What is the Go To Court Legal Hotline?
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What is the Go To Court Legal Hotline?

December 10, 2019

My name is Simi and I’m one of the dedicated
hotline lawyers. My name is Dominic. My name is Sophie. My name is Jacqueline. My name is Raj Srikanthan. My name Thirushka Naidoo. My name is Andrea Lopez and I’m one of the
dedicate hotline lawyers ready to take your call and assist you. A telephone hotline lawyer essentially is
there for their clients to provide general advice over the phone, assess their legal
issues and then if need be, we go ahead and make appointments for our clients to see a
solicitor in that are of law that they require. What can we offer clients when you call Go
To Court Lawyers is an assessment, a free assessment of your matter and we will be able
to point you in the right direction as to what avenues and what options are available
to you and what would be the best way for you to proceed with your matter. The aim is to ensure that all Australians
have access to a solicitor in their time of need which is often outside the conventional
nine to five. The difference between calling Go To Court
Lawyers and calling another law firm is each time you call us you will get to speak to
a lawyer and this is quite different to a lot of law firms where lawyers are often at
court and you can’t get in touch with your lawyer. It’s different from other types of law firms
because you’re not just a number, you’re actually a name and a face. We’re able to put a more dedicated approach
to serving the clients. When clients call through on the legal hotline
they have direct access to a solicitor then and there. We can assess their matter on the spot and
really advise them through the process and refer them on to a solicitor who can follow
through. A lot of times when people call us they’re
usually at a time in their life when they need assistance or are quite stressed out
with something that’s going on in their life and we at Go To Court Lawyers pride ourselves
in being able to show empathy in their matter and being able to understand what’s actually
happening in their life and providing a solution. I think the most rewarding aspect I’d have
to say would be finding a solution for the clients, bringing the client’s mind at ease
and helping them see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are many ways that you can contact us
at Go To Court Lawyers. We’ve got our standard hotline number which
you can call yourself, but if you are unable to call us yourself you’re able to go onto
our website and put your details in for a call back, you can also select a time if you
prefer to be called outside of work hours, you can put a time and day just with your
name and number and our hotline lawyer will call you back at the designated time. There are also other ways to contact us. On our website there is a link for you to
go and actually arrange your appointment, a time that you would actually like to come
in to see one of our solicitors. One of our hotline lawyers will call you back
to confirm that appointment and to make sure that we can arrange that for you. We are a national law firm. We have a number of office throughout the
city as well as regional areas, so we’re always able to help clients no matter where you are,
what time it is we will be able to assist your legal issue. The hotline lawyers at Go To Court Lawyers
are quite experiences in ensuring that we arrange an appointment for you or tee up something
for you fairly quickly if your matter requires that. We are able to arrange appointments the same
day, we can meet with you at court if that is required. It doesn’t matter if it’s an evening after-hours
appointment. We can arrange a time that is suitable for
you to ensure that your matter is dealt with. Welcome to Go To Court Lawyers, this is Simi,
how can I help you today

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