What Is Frame Rate? Frame Rate Explained
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What Is Frame Rate? Frame Rate Explained

October 11, 2019

Hi this is Ahmad from Iraq and I’m here
to explain what does frame rate really mean? To explain this simply, imagine that you have
a note book and you draw a ball that moves down on each paper on the same location but
it moves lower on each paper, in a way that if you flip the pages quickly, it looks like
as if the ball is moving. Now the same thing happens in a digital video
the same basic idea, BUT instead of papers, there are frames. Each paper represents a
digital frame. Now the camera doesn’t record motion, it
records what is called frames at different rates for example 30 FPS 24 FPS… etc, the
FPS stands for Frames Per Second. If your camera is recording 30 frames per second, that
means that every second it is recording 30 frames that are then combined and compressed
to make a video. There are cameras out there that can record
thousands of frames per second that are used mostly in slow motion videos by extending
the frame rate from for example a 1000 FPS, down to 30 FPS which keeps the smoothness
of the video at 30 FPS, but much slower because it has been extended.
Each frame has a resolution. The bigger the size of the frame, the bigger the resolution
and thus a larger video which translates to a more detailed image.
I’m not gonna go through the different resolutions of a video, because technology is advancing.
So we have a full HD 1080p videos, 2k videos, 4k videos, and even 8k videos. Those are
sometimes called ultra HD videos. Which they have a resolution that is larger than 1920x1080p,
or double that resolution. Which is the standard full HD video.
What does the P in 1080p means you might ask? It stands for progressive, which is the way
that frames are displayed. There are two types, ‘Interlaced’ and ‘progressive’ but
progressive is the most common in videos. In video games and graphically intense 3D
applications how much frames are processed per second, depends on the strength of your
computer/device, and the GPU processing power, and how much graphically intense the game
is. We are advancing more and more these days, that
even phones can capture high resolution videos and images.
Back when films used to be made in tapes they also used to use the same basic idea
images that are moving to give the illusion of motion. Please click the like button if you enjoyed
this simple video, subscribe for more videos, and thanks so much
for watching.

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  1. i still dont get what they mean in video games. people say grand theft auto 5 drops to 30 frames, i dont notice anything. i just play the game to play it. i guess when i get a gaming pc i,ll find out 

  2. Excellent video! For so long I didn't understand the connection bestween FPS and resolution! Thanks for boiling it does easily!

  3. Do not get it. I try render my video with 59.94 Fps and it looks like that clip makes a representation, like a kind of ghost effect. But when I use 30 FPS, will my video take 5-6 hours to render. IS THERE AT ALL just one good FPS for my gaming video! do not understand what is happening. i just want a smooth fast and NOT ghost effect looking video

  4. Nice explanation, a very good tip for an animator like me, actually not yet, just a dream xD btw, nice video~

  5. Is it correct to assume that in a digital video I have a set total number of frames? If so, considering I know the duration of the video and the framerate of the file, how do I accurately calculate the number of frames of the video? Also, is there a way to calculate the non-drop frame timecode of the frame being exhibited in a determinate instant?

  6. The most informative video about frame rates that I've seen so far. Credits to you for that!Just improve how you speak, I guess add more intonations?Btw, I hit the thumbs up 🙂

  7. when i watch a tv show i know the frame rate is 25.00 when it's in standard definition according to the internet its 480p what are the pixel dimensions? anyone know (it can't be 640×480 or 720×576 because i was looking at the image quality of a simpsons episode when got same episode of the show on dvd in 720x576p the resolution was lower) comment telling me the exact dimensions

  8. Thank you for speaking slowly and distinctly. Your English is very good! You also explained the subject very well. You are a good teacher +TheMasterofHell100

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