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  1. So basically without the Russian revolution the world would be a much better place. The downside is we wouldn't be able to listen to the beautiful soviet national anthem

  2. Authors, this video is a complete rubbish. Your timeline is terribly inaccurate . But that is not the real issue. The real issue was your statement, that provisional goverment should have just gave up the war. You guys are even more incopetent than they were, because they, at least, understood, that surrender meant civil war.
    Bolsheviks were not popular at all after uprising in july, they werre labeled as German spyes by Kerenskiy- they become popular after they were freed by Kerenskiy in order to crush Kornilov “uprising”- and become saviors of the revolution.
    Your questions are all wrong. There are the right ones:
    What if train catastophe that killed Alexander III never happened? He was healthy as ox, without internal injuries he could have lived a century.

    What if Nicholai died because of the flu(he barely survived) years before war, and Michail become regent, and eventually, after death of tsesarevich Alexey, successor of the throne?

    What if Rasputin never come to the palace and never ruined the prestige of Emperial family?

    What if capital was moved to another town, smaller and more secure?

    What if the problem with rue bread shortage was solved( there was no famine in Petrograd, just a severe rue bread shortage). There was military stock of rue flour, they could just bake bread on streets with marching braziers. One retired gendarme actually suggested it.

    What if Duma hadn’t been dissolved by that idiot appointed by the Empress, so the rebbelion never become revolution?

    What if Nicholai just crushed the revolution with loyal soldiers? He had plenty, and rebels had an extremely low morale. (I admit, this one is unlikely, he didn’t have balls for it)

    What if Nicholai gave up throne a day earlier, so Michail could actually become Emperor?

    What if Kerenskiy hadn’t blackmailed His Highness Michail to give up throne? His Highness could have flew to Moscow and negotiate with provisional goverment to estabilish constitutional monarchy or just crush the revolution with loyal troops, such as the Wild Division.

    What if Kornilov came to power and turned Russia in one big military camp in order to win the war as he suggested?

    What if Lenin couldn’t persiade his party to start the uprising in october ( nobody believed in success exept him)
    What if esers arrested bolsheviks during Constituent Assembly( they had the chance)
    As you can see, both revolutions could have been avoided, there were a plenty of chances.
    Instead you are asking what if provisional goverment was a little more decisive – stopped the war and solved land problems. Bolsheviks did exacly that and we know the results: civil war, famine, diplomatic isolation, tyranny and terror.
    Communism is not evil by itself. Ineffective, but not evil. Revolutions are evil. Civil wars are even greater evil. Both make good people think they can achieve happiness by spilling blood. Spoiler: they can’t. And after you killed, and there is no happiness you have 2 options: either admit that you did wrong or find another enemy to kill, maybe there is a traitor in our midsts, that is why there is no happiness. And this is the formula for repressions.Communism is evil because revolution and civil war always were part of the plan, so they never admit their sins.
    This video is a roundabout way to ask a question- what if Russians never become evil? And the ansver is : not gonna happen, they are just a bunch of evil communists or miserable rural nobodies.
    This is just disgraceful. You should be ashamed of yourselfs, authors.

  3. Fun period of our history then Social-revolutionary party win democratic elections and social-democratic party start revolution)

  4. Also he never said what happened to the tsar. If you want to know I’ll tell you. The new Russian government executed the tsar and his family by shooting him,stabbing him,then shooting him again

  5. If Russia never revolted and Qing remains in China, America and Japan would shift to leftist governments while the UK allies with Qing and Russia.

  6. My great great granfather who fought in ww1 as the Russian Empire in 1915 to 1917 in 1917 he fought in a battalion along Alexander Vasilyech and until 1921 my granfather got captured and he got executed in a firing squad…I still have his officer's Overcoat, his holster, his visor cap, and his sword

  7. Russia and the whole of Eastern Europe would have ended up as the Latin America of Western Europe and whoever else who could afford to buy their natural resources and control their leadership.

  8. "Russian Reveloution" It was no Russian Reveloution it was if anything a Jewish purge of Slavs and Eastern Orthodox Churches

  9. Voila, Introducing the Stage Coup button. With this Magical piece of Software Prowess, You can overthrow oppressive monarchies with ease! Just simply Right click the Desired Country, And under the Long list of Options, at the Very Bottom, select "Stage a Coup". At the Low Low Cost of .5 Political Power a Day, And a Few Rifles, You can easily rocket an already suffering populous into a Civil War, Changing a Ruthless leader with an even More Ruthless Dictator. Remember kids, Overthrowing Governments is all a Part of the Plan.

  10. How could Russia stay out of WWI, when Britain and France join joined because of an alliance with Russia? And Russia pledged to protect Serbia.

  11. idk religion is the thing i always looked up to ussr for
    did what no other country did took the fairytale away.

    wish some countries would do that as well today, we dont need it today.
    that said it's okay to be religious, just be it inside ur own home/religious-place

    no one need to know or care what fairy tale you believe in.

