What if Carter’s Second Term Hadn’t Been Stolen? p1
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What if Carter’s Second Term Hadn’t Been Stolen? p1

October 8, 2019

at one of the hits on president obama that the republicans
are herself on so terribly fun though but i think is bizarre is that he’s like jimmy carter as it jimmy carter was a weak president when i think back too the end of the carter presidency we had just just a few weeks ago when was a cargo was this movie came out that was that the other one academy
award r sort of the word and it was about uh… group of not the main group of hostages but
another group of hostages who who contend they are of uh… out of program by this filemaker got in and took them out
you know and alongside is you know great movie but in the movie what you saw was that
all these ratings were all upset always americans in death to america always
goes up and was came out mister by solder who was the the president of a random he was actually a politician who was not
president of a random hostages were taken and in the summer of nineteen eighty he
ran for president of the united states of of overran on a platform of releasing the hostages and did he wrote an op ed about this in
the christian science monitor which you can still read today it’s fairly hard to find because almost everybody ignore it i was astounded that was reprinted
everywhere that didn’t it didn’t appear on the front page of your times but here’s the that you’re an a on a platform of
releasing the hostages anyone overwhelmingly that the average iranian didn’t give a
rats but to me that we were holding the hostages in fact most of the more
embarrassed about it they wanted their country let the get
laid they want to be quotes students to let the hostages co they saw designed as a surly inflaming
tensions between the united states around body sutter ran on that platform he
wanna and then he went to the ayatollahs who
are you know there’s a liquor super incor rate we that we think that we have
a democracy we have a constitutional our monarchy you want to do something you gotta go to
the ayatollahs those of the nine people in black robes just down the street here at the supreme
court said can i do this the sharp is a constitutional or and they got the ayatollah sorbitol
function of the supreme court and so look at the constitution and look at the
karan but it’s the same thing sobai solder goes that’s always is is ok i ran on a platform of release denies
his match please released ostriches and ayatollah khomeini’s uh… adult you can’t anne told him why and bunnies are published this just two
weeks ago in indeed in making a christian science monitor
like i said you can read it online soon will put a link to it tomorrow our
our buyers than ensues stack in our newsletter and on our website you can read it online the ayatollah such a bunny such a
president bodies are you may not release those hostages because we cut a deal
with the ronald reagan campaign keep in mind reagan was running against carter in the
summer of nineteen eighty for president had states and car was way ahead brayden was considered a crackpot they call a ronnie ray gun everybody is
a phrase has our nuclear war we we we we thought of him as slim
pickens in in uh… internet bin and movie their doctor strangelove juz riding a
bomb down there with his with his cowboy hat is handled so he does the ayatollah say he goes
that solo nieces i gotta sailor he’s no we cut a deal with the reagan campaign
that we would all those sausages until after the election and we are
going to do that in exchange for that they are going to ship us spare parts for all of our weapons because you know we got all military
here it’s all american a weapons and we can’t legally buy them from the
united states and in fact israel has already started
to deliver some of those weapons sola spare parts
specifically tires further further uh… f whatever was f_-eighteens further projects israel was already delivering them and bonnie sutter talks about this and
is op ed in the christian science monitor and they kept those sausages until and
then release them literally the moment the ronald reagan
put his hand on the bible in january of two thousand eighteen
eighty one as he was being sworn in they release the hostages at that moment
every cell that’s cuz they hate carter so much knowledge because they were
given a deal it was their way of saying to ronald
reagan we will expose you we’re gonna get this
close to exposing it will expose you if you don’t get those
weapons to us answering captains were three eighty one eighty two eighty three
forty five eighty six finally a bus in eighty six selling weapons to iran and taking the money from that and there
had been this piece of legislation passed it specifically so that the
reagan administration cuz everybody rate was ajar war monger i
mean you with a crazy guy that he wanted to go after the the the
contras in nicaragua allah god there’s a comet as governor
was a socialist government in nicaragua please don’t start a war nicaragua
mister reagan slate literally congress passed a law
making illegal for reagan did to start a war with
nicaragua so what does he do he takes the money for or an from selling them the weapons which he
was selling them because they helped him win the election he takes that money any and gives it to
the to the rebels in uh… that you know bugs murderers right wing death squads in nicaragua the so-called countries ollie north is helping to do it ollie north took the fall for it and then jerry ford pardons lol bunch up excuse me did george herbert walker bush
pardons lol bunch up the same way jury forty pardoned nixon
and his cronies so just got me thinking you know if jimmy carter second-term had
not been stolen what we’re going to be like right now this is what jimmy carter had to say
about fossil fuels we would i’d first of all
the first thing on it so it was a jimmy carter had not had that election stolen if
ronald reagan and bill casey was this at the site was running his campaign if bill casey had not committed treason
d at reagan and bush into office by cutting a deal with the enemy just like we know nixon did by the way you know back when l_b_j_ was president
hubert humphrey’s vice president is running for reelection her for election
in sixty eight i get the tape on that ability l_b_j_
jargon ever dorks about this here we’ve got the testimony the president of a
rant i would submit to you that we would not
allow the when that happened because we wouldn’t have been in the
middle east pumping oil and we would not be a four hundred parts
per million a carbon dioxide and if not a lot of the not happen
without warning afghanistan ur racked this would be a prosperous country we’ll be energy independent here’s what carter had to say in in uh… nineteen seven-b_ nine periods janet theaters worldwide it is april and present danger to our
nation dropped back and which have been lost but i have to say to you know about
energy or something and vitally important product line i’m tonight sending a clear the
fatherhood crossing of the united states beginning at this moment displeasure
will never hear world than we did in nineteen seventy seven now rayng and put their play into place he actually put that into place and had ronald reagan i come into office
the next year and blow it up we would not be using foreign oil and we would not be in the middle east and they can be grown turnouts for all
week there and we would not be a quarter
parts-per-million we would not be looking at that a possible extension of
time but that’s just the beginning up let me tell you some of the other things
that the carter administration did and hud different america would be if we
hadn’t had three consecutive republican treasonous actions places the commons argument by i’m
talking about the supreme court installing george w_ bush while raiding cutting a deal with the
iranians and richard nixon cutting a deal is
ah… it

