What is a human right?
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What is a human right?

October 8, 2019

What is it? What is a Human Right? From the start of our lives, because we are human beings, there are certain things our governments must do to help us reach our potential. These expectations and claims we have of our governments are called human rights. Every single man, woman, and child has them. How does it work? Rights call on governments to: Respect – avoid putting limits on some things that a person can do. Protect – safeguard a person from abuse. Fulfil – to provide basic conditions to enable a person to achieve their potential. The most basic minimum human rights standards have been discussed and written down by countries. Countries have agreed to follow them. These have become international law. An example where human rights can be found at home is in the constitution. Promoting respect for basic rights is one of the main purposes of the United Nations. This is achieved through activities of United Nations organizations around the world. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is responsible for leading the UN’s human rights programme. There are also committees of experts that monitor how well countries put their human rights promises into practice, and there is an assembly of countries called the Human Rights Council, which discusses different human rights topics and situations from around the world. What can I do? Find out what your rights are. Learn more about the UN human rights programme. And spread the word. Visit ohchr.org.

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  1. A good place to start about our Rights is to read the book titled: “Scientific Proof of Our Unalienable Rights.”

  2. from the
    Charmin of the Arab Center for the Human Rights and the international Peace
    looking to sharing with your Sectors and the all the activates from the relations you can accepted with us
    Our Center of the Arab Human Rights is recorded in Amman Jordan
    thank you
    Dr. Mahmoud Al–Sabah
    [email protected]

  3. "This is achieved…" Really? Human rights are effectively upheld? Almost none of the things claimed to be human rights are actually available to all people in the countries that have signed this.

    "Human rights are like that really expensive Christmas present you're parents tell you they'll get you if you're really good every year but never actually give you regardless of what you do."

  4. I am unionist who fight for the rights of Workers at workplace and also for right to poor people,women and children who lives in the slums,dry areas to get access to clean water and affordable to them,i enjoy being a member of water justice globally
    which support PUP Public Public Partnership against privatisation of water globally,my union Kenya County Government Workers Union is the affiliate of PSI Public Service International,i am proud to be among the people who believe every human being has the right to live enjoy without obstructions,that is human rights standards.

    Lets protect the right of poor people,women and children globally.

    Fred Buluku,
    Human rights activist,

  5. Human rights are like god, your not born aware of them, but when your told about them, you accept the underlying principles and sincerities, but , they represent a meaning associated with an idea, one which is often agreed upon are insane if you actually believe that they are any more real than the letters making up the valueless words or accepted, but your completely insane if you both admit to knowing that they were created and that they are "inherent", at best they can be discovered or expounded upon by the mere whims, needs or positions of those requiring or summoning them. They're like gods, thank someone for having and exposing you to the benevolent idea, but your insane if you think they're tangibly real or actually command respect as if it were.

  6. men can't grant rights to other men. They can only punish you for exercising them. If you believe they have anything to do with man made laws you have no idea what a right is.

  7. “A right doesn't include the material implementation of that right by other men;
    it includes only the freedom to earn that implementation by one's own effort.”

  8. No human rights for people with dyslexia for education trade or job in Canada I'm French-Canadian and part native non-status. Do you think that's fair

  9. So if they are determined by countries, call them "Countries Rights". They are not human rights. This video is full of misnomers about human rights. Any list of human rights would suggest a limit to such rights, when in fact human rights have no limit. Thus the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is false.

    Note that the Declaration is missing the right to the fruits of one's labor. In place of the right to the fruits of one's labor, in substitutes right to housing, education, medical care, employment, etc, all of which are assumed to be provided by others. What about the rights of those doing the labor to provide those services?

    The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is fine through Article 21, but goes completely awry after that. Eleanor Roosevelt had no concept of what a human right is and the United Nations has carried forward that misconception.

  10. You mandate discrimination against anyone who would enjoy their fundamental rights. The limitation of the rights you promised to ensure everyone could enjoy is the destruction of those rights. I dont get a fair hearing, they dont explain the language, I cant understand the claim, equality is a fantasy, there is a queen running a voting club that she signs me up for with never a mention, just because I am in a place. Its a useless, fraudulent piece of paper. Law is dead, I wish I had never heard of your lies.

  11. There is no reason for the FBI …California san Bernardino court system….sherrifs…and state police and 15 law firms to completely ignore my pleas for justice #CNNireport #rtnews

  12. My ex refused to give my son suitable treatment to let him grow to normal after he was convicted child neglect. Florida court gave him full custody. Meanwhile, the court blocked my access to my child's medical record and the police deprived my visitation. Now, this child grew up turning to be a dwarf in rest of his life. Some one please save him.

  13. We are deliberately complicating the definition of human rights. Because the person who has the money has to take more. The solution is simple. You have to guarantee your house, food, and clothes. But there is no country that does that.

  14. 2019(Gregorian) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Idea) (“Photography?”) • “Respect and dignity, 2019?”

  15. Rights are NOT given by Man, they are Inalienable from Man. This means you and everyone else is born with them and they should never be made alien (taken) from you. The definition of a Human Right is simple: ANY action that does not harm another. Governments are only there to take (alienate) Natural Law Rights from the people. Understanding and upholding Natural Law and Objective Morality is the ONLY solution to Man's enslavement. Unfortunately, the human population has been deceived into believing that Man's Law supersedes Natural Law and that Morality is Relative. This is why humanity will continue to be Enslaved by it's Masters.

  16. When clothes and shoes and different looks are subjected to discrimination on the accord of the feelings of someone is aginst the law. I have been dealing with this in my family and didnt know it to make other people feel accepted because they didnt want certain people in the family to achieve. And African American people are the first to cry out Discrimination. When they discriminate aginst thier own what is it called. My rights as a human have been subjected. And by my family. To not reach my full potential.

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