What if America Had A King?
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What if America Had A King?

September 16, 2019

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  1. Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay. This was meant to go out a week ago, but I wanted to make it the best I could. I'd rather sacrifice quantity than quality.


  2. Actually Washington did have some noble blood in him

    And if it was a constitutional monarchy where the king had the exact same powers as the president now with most decisions based on an elected congress it wouldn’t be entirely against liberty. Basically it would be like how Britain works right now

  3. Take away hereditary succession (e.g. vote a new king when the current one dies), give states a comfortable level of self-autonomy, and don't over tax the subjects. Then maybe it has a slither of a chance to survive.

  4. Actually, alexander hamilton had suggested a form of monarchy at the beginning of the constitutional convention. There was complete silence at the suggestion and alexander literally left because of embarrassment. He returned later tho.

  5. I bet you've heard this before, and I'm being rude for your benefit. Learn the "-ents"

    Would…ent, could…ent, should…ent, practice them as if they are separate words.

    If you didn't use a contraction like wouldn't, would you say woun dot? or would not?

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