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  1. I hate to say this, but Jimmy Carter is one of the worst things to have ever happened to the Democratic Party. Good ideas but managerial ineptness. Decisive action should have been taken early on in the Iranian hostage crisis instead of a long, drawn out 444 day national humiliation that paved the way for Right Wing Ronald Reagan, a person who under normal circumstances would never have been elected. FDR and LBJ should be the templates for Democratic presidents, not centrist/corporatists.

  2. Thank you Thom. I was in 5th grade and watched the debates in class. RR was a joke because he would not even really answer the questions.

  3. At least Carter had the balls to tell the American people how it was, Reagan gave them a fantasy and they bought it hook, line and sinker… we will be paying for that mistake for a looooong time!

  4. 9/11 would've never happened and we would've fought for climate change, possibly even starting to turn it around in time. Citizens United would've never happened, and that one supreme court decision that declared that you DID have a personal right to bear arms unconnected to service in a militia would've instead swung the other way.

    In short, the forces that stole the election for Bush stole our Country from us, too. But maybe I'm just being overly optimistic. *sigh*

  5. Jimmy Carter is an extremely intelligent man. A nuclear engineer and a realist in analyzing the strategic situation at hand. The reason Carter lost is because the Wall Street crowd didn't think Carter was kosher enough based on his equal treatment of Israel and Egypt and the Israel lobby never forgave Carter for it.

  6. True but you would also have Lie-berman as the Vice. Bad choice. He should have went with Don Siegleman.

  7. Until the current president, Carter was the last Christian president and since then he has backed up his faith with action. Carter is a good man.

  8. Don Siegleman was the last great proud liberal Democrat Gov of my home state. He worked hard to help bring Alabama into the 21st Century only to have Karl Rove axe him. I hope Rove winds up in prison one day for what he has done.

  9. Jimmy Carter was truly our last good President! Everyone since has been a corporate shill. to paraphrase the All in the Family opening theme: "Mister we could use a man like Jimmy Carter again."

  10. There was no tampering with voting machines. Reagan DID NOT steal the election Thom. Reagan won the 1980 election in a LANDSLIDE carrying 40 states with a total of 489 electoral votes.

  11. No question 2000 and 2004 were stolen, but just cause Reagan's campaign made a deal with the Iranian hostages takers doesn't mean the election in 1980 was stolen.

