What is the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?
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What is the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?

November 24, 2019

SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE SCHEINMAN: Hello. I’m Adam Scheinman, Special Representative
for Nuclear Non-Proliferation at the State Department and head of the U.S. delegation
to this year’s Non-Proliferation Treaty, or N-P-T, Review Conference in New York. The N-P-T is central to the President’s
nuclear agenda and to global efforts to achieve the peace and security of a world without
nuclear weapons. The N-P-T has been one of the most successful nuclear treaties in history;
if it didn’t exist the world would desperately need it. The N-P-T strikes a bargain between
the few states having nuclear weapons and the many that do not. As the President has
said, the bargain is sound. By ending the spread of nuclear weapons – by advancing
arms control steps – and by ensuring the peaceful nuclear energy – every nation benefits
from the N-P-T. Diplomacy takes center stage in New York as
we engage with representatives from other N-P-T parties to strengthen this vital Treaty,
which is a cornerstone to our common security. Our top goal is to ensure the N-P-T remains
a bulwark against the spread of nuclear weapons or the expansion of nuclear arsenals. Find out more about the N-P-T at state (dot)
gov (slash) N-P-T, or follow me on twitter at U-S-N-P-T. Thank you.

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  1. The goal must be to replace any nuclear based technology – be it weapons or energy related, with secure and sustainable technologies. Nuclear power is as dangerous as nuclear weapons – Fukushima alone is prove enough.

  2. What is the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty? Find out in this quick video from Special Representative Adam Scheinman, and then learn more about this important topic at state.gov/npt.

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