Barr is the most dangerous man in this country and should be put out of his misery like the way we do traitors hanging public

  7. Democrats is it time to pull out the "impeachment crackpipe"yet! Now that the "Collusion Crack pipe" is broken?

  8. Trump and his supporters metric for accomplishment is equivalent to falling over a floor level bar, in other words, Donald was the dumbest person in the room when he tried to obstruct justice and his aides neutered his malignant impulses.

  9. There was Spying and they're all going to be exposed! Justice is happening and these unpatriotic evil actors are about to face their trials and sentences! TREASON is vile and sinister against America!! WWG1WGA!!

  10. Putin/Trump 1…America 0. Robert Mueller showed us a few things already…The good guys don't always win and are easy to sham…He showed us that the Russians socked it to America, sowing discontent…He showed us that Donald Trump can do the crime without doing the time…It turns out that justice and truth have a checkered past…government wrong doers have been protected with sharpies for far too long…Covering their words and crimes, and confining us all to a very stubborn and awkward take on justice. The kind of justice where it is necessary to consider for whom the violations are charged, and who does the charging…Welcome to the new world…What do you want? Something better, you know, equal justice under the law??? Then bring on the bricks, there will need to be plenty of ground up construction going on. And bring a friend if you want to straighten the road to justice, a Super Hero friend who can read through sharpies…Americans get it…..If we can't protect ourselves from the folks running our own country, we can't protect our country…

  11. Mueller was intimidated! He sold out! This is F- ing ridiculous! They need to subpoena the report? The system is broken. We need to rid the cancer starting with Mitch Mc turtle 🐢 Barr is a hippopotamus 🦛 Lying through his teeth.

  12. Come on now, if he's all good why did they have to subpoena the unredacted version? They shouldn't have to ask. Should have just been handed over at the same time if the redacted version. They're really dragging this out.

  13. Also can someone please tell me if they can't charge pres Trump why do the probe in the first place? And what is the FBI going to do now that they know he's been compromised? Why do I get the feeling there's way more to this that meets the eye? Something underling here I can't quite put my finger on. Something's not clean in the milk

  14. Use reasoning. If Trump murdered someone right now, would he not get charged for the crime? If not then this country is a banana republic. If would be charged, then why not for other crimes?

  15. the Dems/Libs are not going to drop this until FISA declass, lawsuits of media, and treason/sedition prosecutions

  16. I'm just here for you Liberal tears. I use them to wash my white privilege azz with them. It make it so clean and I want to thank you for that. he, he, he, LOL!!!

  17. what can Democrate do when Republicans BLOCK Everything Dems try to do. REPUBLICANS Senate NOT Protecting 🇺🇸

  18. For over two years, this was the largest Fraud ever perpetrated on the American public ! The media is just as responsible as the criminals in Washington !

  19. 1. On conspiracy and coordination Mueller did not find sufficient evidence to call it a crime, very possibly beause the White House committed sufficient obstruction of justice to prevent the discovery of sufficient evidence.
    2. On obstruction, despite an excess of evidence, Mueller refuses to call it a crime, because to do so, Trump's lawyers could mount a defense, but the DOJ could not mount a prosecution.
    Zero exoneration…Zero vindication… Very bad presidential behavior…

  20. If the Democrats aren't able to get Trump's taxes and a full Mueller report they can not win in 2020 the life of the party is at stake


  22. Camel Hairy is still tooting the root on BROWN'S little WILLIE from California!! She is a Camel humper from OBUMASS country!!

  23. So let him destroy the country more gtfoh impeach and indict the orange terrorist. He can do a lot more damage to the country before 2020 get him out of the Whitehouse. Mueller already said he will arreste him after he is out of office.

  24. If Mueller did not have a predicate crime to begin with it's not difficult to understand that he would not conclude his investigation with one! Unless he created one, which he decided not to do!! However, there are other glaring factors that evidence Trump's unfitness for office that Congress should be addressing before our nation miscalculates the North Korean/Russian/China threat simply due to Trump's post presidency plans to build hotels in Russia and China therefore willfully ignoring a possible pre-emptive NK nuclear attack!!!