  12. lt is amazing how this Video blame Russian Revolution for Hitler coming to power, When it actually was because How the West treated Germany after WW1 or Vietnam War which Happened Because French Did not wanna Give Vietnamese Their Freedom. What a Dumb Video. No Wonder Why People Dont Know anything abut History and it is because of Videos Like This.

  13. Soviet Union was more cultured than Russian empire. Unlike Czars, Soviet leaders recognized minorities and created their states. Soviet Union was scientifically advanced. The only major famine that wasn't caused by war in the Soviet union was that of the early 1930s, whereas in the Russian empire famine and disease was common.

  14. The interessting thing would be ww2. Germany had no reason anymore to fight russia. Germany only fought russia because of the bolschewiki in ww2. If russia had supported germany during the it would maybe mean german would have won ww2.

  15. In the first scenario, Russia could have still joined the war and the tsar wouldn't be overthrown. Why? Because as you said in this timeline he actually gave most of his power to the Duma, so its likely most of the anger would be been against them, not the royal family.

  16. Soooo, if i could choose an alternate universe, it would be where Germany wins WW1 and where the October Revolution doesnt happen. got it

  17. Life in Russia would be a fucking paradise. Believe it or not, they were doing incredibly well before Lenin and his Bolshevik psychopaths seized control

  18. BTW, you people really don't know a damn thing about Hitler either.

  19. What you don't realize is that there had already been some tension and dislike by Americans for Russians, before the revolution. What you also don't realize is that America as a capitalist nation had long feared Communism before the revolution, and was much discussed in Progressive movements of Rosevelt.

  20. On a personal note. If communism didn’t happen my family would have never fled as refugees to Australia. I would have been raised in Poland instead.

  21. Had the Russians known about the Germans slipping Lenin back into Russia from exile they probably would have executed him and exposed the whole thing as a German war effort which it was.

  22. If Russia hadn't participated in WW1, or had exited much earlier, Germany and its allies would likely have won. At the very least they'd have been able to bargain for peace from a position of strength and avoided the ridiculousness of the Treaty of Versailles. Without that inane treaty there would be little reason for National Socialism to exist, and thus no Hitler.

  23. Well, Lenin thought that communism wasn't possible trough traditional means in specifically Russia, since it very much lacked industrialization. His idea was to industrialize Russia, indoctrinate the people with communist ideals and after that achieve communism. This was obviously very naive. Not to say that communism as Karl Marx envisioned it was or wasn't naive. At least it was far more reasonable than Lenins ideas.

  24. If the October revolution never happened then the socialists of the Weimar Republic wouldn't have been split in to stalinists and democratic socialists. This would have meant that the nazis would have hade to face unified socialist block, that didn't bicker between each other while Hitler sneaked in and got to power. The common enemy of these parties would have been the nazis. This would have also decreased the chance of Hitler coming to power.

  25. Honestly, I think some form of major collapse or civil war was inevitable for the Russian empire in the esrly 20th century.

    Russia at the time lacked a modern industrial base, lacked a working internal infrastructure and was essentially a renaissance-style feudal society.

    Something would have snapped and fighting would have started.

    Spot on Cody. Longer road to a comparable-strength Russia of today, but with a constitutional monarchy.

  26. Looks like there are gonna be many interesting implications to this scenario. I suspect a constitutional monarchist Russia would be weaker on military and geopolitical terms in the Far East and Siberia. Would this lead to Imperial Japan invading, annexing, or colonizing more of the former Imperial Russian sphere of influence in the 1920s and 1930s? I suspect the design for that Great East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere would end up looking different in this case. Would the Japanese still invade Southeast Asia and China proper if they got a hold of a chunk of Siberia? Would the Pacific War still happen? Meanwhile in the west, how would WW1 work out without Russia? Would the Ottoman empire survive the war? What if the central power end up winning the war since without Russia they're no longer fighting a 2 front war? Would the United States still join the allies in WW1?

  27. If bolshevik didnt get power Russian Empire will collapsed into multiple poor sovereign states, just like now. You must know one thing about russian liberal democrats – in all times most of them gave false promises to people and were simply corrupt, stole money and seeng in Romanov abdication and obtaning by Provisional Government power opportunity to steal more. Kerensky and his provisional government did not have much popularity among the common people to beat Lenin and his "bolsheviks". You see – eastern slavik nations need strong hand of autocrat to direct them, othervise all fall into chaos aspecially during war. Western model of democracy never prevail there, it simply not suted to them. So without revolution there was no powerfull Soviet Union to stop Hitler, because his (or someone similar) rising is inevitable – it begins from german military revanshism and Great Depression. Anti-communist/jewish polisy was just an excuse. So WW2 were lost in Europe.
    Without Soviet union worcers of other nations cold much suffer by the way. SU plays a scarecrow role and many capitalists realised that they need to give workers some rights, otherwise they will end like Nikolas and his family.

