What is the FISA Court?
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What is the FISA Court?

October 15, 2019

bird for most of last hour if you are
listening my my rant about uh… in my opinion the general insanity
of the libertarian notion in fact we we spent the first fifteen minutes the for
of the are debating matthew feeney from uh… reason magazine of the the general insanity of handing
over to private corporations our national security apparatus in our
national security systems and uh… this amanda there there are multiple
dimensions to those and shed which are as well as he is the
uh… executive director of the bill of rights defense committee and an attorney a civil rights attorney uh… b_o_ our d_c_ as in the bill of
rights defense committee dot org is his website and shahid welcome to the program democrat miracle or thank you for a
guarantee i’d back thanks for coming back on the program let’s let’s go back to first principles
here what to what extent does our government have them though the permission and to what extent do they have the potential to abuse that permission to compromise our individual civil
rights in the name of the greater good a national security i love that you asked a question that
way if you read it became clear that and all the way to answer uh… the that our government certainly
did not have the permission of we the people that expressed in the
constitution that founded the republic it i think the permission of congress particularly in the private or
intelligence survey one fact amendment tooth out on a plan in the middle of the presidential campaign twenty thousand a congress with then
senator brock obama support authorized exactly with the original by the law in
nineteen seventy foot path to prohibit basically giving the keys away to the national security agency to
convert that given permission even if we the people have not the matter has appeared before that the
cream court which decided justice brennan clapper verses and if the
international that the enact a step above the law that until someone can produce secret government documents that
establish that they are the object of surveillance no one anywhere has the right to challenge that illegitimate abusive corrupt and clearly unconstitutional
surveillance and that the state of the law and that was a very it was sorry and
i guess twenty two type of uh… supreme court decision you you know quiet yet we can’t we can decide this because
you don’t have the proof and you don’t have the proof because the government will give it to you in a
row complain the cases of the government to be the proof they got there that i have written a lot
about it in terms of the implications for private yet accountability one thing i haven’t talked much about
that that is really beautiful here is that the pool pump a court we’re talking
about the court’s marginalizing themselves evidence to independent
institutional chacon executive abuses the map ultimately the great the
republic in much the steinway at the corporate takeover of congress degraded
the republican we see both of those forces coming to a head in the national security agency to talk
on the fourth about that it was just madison who said the no
nation a could exist as a demain and paraphrasing wildly here i don’t
remember the exact quote but their words to the effect of uh… during times of war the powers of
the executive hurts greatly expanded his ability to kl passout favors uh… to to uh…
actually have executive power and that in part for that reason because
of that extent expansion expansion of executive power uh… during time of war uh… no republic can exist over the long term instead of perpetual war isn’t the state
of the petrol war pretty much what we have now and to what extent it has that been brought about by they like we have this perpetual war on
drugs which is being promoted by the for-profit prison industry in the
for-profit drug testing industry and uh… and to what extent we have a
perpetual war on god only knows water homa on bidder is
days the week’s whether it’s terrorists are islam iraqis are i mean you know we’ve got this perpetual state of war
the cease to be brought about by a perpetual state of war in history absolutely and energy were industries it are you located the private prison
industry there’s also all the weapons manufacturers and uh… you know that the latest from
for them to particularly interesting if local police departments to whom they
want to tell drones for surveillance purposes what we are charging here at the
military industrial complex a president eisenhower warned us about sixty years
ago turning its hangs on the american people
and doing it right away they double we karach because they’re taking our money
to do it and this is an area where you know i find i my line on the obama
administration with respect my own political beliefs but it’s turning me
into a libertarian but i i used to have a lot of dog do
that well he’s please dont give it to you
later acquitted it is that’s that’s like a rocket we’re on-site talking to you at my method of
okay there you go their but but the lakers corrected w
printed but there’s a constitutional www in the surveillance and math untethered from any suspicion at all which is just to pay we live in a
surveillance state of precisely the sort of the constitutional set up to prevent
right and that the same time it is our
taxpayer dollars being used to do with in secret being given to corporations
who’ve been immunized by congress from lawsuits by we the people demanding remedies for the abuses of alright and
different that’s corrupt in so many different dimensions because if the
telecom company lobbying congress for immunity gaining access to taxpayer onto the
corporate ke temen being insulated for the abuses that they can product with the backing of the government uh… in later on when the two pieces
finally come to life and now you have members in congress throwing up and running for the hills
saying oh i didn’t contemplate that swept from broke the patriot act anterior pragya sensenbrenner are yeah bhaiya and and announces agree at all with any with
anything you said and i would add to that that had the supreme court not back in the imminent mid-nineteenth
century and right up until the held today at literally had they not invented out of whole cloth
this dual dr the corporations are persons and money
is speech of doctrine and not only has never been voted four by any legislature but has been voted
against hundreds of times by by state and federal legislatures and been
decried by presidents from from thomas jefferson through through grover cleveland such uh…
eighteen eighty seven c the union address retard corporations we should be the carefully constrained
the service of the people become their masters the iron you love the corporate
booed snow up on the neck of the average citizen missus eighteen eighty seven he was
talking with the eighteen eighty six santa clara county case the presidency is as seeing a dress uh… that that without that doctrine we would not have the corruption of our government by
these corporations in the libertarians would love to have it even more corruption bike by ed corporations because they say
that you know governments are always cropped
all corporations are incorruptible so take off all the limits from from the
corporations but they’re but i will give the quit the
libertarians lesson this is i was peripheral destroyer at last i heard eight purposes quo
progresses commentator say i’m not all worried about this because google arty
can read my email and um… you know and i have my id employees at the bank and
uh… look in my checking account now their wives are worried that the engine
and post with the presided yet my responses you know google can i show up
at your house of the gun radio vietabank employees is not cannot
legally take you off and render you to egypt and but they pick it up at the
monopoly on the harm to supporters that’s right away about our government
can the portable libertarians thing and that’s why frankly it’s so it’s over with a quick instead of that
thirty sexual acts sons insertion but neither this what we do about this this is really about a clarion call to
the american people to come together across those political divisions across the divisions we might have about
the society we want to join together around those first principles that you
mentioned whether or not we’ve given permission to our government
to abuse alright wantonly uh… without any uh… knowledge
shredded indignation and this will take a grassroots movement
i wouldn’t buy your listeners to reach out to us that organizing and be a large if u dot org how we work
with grassroots still graphical around the country now but the speaker’s words
of love shahid be tired of the executive
director of these bill of rights defense committee and the solicitor newspeople
r_t_c_ dot four thousand bill of rights defense committee god used the word sexually transmitted
infections so much suffering but that is courses for people

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  1. Could the FISA Courts become so multi national corporation influenced they could grant access to every transaction, trans national communication to or from this country to whichever party they favored? The leverage would grant one not only the ability to fight real crime but also stamp out political oppression.

  2. You are wrong Thom. The Libertarians want "no one" to own our data. Only those that need, and go through proper channels would have access to it, and then not to store it. Why would you even try to slam Libertarians, when it is the Libertarians that are defending the liberty of the people, and the constitution of the United States from the corrupt democrats, and republicans. 

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