  12. I don't understand you sometimes Thom. You say Al Gore won the 2000 election and you say Reagan stole the 1980 election? 1980 was a freaking LANDSLIDE Thom.

  13. This is crap. 9/11 happened to insure that we would have the green light to invade any OPEC country that starts to stray away from the agreement they made in the 70's that they would only sell their oil in exchange for us dollars. This is what gives the dollar value even to this day. CO2 doesnt cause global warming, the sun's electromagnetic field does indirectly.

  14. Yea Tom you got it right; and the republicans want to worship him like he was a god, they don't like good honest and smart presidents like Obama or Carter, Kennedy, Roosevelt, they feel diminished because their ego's are always comparing and measuring, instead of exploring their own unique potential. "Hillary 2016"

  15. Reagan was a MONSTER to the poor and the middle class,even Ronald Reagan Jr said my dad did not care for the poor.Republicans should be ashamed !

  16. Thanks for the reminder, Thom. I had almost forgotten the dark underbelly of the Ronnie Popular / Ollie North Iran–Contra Affair.
    But on a different topic, the voice-to-text software used for your video’s subtitles, generates truly hysterical results! “…and they kept those sausages until and then release them…” I hope you’ve gotten a software fix together in the past 3 years!

  17. I do feel the poor in this country would not be as badly affected. It would be an evener balanced country. You would not have the street population like do Jimmy had a heart.

  18. Hal Slboot, You said that Jimmy Carter  terrible leader, What galaxy of what planet are you from . Frm Pres. Jimmy Carter was a terrible leader "Man Please"Don't get yourself dizzy or high on something. Jimmy Carter is so full of wisdom and bless with it in his "PRIME", If he ran this country like in the late 70's in this 21th Century like than , And Sen. Bernie Sanders was Vice President as his running mate.Frm Pres. Jimmy Carter would have pass the torch to Sen.Bernie Sanders. "Yea !"The both of them know how to communicate & great negotiate with people here in this nation,Some of us with some common sense,And other free world countries willing to listen, Not like people that are allergic,contaminate,crypt,cripple corruptible way of thinking, But I see why some people call that epression -"BRAIN DEAD"of a statement when it comes to "Socialism""OOOOW !"" WEEEE!"Than talk dead, Became "Mumbles 0r Mushmouth" From "Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids" for those that don't appreciate "Socialism" " MMM,? MMM,! What the hell you are saying.

  19. I am a liberal, but even I am not dumb enough to believe that the 80 election was stolen. Now 2000, and 2016 sure as hell were stolen! Carter was president at a shitty time in history, and he would have been tougher to beat if he had ran against Bush Senior in 1988! I think he would have won, but the seventies was a meat grinder on Presidents. Carter was the most sane President of my lifetime.

  20. What if FDR had lived to serve his fourth term? We have come so close, and the oppressive GOP and now the neoliberal corporate Dems have cheated their way in. The list is astounding: FDR's untimely death, JFK's assassination, Robert Kennedy's assassination, Carter getting cheated out of a second term, Bush 2 getting handed the election by the Supreme Court and Bernie getting cheated out of the nomination. Additionally, gerrymandering means that, though they won far fewer votes, the GOP controls both houses of the federal legislature. Additionally, they cheated Obama out of a Supreme Court nomination.

  21. Hey Thom…how could Reagan trade F18 parts for the hostages…plane was not around in 1981 and Iranians never had F18's.  How do you steal an election that was a landslide.  Thom, tone down on the crack big boy.  You sir are a whack job.

  22. The U.S. now has only 2 economic classes of people thanks to Reagan and the whole lot there after: The Aristocracy and the Peasents. If you think you're middle class you make a minimum take-home of $250,000./yr.

  23. We started all the real trouble in the Middle East nearly everything wrong or bad that is happening in the world is because of us.

  24. Nobody liked Carter when he was in office, especially his own party. He was arrogant and couldn't work with anyone. His work as an ex-president is to be admired, but let's not confuse it with his time in office. He was in over his head.

  25. I was in Barcelona on my first honeymoon, and my wife and I were invited for drinks on a tramp freighter (500 tons) in the harbor. When we arrived, I inspected the cargo the freighter was loading. It was 155 millimeter artillery shells being shipped to IRAQ by ISRAEL. The shells were just sitting there on the dock waiting to be loaded, no secrecy about it at all. Israel will sell arms to anyone. And they were complicit with the US in what became known as "Contragate." Wake up Americans.

