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What is Social Justice?

September 12, 2019

Try this at your next party.
Ask your guests to define the term Social Justice. Okay, it’s not Charades or Twister, but it should generate some interesting conversation,
especially if your guests are on the political Left. Since everyone on that side of the spectrum
talks incessantly about social justice, they should be able to provide a good definition,
right? But ask ten liberals to tell you what they
mean by social justice and you’ll get ten different answers.
That’s because Social Justice means anything its champions want it to mean. Almost without exception, labor unions, universities
and colleges, private foundations and public charities claim at least part of their mission
to be the spreading of Social Justice far and wide. Here’s the Mission Statement of the AFL-CIO, but it could be the mission statement for
a thousand such organizations: “The mission of the AFL-CIO is to improve the lives of
working families — to bring economic justice to the workplace, and social justice to our
nation.” In short, “social justice” is code for
good things no one needs to argue for — and no one dare be against. This very much troubled the great economist
Friedrich Hayek. This is what he wrote in 1976, two years after
winning the Nobel Prize in Economics. “I have come to feel strongly that the greatest
service I can still render to my fellow men would be that I could make the speakers and
writers among them thoroughly ashamed ever again to employ the term ‘social justice’.” Why was Hayek so upset by what seems like
such a positive, and certainly unobjectionable term? Because Hayek, as he so often did, saw right to the core of the issue.
And what he saw frightened him. Hayek understood that beneath the political
opportunism and intellectual laziness of the term “social justice” was a pernicious
philosophical claim, namely that freedom must be sacrificed in order to redistribute income. Ultimately, “social justice” is about
the state amassing ever increasing power in order to, do “good things.” What are good
things? Well, whatever the champions of social justice
decide this week. But first, last and always it is the cause
of economic redistribution. According to the doctrine of Social Justice,
the haves always have too much, the have nots, never have enough. You don’t have to take my word for it. That is precisely how a UN report on Social
Justice defines the term: “Social justice may be broadly understood
as the fair and compassionate distribution of the fruits of economic growth. Social justice is not possible without strong
and coherent redistributive policies conceived and implemented by public agencies.”
I repeat: “Strong and coherent redistributive policies conceived and implemented by public
agencies.” And it gets worse. The UN report goes on to insist that: “Present-day
believers in an absolute truth identified with virtue and justice are neither willing
nor desirable companions for the defenders of social justice.”
Translation: if you believe truth and justice are concepts independent of the agenda of
the forces of progress as defined by the left, you are an enemy of social justice. Compassion – or social justice — is when
government takes your money and gives it to someone else. Greed is when you want to keep it. The underlying point of social justice, then,
amounts to a sweeping indictment of a free society. It suggests that any perceived unfairness, or sorrow, or economic want must be addressed
by yet another government effort to remedy that unfairness, that sorrow, or that economic
want. All we need to do is invoke the abracadabra
phrase “social justice” and we’re on our way. The invocation of social justice always works
from the assumption that the right people – the anointed few – can simply impose
fairness, prosperity and any other good thing you can think of. And the only institution capable of imposing social justice is the state. And keep in mind, the conventional wisdom among liberal elites is that conservatives are the ones who want to impose their values on everyone else. The self-declared champions of social justice
believe the state must remedy and can remedy all perceived wrongs.
Anyone who disagrees is an enemy of what is good and right.
And the state must therefore coerce them to do what is socially just.
And that, as Hayek prophesied, is no longer a free society. Is that the kind of society you want to live in? If it isn’t, beware of what will be done in the name of social justice. I’m Jonah Goldberg of the American Enterprise
Institute and National Review for Prager University.

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  1. My first experience with this was years ago, listening to my local conservative talk radio station. They had a token liberal host at night (long since gone) had a guest on going on about the importance of “social and economic justice”

    I called in, I loved doing battle with this guy. He acknowledged me. I asked the guest if I could try to sum up what he was saying. He was like sure. I replied, “from each American according to their ability, to each American according to their need.” He replied, with an enthusiastic yes, exactly. I then informed him that wasn’t my summation of what he was saying, it was Karl Marx’s the liberal host was like, “go ahead John, tell him who Marx was. I did, then he was ducking, dodging, and weaving like Mohammad Ali in his prime trying to distance himself from what he was just praising. I replied that my work was done. It was like dumping chum in the ocean for other conservatives in the audience. Rough night for that guest. The next day, a mid level executive at the bank where I worked asked me at lunch if that was me on that show. Yes I was. Good job…

  2. Just because any sucker can call himself liberal or progressive, doesn't change the meaning of the word. Unless ofc you didnt know the meaning in the first place.

  3. I'm not sure what social justice is. But I definitely know what stupid is. This is stupid. I can't believe that Jonah Goldberg, though a truly evil journalist (or whatever), believes a word of what he is saying in this video.

  4. Thanks for that. I had my first day at UNI and we are to learn about social justice. They didnt really give a definite definition of what it ment except eliminating the gap between the haves and the have nots.