  25. So, the full report is sent to Congress. When the parts that can not be legally released to the public get leaked, then what happens?

  26. Mueller concluded that the exclusive remedy for presidential crimes is impeachment. Unfortunately, while the House may vote impeachment, it is clear that Trump's invertebrate Senate flunkies will never convict.

  27. When are the Democrats going to see the light? It's OVER. Nadler and the rest are just looking confused and desperate now. And even his supporters can see it. It's time to concentrate on getting One electable candidate in 2020 or forget it. The whole world is against Trump , yet his approval is higher than ever. Stop this impeachment BS and get to work , not much time left or it's Goodnight Gracie..

  28. Oh my how predictable this was! Release redacted report…Democrats, we need to see un-redacted. LEAK LEAK LEAK! SPIN SPIN SPIN, POTUS 2020 full of Democrat IDIOTS. Looks like Democrats have NO solutions of problems facing the American people.

    Meanwhile American has a

    1. Immigration crisis
    2. Health care crisis
    3. Opioid crisis

    What has the new House Democrats done for the American people other than Demagogue Russia meddling.

  29. WHAT is Barr hiding for tRump? Get Mueller in front of The House to answer questions, publically, in front of cameras.

  30. In the words of Joe Biden, "It's over". Pitching a Hissy Fit wont change the out come. There's NO there, there.

  31. You fools actually believe Mueller and Barr are covering up for TRUMP you are a holes you deserve horse tide and hog whipped like the swine pigs you are you are f ing yourselves

  32. They can’t say that he made a crime, but if they concluded that he had not committed a crime they would have said so. And they didn’t

  33. Liberals are so pathetically desperate. It's over. NO COLLUSION NO OBSTRUCTION. dems have handed trump 2020. Thank you

  34. Trump has almost single handedly destroyed the "Justice Department" and judiciary. I hope they survive and the wheels of Justice weigh heavily upon Donald J Trump and his criminal family and clan!

  35. Remember this Nadler. This is the moment you lost the support of everyone you're supposed to represent. Right now you look like a defiant child throwing a tantrum. The adults around you have told you how it is, but you refuse, thinking if you cry loud enough, you'll get your way. Good luck dealing with not being re-elected.

  36. Thank you Media and Democrats and Liberals for supporting Mueller for the last Two years we Republicans appreciate it 😂

  37. Congress and the Justice Department is going to battle over this report? That doesn’t even sound right. We have a system in place. If Congress ask for something the Justice Department has to comply. Now since Trump has been President it’s as if everything is a legal battle. We no longer have laws or rules unless the courts rule on it??? None of this is normal. The Justice Department is for the people not the President of the United States and the media says nothing about this. They go along with this as if this is normal and how things are. It’s not.

  38. You have to censure to move on any more serious issues. I've been yelling for months, where is censure? It means we are aware you are trying to circumvent law or constitution and this is an official warning.

  39. Mueller’s report has shown a firm conclusion that President Donald J Trump indeed obstructed to the justice process, but the DOJ policy prevented Mueller from bringing him to the indictment.

  40. Impeachment process should begin .. Not because it is "politically expedient" but because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO ! Hundreds of pages of evidence that this president has committed offenses unbecoming the president of the United States. As others have clearly stated after reading the full report .. If ANYONE else had done exactly the same things outlined therein .. they would be in handcuffs.. yesterday. If the DOJ "policy" does not allow a sitting president to be indicted with the thinking it should be up to congress.. then Congress needs to take the information in this report and proceed with what ever is necessary to hold the person (s) accountable for their actions ..

  41. We have to vote trump out in 2020….its the only check and balance that can still work….and people don't fall for russian misinformation this time….

  42. When did "I don't recall", "I don't remember" become acceptable answers to the "Rule of Law" and our government????

  43. If the President is in jail then that's when the VP takes charge. From UK I'm sure that an MP would get kicked out of his Parliamentary job. He/She would be made to resign. See no reason why your President can stay in office and continue with his corrupt habits.