  26. It was F-14, not F-18 planes. It saddens me that we had 8 years of Reagan. The middle class started to end under Reagan.

  27. Jimmy Carter was a deregulator who was blamed for mistakes made by progressives Nixon and Ford…  Not sure why lefties defend him and righties hate him…  I would take carter over a Bush any day.

  28. I have seen the tape of Bush meeting with Bani Sadr in PAris cutting the deal; guns for the hostages. If that was not treason, what is? I think very highly of Carter. However, he does not speak out about this treason. I think this makes him complicit and abetted the terrible Presidents that have followed. In the same fashion that Gore is complicit in allowing Bush (II) to become president.

  29. Now they're screaming collusion with Russia? When Reagan promised to sell Iran weapons if they held the hostages? Where's the real story CNN woww!!!!

  30. Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism are just two different sides of the oligarchic coin by and for plutocracy…and the destruction of middle class democracy. Big money fear mongering ideologues have been manipulating our government for decades but now have nearly full control. But they still fear us waking up and marching together. Hence, all the 'divide and conquer' nonsense.

  31. until you lift your eyes up from personalities and start looking at principles, the usa is doomed. and probably humanity. but let's pretend we are indeed sapiens enough to survive:
    the structure of american society is designed to ensure the few rich rule the many poor. the rich buy politicians, and it's easy to do, for they are few and greedy. carter might be the best of men in the oval office, but that is a very low standard. he exonerated the men of the mylai massacre, in order to get into office, so let's not pretend he was anything but a politician.
    if you want a nation concerned with the general welfare and in favor of peace and justice, scrap the constitution and start over:
    establish democracy.

  32. Carter was probably one of the most un-American, to the point of being hateful towards America, anti-Semitic, Hell by the time he left we were in the worst recession since the Great Depression and in some ways it was actually worse. Where Reagan had actually pulled more people out of poverty than any president before him had ever done, he strengthened us against enemies that had been attacking us with impunity for at least a year before Carter left office. Carter ranks at the top up a list of the worst Presidents we've ever had in this country. For crying out loud you don't even know what weapon systems they had. Did you not prepare for this speech. Yes I heard bullshit about Reagan was going to start World War 3 and guess what it didn't happen. Do you know why? Because people don't attack a country with a strong leader like they had been attacking us for over a year and Carter was doing nothing to protect the United States interest. yes we had friends in the Iranian military, I know cause I trained with them. The long-term goal was to get rid of the Theocratic monarchy of Iran that was only there because Carter had allowed them to take control of the country and start murdering people by the thousands. There was nothing in the law that Congress passed that stopped the president from doing any such thing as taking money that the Iranians were spending on weapons to make the Iranian military strong enough to overthrow the monarchy of Iran and use it to support our interest in Central America and if you think there is any difference between socialism communism and fascism you're right it's how you spell them and how you pronounce them they're all three of the exact same type of government. They are all three left-wing extremist governments. Study just a little bit of science oil is not a fossil fuel that's been a lie propagated by the oil industry almost a hundred years. Then you're worried about carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is not not not consistent with any global warming the warmest decade we've had in this country in the last 140 years, the length of time we've actually been keeping real temperature records, has been the 1930s so get out the carbon dioxide crap.

  33. Just found this video. Great job, and very true. Imagine we could have continued with Carters policies and developed renewables like solar. A study in the prestigious Journal of Science in the late 90's showed that for a modest investment paying for itself in 5 years about 100km^2 of the Nevada desert would have supplied all energy needs of the US (including enough to sustain an electric car fleet). Funding that earlier we could have had it in the early 90's even. We would have had no need for oil wars or funding terrorist Islamic states, and it is unlikely 9/11 would ever have happened. 500,000 Iraqis would be alive. We would be a richer nation without having fought all those wars and by now be energy independent and be leading the world in renewable energy. Global warming and its upcoming catastrphes and trillion dollar costs would have been avoided. Imagine. As John Lennon said, there are no problems, only solutions [along with a few billionaire slime who profit from keeping the problems].