  5. SJ is an evil dogma created by disillusioned angry people incapable of taking self-responsibility while blaming others for their mediocre performance, losers mentality, and psychopathic tendencies. They should be fought at every opportunity. Let's use their tactics against them – close their platforms down, hound them from jobs, bully and intimidate them, and finally exclude them from society.

  6. “ a lot of people talk about the same thing so it’s definitely a ploy from the left” that’s such a simplistic and underdeveloped claim

  7. Social Justice is the law, it's your value system, it's the penal code, it's the work/university conduct code, it's the United States pledge of allegiance (if you are in the US). You promised "with liberty and justice for all", and so… you should try your best to make that happen. But, you have to have a very complicated discussion about what it means to have a fair slice of societies cake. People don't want to have those discussions, they want to push their political and whatever ethnic/racial narrative. Not all children are Latino, not all children are Black, not all children are Native, Not all children are white, not all children Asian, not all children and multicultural, not all children are LGBTQ, not all children are secular, not all children are religious, not all children are working class, not all children are poor, not all children wealthy, not all children come from disadvantage schools, not all children are university prepared… so, how are you suppose to be truly inclusive of a variety human diversity?! All these groups are deserving and precious, they have identities and a right to survive, but you can't solve your problems by blaming one group, denying them to push the other. It's a very difficult to progress towards a more equitable and fair society. If you can't provide a honest model, you can't achieve your goal.

  8. PragerU is never to be trusted for a moment. The only real social justice is the social justice that was infallibly taught by His Holiness Pope Pius XI in Quadragesimo Anno.


  9. Want “good things”? Work hard and get them. Living from others charity and effort is disgraceful. This country is going to end up like Venezuela if thoughts like these keep escalating. 😩

  10. So if I buy some chocolate, and the other guy wants some I have to give it to him smh that’s crazy if I get a raise for doing my job wonderfully and that means the slacker gets my raise also ???

  11. 3:20 – 3:43 I have seen this in action several times with people that I know that identify themselves as sjw's. The truth doesn't matter to them, only the agenda.

  12. 2:11 No, that's way too specific. It should be, " Freedom must be sacrificed in order to maintain equality. " That is not the case. If we are both free, we are equal. If we are both enslaved, we are equal. The Left is drifting down enslavement for all to maintain equality.

  13. PragerU is never to be trusted for a moment. The only real social justice is the social justice that was infallibly taught by His Holiness Pope Pius XI in Quadragesimo Anno.


    Christus vincit
    Christus regnat
    Christus imperat

  14. Thats like racism in sweden exept for that the leftist doesnt know the definition of the word so they rather change the curseword into something else typical leftist.

  15. Superman stands for Truth, Justice and the American way. Social-Justice on the other hand is another word for Kryptonite.

  16. I'm suddenly reminded of of Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron", and I certainly don't like that thought.


  18. Honestly democrats were ok before the 80s but now they have just gone to shit it’s like they lost any way to create more rights

  19. You know what’s weird? This guy never quoted a single person advocating for social justice or talked about any piece of social justice literature.

  20. He asks , what are good things? Is abundance a good thing? In Arabic there's a word for abundance meaning strictly "abundance of good." And there's another word in Arabic for abundance meaning "an abundance that diverts."

  21. Another difference between social justice and charity is that social justice is a circuit, a this for that circuit, and charity is any single deed in exchange for nothing. The latter has a vigor the other one does not have and it does not require a supplementary narrative to exist.


  23. Please don't say Liberals instead Leftists! Classical liberalism movement is the core of American philosophy.

  24. Thumbs up if you're tired of social justice and agree that it's beyond time to take a break from it. We're currently experiencing an oversaturation of social justice and it's doing more harm than good.

  25. As a non-American, it's so strange how you have to be on the right or left. It's like you only adopt ideas from your parties. This reads like a Republican handbook. Is there no way to think without being left and right?

  26. Please stop call this communism…. communism may be stupid utopia but atleast have very firm defined goals and points… social justice is whatever village clown poops out each day….

  27. Justice is not something that determined by society. Theft is bad even if every single person thinks it's okay. (Though I suppose if EVERYONE, including the "top 1%" who were getting their money taken were okay with it, it wouldn't really be theft)

  28. We've already seen what can be done in the name of "social justice" once before.
    China in the very early 1950s at the command of Mao Zedong.

  29. prager U says: "If sombody does something in the name of social justice You have too take some money from the rich to the poor, but that is bad because it limits the freedom of the rich. But its realy totaly fine that a poor hard working dude never gonne improve his situation, because he cant afford apropiat education or because he cant ceap himself healthy, I mean: Its his fauld if he was born in a poor family"

  30. Social Disjustice Warriors. Disgustist Intolerant of Normal. SJW is just another OPPOSITE label like Antifa, child support/trafficking, VAWA/believe all violent women, Choice/murder.

  31. This one I love. I'm dirt poor. But I know the kind of people they are talking about when it comes to the "have nots". What differentiates me is that I don't want a piece of someone else's pie. I want my own. I just have to learn how to make one.

