What is The Rule of Thirds? Filmmaking & Composition
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What is The Rule of Thirds? Filmmaking & Composition

October 15, 2019

The rule of thirds Chances are if you’re interested in photography or filmmaking at all you’ve heard about the rule of thirds The rule of thirds is useful to learn because it helps bring balance to compositions Don’t let the word rule confuse you though as that word usually means it’s something that you have to follow because all rules are meant to be broken just Because you don’t follow the rule of thirds doesn’t mean that your images will be unbalanced or uninteresting But it’s always good to know how to properly follow a rule that way. You can know the best way to break it The basic principle of the rule of thirds is having your image broken down into thirds with horizontal and vertical lines splitting your image into 9 spaces Most viewfinders or LCD screens on the majority of cameras have the rule of thirds grid as an option to toggle on or off while shooting Once you practice enough, you should develop an eye for balancing your images this way naturally To properly balance using the rule of thirds place points of interest in your images on the intersecting lines of the grid Also, the horizon should be placed on either of the horizontal lines either the upper or lower line Studies have shown that a viewers eye naturally goes to one of the intersecting points in the image first So it is believed that placing points of interest on the intersecting lines makes your images more visually appealing and appear more balanced as well When framing your shots ask yourself what the point of interest in your shot will be and where the best place is for them on the grid Remember that learning how to break the rule of thirds can also result in great images as well. This will all come with practice The rule of thirds is just one of many composition techniques But when utilized properly it can help turn boring or awkward shots and do visually pleasing and balanced ones. I’m Ryan and I will see you next time in the piedmont motion-picture show You

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  1. Thank you for all your great content you have helped so much with me learning how to take my film making to the next level

  2. I use this rule a lot in photography! I'm gonna try to use it for more for cinematic shots for my YouTube channel!

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