What is Body Composition?
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What is Body Composition?

October 19, 2019

Body composition is the up-and-coming thing in health medicine and fitness. According to the four component model, a person’s body breaks down into water, protein, minerals, and fat. The human body is made up of mostly water. These four components are grouped into two categories fat mass and fat-free mass. Nobody can have zero percent body fat. So why is all of this important? It’s important because there’s more to your body than just losing or gaining weight. The InBody result sheet lets you know exactly what your body is made of using the four components by breaking down your weight, focusing on percent body fat, showing muscle development, and using BMR to help fine tune your diet. Let’s take a look. Break down your weight Muscle-Fat Analysis breaks down your weight into pounds of skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass. Skeletal muscle mass is the muscle you can work out at the gym. Body fat mass and skeletal muscle mass are the largest components of body weight and also important indicators for your health. Focus on percent body fat Although commonly used, BMI is an unreliable representation of your health because it calculates your obesity level strictly on your height and weight resulting in muscular fit people being labeled as overweight or obese. Instead, percent body fat, the ratio of your body fat mass divided by your weight, is a more accurate representation of your obesity risk. See muscle development Segmental Lean Analysis reveals how lean your body mass is distributed within your body. It also evaluates your right or left balance. Use BMR to fine tune your diet. Your BMR will increase as you gain more muscle mass.

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  1. I have my results and am most confused about the whole body phase angle. I know a higher number is better but I don't know how to improve it.

  2. I like hearing about it but still cannot understand what 100% obesity is? The book is somewhere back around 300 hundred in my email. By the time I find it will it still open?

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