  32. This channel is incredibly biased. It does not explore topics, only shows one right-wing interpretation of them and proceeds to BRAINWASH

  33. Just let this sink in.
    "Present-day believers in an absolute truth identified with virtue and justice are neither willing nor desirable companions for the defenders of social justice."
    —The International Forum for Social Development

    Social Justice in an Open World: The Role of the United Nations
    United Nations

  34. Let's suppose for a second that we all weren't equally blessed at the beginning of our lives with the same start. Let's suppose that our one parent worked the night shift and wasn't able to help us with our HW, and let's say that maybe my parents were brought here by other than willing means and forced to work without pay. Let's say they were then not given the right to vote or license to read. Let's say that bank lenders practiced horrific practices that kept my family from being able to build financial capital and that because of that my zipcode kept me from attending an adequate public school, that college was never talked about with me or explained, that financial literacy was absent in my life. Let's say that institutions like the criminal justice system and businesses unfairly practice sentencing and hiring practices. Let's say that all of these things have made it a lot more difficult for some to even reach the starting point of another's life. If only these arguments were true I could see why redistribution might be the most fair or the most good.

    It is not the fault of you, that this disparity exists but redistribution does help alleviate the unfortunate struggles of others. We could say that this type of talk only enables learned helplessness and supports the lazy welfare check casher and block it all out of our minds, and believe that if they truly wanted more for themselves they would get there on their own. Or we could realize that if we were in the same situation our lives would work very differently. We could lean over and realize that there are people, you know HUMAN people suffering who with a little help will climb mountains – they would never have begun without the nudge towards success.

    So YES, unequivocally Social Justice is focused on redistribution. The form or the way that it's redistributed can vary. For example school funding is tied to property taxes – which means some schools have a lot and some schools have a little. Let the state pull the money and redistribute funding based on the number of students attending. Does this not seem like a fair and equitable practice?

  35. Why everybody call SJW clowns "liberals". They are not liberal at all.

    Stalin was the first very successful SJW hero. Was he liberal?

  36. Social justice is valid whether you want to admit it or not. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Social workers helping a child in foster care with access to the care and education they need? Social justice. Organizations like TRIO on campuses to help first-generation college students fill out FAFSA and adjust to the setting they otherwise have no help in? Social justice. Food banks? Social justice. The Trevor Project, which helps LGBT youth through situations such as suicidal ideation and homelessness because they deal with it at higher rates than straight people? Social justice. It's just about filling gaps where they are and helping groups of people that typically have it harder in those situations, and even removing barriers where possible. Idk why y'all get so mad about it, but that's none of my business. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  37. local school decided the kids don't eat in the summer , you know, cuz their parents don't feed them. Parents are worthless I guess. (But here comes SJ & the Gov to save the day !)
    SO the NANNY Gov has stepped in & wants 'free' lunch for all !
    SO who do you think they are using to distribute these meals ? who's dining halls are they using for a Gov Hand Out ????? You guessed it the CHURCHES !
    will there be Grace said before he meal hum ? no.. Christian music played in the background at least ? hum no.. invites to come to VBS or Sunday school ? hum? nope.
    disgusting & scary !
    that is NOT CHARITY & it is NOT the gospel.. it is the Gov using the church to further socialism .

  38. Social justice is complete garbage. In eviction court i was denied the eviction on the tenant based on absolute garbage reasonings. I objected and was shut down.

  39. There is no such thing as "social justice" and anybody who uses the term is simply pushing an unjust agenda. As Thomas Sowell so eloquently put it, anybody who believes in "gay rights" or "women's rights" cannot believe in equal rights. In the same way anybody who supports "social justice" cannot believe in "equal justice". The term "social justice" is simply another way that people want to tilt the playing field and feel "noble" about implementing unfairness.

  40. See http://www.lulu.com/shop/jose-a-fadul-and-ronan-s-estoque/a-textbook-for-an-introductory-course-in-sociology/paperback/product-13571549.html

  41. Watch in it's entirety, the say whatever you want. Facts are facts, right? Your and my feelings do not matter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZsGDIfeqUM

  42. Today… Social Justice is just a buzz word for a bunch of stoned twenty somethings with police records looking for an excuse to matter.

  43. So Social Justice is just a form of dictatorship run by spoiled, entitled idiots, thinking they are doing good but are actually just punishing motivation (as greed).

  44. The definition of justice has been changed and twisted by the minds of the left…
    One day I hope to reclaim the word Justice into it's true and old definition instead of this…corruptes filled with left iseology… their justice it's basically being a commonuist dictatorship…

  45. The problem is too simple. And the answer is not possible.
    Somebody Please read Wittgenstein.
    I know this may not be very popular.
    And I think I know what this ostensibly is supposed to make me, whatever kind of Madness it May be, it would appear that the more a people have in-common, the easier life is.
    The converse is supposed to be the 'Right' way, but any 'peace' goes right out the bloody window. What gives ?
    These 'concepts' which people are killing one another over – Have No Definitive Meaning. WTF am I missing here ?

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