  34. carter was a politician, he defended the murderers of mylai to hold support in the south for his presidential ambitions. call him ' best of breed, ' if you wish, but it's a low standard. americans don't deserve better government. if you are willing to assent to the rule of politicians, what you see is what you get. democracy is possible, but unlikely as long as the limit of your hope is to find a just and loving fairy god-mother in politics. you need better quality people to sustain democracy, and your choice of king-for-awhile is naturally of the same low standard. you can't breed race-horses out of donkeys.

  35. you don't live in a democracy. you are too ignorant, too passive, too lazy to do anything about the constitution that keeps you penned in the sheep pasture, so railing about the sins of your masters is unproductive. step over to a mirror and see your real problem.

  36. We wouldn't have NAFTA if the country had of voted 4 Ross Perot. That's who my family wanted 4 President in the 90''s, but I do remember him saying that if they passed NAFTA bill. that this country would here the sucking sound of all the jobs leaving this country..or something to that effect.

  37. Carter was a very unpopular president. Sure, the Reagan campaign made a deal with Iran to trade arms for hostages. But in light of how unpopular Carter was in 1980, I don’t think it really affected the election results. Carter was not popular even within the Democratic Party and Ted Kennedy ran against him for the party nomination.

  38. I was so impressed with Carter for brokering a peace deal between Anwar Sadat of Egypt, and M Begin of Israel. This peace deal lasted for over a decade until the Netanyahu fascists came into power.

  39. Carter was a PUSSY! He should of given them 30 days to free them or to consider our countries at war. Carter would of made us a better country? How we were wrecked during his term. Gas crisis and economic crisis weak leadership. He got smoked for many reasons and your pretending things got worse or stayed the same once that pussy was out of office despite everything getting better.

  40. 1) Carter's bad economy would have continued
    2) The Soviet's would have remained in power, possibly to the point of nuclear war
    3) Iran would not have released the hostages.
    and it would have gone downhill from there.

  41. that's not the only way reagan stole that so-called election. he also illegally received copies of carter's debate points and strategies. then he had his speech writers come up responses. of course many americans were stupid enough to believe reagan was displaying some kind of quick wit when all along it was professionally prepared retorts based upon a STOLEN information. this means Reagan, like trump, WASN'T the legal president! you can only become president through legal means. if you commit crimes to occupy the white house that's called a coup d'état and you're NOT president! reagan was indeed an underhanded sleaze ball and the GOP has only gotten so much worse since then! the U.S., and even the democratic party have gone to complete crap since reagan.

  42. Thanks, I was over there, in NAVY, 1980-81. Yeah, thought a "DEAL" had been made. When in Nov. 1980, was on USS JFK, going up, to 03 level, It came over, 1-MC, I said that's the end of United States, as I knew it!

  43. Carter's presidency was an example of what we expect from a president. His acheivemts were many, he was a victim of the times he governed in. He is a decent man too.

  44. Reagan's illegal actions on Iran Contra makes Watergate look like the third rate burgalarly that it was. The question remains was it Reagan pulling the strings or the usual intelligence and military roughes pulling Reagan's?

  45. CARTER was unpopular. We stagflation that would not go away, it jumped to over 13%. The OPEC oil crisis, Carter's failed hostage rescue. Carter blaming the public for not being positive during his screw ups. There was 3 major candidates running for president in 1980. Anderson from Illinois with a Carter cabinet member as his V.P. they got over 6% of the vote. Carter wouldn't even debate Anderson so it was just Reagan and Anderson on the national broadcast LoWV's debate. Even before the general election, Kennedy was a strong Challenger to Carter in the Democratic primaries. If it wasn't for Chappaquiddick, Kenndy would have beat Carter as the Democratic candidate. Carter was a nice guy, but totally incompetent as a president.

  46. I remember the national debt discussion leading up to election. $58 billion deficit. It was ALL OVER the media- Carter was bankrupting US. A fool and his $ easily parted! Gopigs won

  47. Republikkklans are traitors to my country and they have always been traitors because it's in their nature. Confederate flag waving racist traitors.

  48. republicans only win when the cheat so they seem to always cheat. Jimmy was years ahead of his time and if he had a second term the world would not be in the mess we are in now. reagan was the start of republican mass corruption.

  49. It was Carter who screwed up Iran in the first place when he threw the Shah under the bus. Amid find it funny for you to say Reagan was a war monger since he did more to build peace than any other POTUS.

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