What Is Probable Cause? #probablecause #criminallaw
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What Is Probable Cause? #probablecause #criminallaw

December 31, 2019

you want to know what probable cause is
I’m attorney Ali Kassahun Tropic Legal and I get asked this all the time
probable cause is a constitutional requirement that must usually be met
before police make an arrest conduct a search or receive a warrant
courts usually find probable cause when there is a reasonable basis to believe
that a crime may have taken place or that evidence of the crime is located at
a particular place in order to obtain a warrant the police will typically submit
an affidavit to the judge an affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath
or affirmation for use as evidence in court the affidavit that is submitted to
the judge in order to obtain a warrant must identify objectively suspicious
activities not just the officers subjective beliefs
the affidavit must create more than just a suspicion that criminal activity is
going on but not proof beyond a reasonable doubt the circumstances that
are laid out in the affidavit should establish the reliability of the
information within the affidavit judges will usually consider information from a
confidential police informant whose past reliability has already been established
a confidential police informant who has first-hand knowledge of illegal activity
taking place or a confidential informant who has implicated himself as well as
the suspect as reliable judges will also consider information from an informant
whose information appears to be correct after at least partial verification by
the police as reliable further judges will typically consider information from
a victim or witness as reliable so now you know a little bit about probable
cause I’m attorney Ali Kassahun of Tropic Legal thanks for tuning in

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