  44. Hi Steph🐞.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Steph.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Steph.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  45. Barr claims Trump faced some kind of immediate onslaught of negative media coverage on becoming President. I remember those early months very differently. The public never heard of the FBI investigation of Russia's efforts to interfere in the 2016 campaign BEFORE the election. We just heard hours of accusations and endless hearings over Clinton's using her husband's private server to receive or forward emails without a heading that said classified.

    We didn't hear about Trump connections to Russian interests and the contacts his campaign had with them. Nor did we know how much effort the Russians had extended into electing him in exchange for dropping sanctions.

    It was March of 2017 when Comey announced the FBI investigation into Russian interference. We heard about Flynn and his behavior with the Russians afterwards, not before the election. Even then it was portrayed as an issue over lying to Vice President Pence.

    It was Trump and his Twitter finger that stimulated the media attention. He accused Obama of wiretapping his phones! Now we can see that act as Trump probing to see what might be known about his real criminal actions- now too numerous to even keep track of them.

    Barr is re-writing history in an attempt to whitewash the President and he is skirting very close to criminal actions himself. He might have gotten away with this abuse under Bush the First in Noriega's case, but times have changed since then. We hate the criminal but don't forgive the guys that give him aid and comfort. Barr is doing both. Congress needs to reign in the ability of criminal Presidents to abuse the agencies and departments that are responsible for implementing the laws Congress passes.

  46. why doesn't the naaaaaad and his creepy eye brow. ask to see the unredacted fisa warrant. or subpoena Muller to ask how the fake dossier. played in , and why he fired Peter stroker. hmmmm

  47. I haven't read the full redacted Mueller report; and I'm not a lawyer or legal scholar. Nevertheless, I do think there's a good chance this will bring down the Trump presidency, either via the ballot box or some other means. Do I think that's a good outcome? I do. This president has shown time and again his contempt for the rule of law. To put it diplomatically, it's problematic having someone like this running our country.

  48. Democrats want to bend the law (which they wrote )to suit them. where are the calls to repeal this law , where are Democrats call for transparent government. this is just Democrats playing pocket hockey. and the naad has a away game

  49. Desperate and delusional Jerry Nadler.Poor guy can't sleep at night after his parties
    Russian collusion narrative turned out be 100% BS. Scorned and humiliated, Nadler
    is left grasping at straws.His party just served up Trump's re-election in 2020 on a
    silver platter. The public is sick and tired of your lies,Jerry.

  50. No one expects a criminal to run a country. If a sitting president found guilty, that automatically disqualify to continue his presidency. I don't understand why that seems complicated. What country in the world allowed a criminal to lead the country anyway.

    These people just want to find excuse after excuses to put Trump above the law. I wonder why?

  51. Trump for Impeachment! It will be the biggest impeachment ever! He will tell you, no one knows impeachment like Donald Trump! He is the most impeachable president ever! Rosenstein looks like he is about to puke. Wonder what they have on him?

  52. Oh seriously!!! now this network is blaming their ignorance of the law for their ridiculous pedaling of lies for two plus years!!! Give me a break.

  53. The DOJ POLICY is not a law but a guideline and when it comes to a president who favors our greatest enemy in this world its quite OK if he ignores the laws ? This should have been tested in the courts and it should have started with trumps arrest.

  54. The investigations Mueller transitioned to SDNY and any convictions from them cannot be pardoned by Pence or Trump.

  55. Nothing can stop what is now in motion.
    You are about to experience the power of the silent majority. Again.
    We have been watching.
    We are one.
    We are Q

  56. Trump is the Benedict Arnold of our day. We must accept that we must have a decisive way of dealing with traitors that is swift and clean cut. This is dragging out too long and appears to be too ambiguous in it's conclusion.

  57. What do democrats do now ? Well find a new job shoveling cow [email protected] after all there good at slinging it . our news media needs a good cleaning up also . WHO WHAT WHEN WHY WHERE HOW not i think or i feel . you ain't that smart but you do make a lot of money for your selves I guess that is what is all about any way . JUST SAD .

  58. Impeachment is only a politically loaded term when the GOP are protecting a traitor they put in the Oval Office. Pathetic excuse for such a group: Welfare Kings all….every GOP member.

  59. Trump is the exception to the made-up rule that a sitting president can't be indicted. He can't run the country while out of jail either, except into the ground.

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