  28. In Another Timelines
    Vladimirovich Reznov Alexandrian
    Reznov:Well Its Time To Rise In Power Against Socialist
    People Of Moscow We Have Been Lied By The Socialist Party
    Look At This Picture They Have Already Kill Innocent People Now
    We Must Rise Up And Take A Stand Bring Glory To The Motherland
    Tell This American That We Will Not Sell Alaskan Rise Up People For
    We Are Going To Lauch Full Scale Assault Invasion On Socialist Party

  29. This should be: "what if Russia stayed out of WWI?". Anothe idea you could consider is "What Russia had won the Russo-Japanese war?" or "What if Germany had helped Russia in the Russo-Japanese War?"

  30. You hear a lot that without the Bolshevik overthrow then Russia wouldn’t have industrialised and been economically weaker but how could that be with the holodomor and capitalism being a far better driver for growth than socialism

  31. If World War I never happened there most likely wouldn't of been a Russian Revolution. Tsar Nicholas II and Alexander Kerensky would've crushed Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik followers. Persecution of Jews in Europe, World War II, the Cold War and the spread of Communism/Socialism wouldn't of happened.

  32. Russia joined the war to support Serbia. Germany did it to support Austria-Hungary against Russia. France joined it to support Russia against Germany. If Russia and France weren't there in the war, it wouldn't have been a world war… Rather it would be a tiny conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia

  33. I really enjoy these videos. It makes us think about how the world could have been. I think it would be better to say it’s interesting instead of fun. Not complaining

  34. If Russia remained Tsarist then they would have industrialized very soon, Russia was industrializing faster than any other nation in the world. Russia also it was expected to be fully rearmed, industrialized and ready for a war with Germany in 1917. And whitout all these things like civilwar, religion soppression and communist oppression Russia would be so great than soviet russian in 1930s.
    As i said, They were industrializing quite fast. Plus, if Russia didn't enter the WW1, then the French wouldn't enter because of their alliance with Russia. Then the Germans wouldn't have invaded Belgium so Britain nor Belgium would have entered. That means Japan would not have entered. Infact WW1 would only be some sort of Austro-Serbia war. This would completely mess up our timeline. Also the Beautiful Nicholas II family (please go to read how Nicholas II and his family was) doesn't get that fate and they all have a happy life :'(

  35. Cold war never happen, so Russia and US become friends,sinceboth fought War against Germany.. Possible that Russia now is a monarchial government .. Vietnam War, Afghan war, korean war, Chinese Civil war also never happened and cold war between US and Russia never happen ..competition between USAnd Russia never exist.. Colonization and decolonization is the main issue in the world since most country never achieve independent because of colonization.. Russia continue for expansion to Central Asia, Caucases, and Siberia..

  36. the febuari revolution actually started as a bread strike organised on international womens day.

  37. He is don't even know that Russian Empire was winning against Osterreich and Osmans. So only problem was Germany and military soviets (new form of running the army) who simply didn't want to fight. But without revolution there is no soviets who is demoralizing army. So Germany still fighting hard on to fronts and Osmans with Osterreich is still losing. Most likely it would come to more fast fall for Osterreich and Osmans and the mostly the same shit for Germany that happened in our timeline, but without wins over France after defeating Russia and most likely without USA invasion, cause it's not really needed.

  38. The world would be a much better place and europe wouldn't probably suffer with so many mass emigration from non europeans and the population of the russian people would be much greater than today with not such a tragedy and bloody history and a better economy.

  39. you berely mentioned Poland in first alternative, but not in second. in that timeline, Russia would still be ravaged by secessionist movements, that could in of its own sperk revolution s well, perhaps not successfull, but tipping enough favor for Poland ansdd other separatists, perhaps liberating many more countries than otl

  40. If Russia wouldn't fight in the first world War the first world War would have never happend because France just joined in because of Russia and Great Britain just joined in because the Germans attacked Belgium and they just attacked Belgium because France was in the war Change my Mind

  41. So basically February revolution with signing peace and without October revolution would have been the best possible scenario. Also Russia would have probably find Putin-like authoritative president like they always do. They don't like too much people holding power. If the democratic government stayed, Russia would have fallen apart in 1960's just like colonial powers (France, UK…) which means stronger position of Islam, but also stronger US. There are many scenarios.

  42. Lenin’s original idea of “the dictatorship of the proletariat” was meant to be under the idea of soviet democracy, not autocracy. Lenin had to switch to his idea of “war communism” where he took central power in order to quickly stabilize the country. The only problem is that he died before he could end autocratic ruling so Stalin consolidated power and kept centralized power. The Soviet Union did not end up the way Lenin wanted it to.

  43. if Russia didnt fight in ww1, then neither would France or Germany. and if not France and Germany, then neither would Britain and the ottoman empire. ww1 would just have been a skirmish between Austria and Serbia

  44. Slight notice if russia stayed out of ww1, ww1 doesn't happen as Austria-hungary attacked serbia which Russia defended Germany declared against Russia which caused France to join and so fourth basically russia staying out of the war prevents ww1 from spiraling into existence

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