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January 12, 2020

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  1. Just to make it clear, I do not think government can solve the problem. In fact, they'd probably just make it worse. But these are societal issues that need dealing with. The "do what you want" libertarian view is nice in theory and one I want to believe in, but unfortunately people seem to always want to do things that are bad for themselves as well as those around them.

  2. 1.4 Abortion

    Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.

    Official Libertarian party platform… does not sound contested to me

  3. I am a liberatarian in views, but not party.
    I am an athiest, and pro life. But I could support a day after pill, if it's actually a day after pill.
    My 2 thoughts on the matter is that another organism is involved. Different DNA, different being.
    Second, I really believe the choice was made when she opened her legs.
    Until somebody can tell me exactly when life begins, we need to be fairly conservative on this. I think once the nervous system starts to develop that should be the cut off point.

  4. I can confidently say that the question of at what point life begins will never have a definite answer. Granting personhood to a (cluster of) cell(s) with human DNA is a very bizarre notion. Imo, I think the true question is quite Rothbardian in nature:

    At what point does a developing embryo/infant possess a higher "objective link" to its body than the mother? The latest we can all agree on is birth, but it doesn't do much to get closer to the answer of such a question.

  5. Well technically I am still just a cluster of cells with DNA.
    I remember some researchers were working with embryos, but they would destroy them at the 2nd week because that was when the nervous system would start developing.
    This seems logical to choose the nervous system as a focal point, or at least the brain.
    Both sides seem to choose a time frame for allowing an abortion arbitrarily. I simply want a logical reason for choosing when and why.
    (Sorry for expanding the abortion debate.)

  6. early pregnancy is just another cell inside an women body.
    if that can constitute as a human being than we should also respect the rights of a cancer cell.

  7. But when you turn on TV and see that the Kardashians are a thing you realize that the world needs someone to watch out for the idiot masses.

  8. While there is some contention (Libertarian Ron Paul for example, is anti-abortion) the general consensus is that libertarians are pro-choice.

  9. Official party platform is different than general population. The way I look at it is pretty simple, using the golden rule. Ask yourself if you would want to have been aborted? If yes, read The Four Hour Work Week and redesign your life. If no, then don't do to another individual human life what you wouldn't want done to yourself.

  10. Libertarians – As long as you don't harm somebody's life, liberty, and property….. do whatever THE FUCK you want to do.

  11. He is describing a very particular, secular version of libertarianism. Libertarianism is fundamentally about maximizing individual freedoms. Pro-lifers believe that abortion limits the freedom of the unborn. The proper libertarian view regarding marriage should be to have less government intervention, but he indicates that libertarians want to add gay marriages to the marriages that are regulated. Why should the government be interested in marriage at all?

  12. 1. The golden rule is flawed. I do not want a masochist punching me in the mouth.
    2. The theory that a fertilized egg is a person, a being, not only defies reason & the physical sciences, it defies common sense. It is in fact based on primitive fairytales that warrant no merit. Fried eggs are not fried chicken.

  13. There is no "consumerism" problem. And obesity & smoking are strongly correlated with poverty and gov dependency programs. The five biggest health problems facing the poor are all obesity & smoking related diseases. And obesity and smoking rates of the poor FAR exceed everyone else's.

  14. [[That's kind of my point though. Individuals can change, but how can society as a whole?]]

    Society doesn't belong to you…period. It would behoove you to disabuse yourself of your collectivist tendencies.

  15. They own their own lives. They can do things "bad for themselves" till the cows come home. What business is it of yours? The alternative is for some despot or collective to presume to own these individuals and limit their freedoms.

  16. I think that was put rather clearly and is very helpful. I never quite looked at republicans that way, I suppose because I WAS ONE. Too often Libertarians get the rap of wanting anarchy, I never believed that about Libertarians. Well I'm done with the R & D and I believe that if I need to be some label it would be Libertarian. Of course there are degrees there as well, and right and left.

  17. Not really, I'd say most Libertarians accept abortion, even if not personally, they mostly agree that it's individual choice.

    They also agree that a life ended before consciousness is attained is the best option if there's a good chance that this life will be in misery (which the odds of that being the case are much higher if whoever is pregnant in question doesn't want to keep the fetus to begin with.. which means they are unprepared).

  18. making choices in ones best interest -is why 1127 people are dead in a bangladesh sweat shop. making choices in ones best interest -is against the next persons best interst -the interest of the society. – basically a psychopath philosophy -of anything goes if its good for me.

  19. The reason libertarians are split over abortion (I suppose both perspectives can be valid) is because abortion falls under two of the natural rights. Some would say it is wrong to remove the life of a human being, others say the woman has the liberty to make choices about her own body.

    The second group would rebut the first group by saying that the early fetus isn't a legitimate human being.

    The first group would rebut the second by saying that the fetus is not indeed part of the woman's body.

  20. Wanting to help someone is one thing. Forcing "safely" on people against their will is something else entirely. The former is compassion. The latter is fascistic. BTW, I wonder why Romney is the poster boy of the rich for the capitalism-hating left to hate when he has way less than 1/100th the wealth of Herr nazi Bloomberg, which the left seem to embrace like a straightjacket. Remember Bloomberg, the one saving us from the perils of fountain soda? Hell, even Oprah has 4x Romney's wealth.

  21. Completely false. Malinvestment is caused when government tinkers with prices, like the price of money, the price of labor, the price of imports, etc. One of the key roles of prices is as a market indicator of supply and demand.

  22. There really is no "libertarian" abortion issue. A fertilized egg is not a being, a person, and has no rights. It's an egg. But way later in development the fetus becomes a being. It's the courts place to establish where that line of demarcation resides. That line can be debated, but that's about it. Once the fetus is a person, that mother has no right to abort just as she has no right to murder her baby born 2 days ago. BTW, Ron Paul isn't against abortion as a libertarian, but as a Christian.

  23. Obviously no one would have went back into that shop if they knew it was about to collapse.
    Individualism is where individual rights are ones primary value.
    Collectivism is where the collective, not the individual, is one's primary value. Collectivism is inherently at odds with individual rights, even human rights, because there will always be situations where the individual is trampled "for the greater good" of the collective. Collectivism is immoral. "The interest of society" is collectivism.

  24. Why not do both? Abortion is primarily a legislative issue, not a funding issue. BTW, as a libertarian and Objectivist, I don't think that planned parenthood should be tax funded (even in the facade of fed mandated insurance). It should be supported through private contributions. I would be willing to contribute.

  25. collectivism is immoral and violates human rights ? we wouldn't even have survived if we didn't work together. frankly a completely individualistic view – is the definition of a psychopath – in a system of a few owners of resources and many non owners – you are as only as free as your wallet will allow – the people surely didn't want to die – at least not like that – but they didn't want to be a non owner and have no choice but to slave away or starve. how does working together violate rights?

  26. Why would you assume that because I am opposed to most abortions that I must hate, or not care for others?
    If we care for one group of people, why would that make us incapable of caring for another group?
    All people are important, not just this group, or that group.
    Why do you get to choose where anyone spends their thoughts and energy?
    I've thought about the issues you bring up.
    I'm working toward a solution I hope will benefit The US, then the world. But it's too complex for a YouTube post.

  27. What do you mean by "your people"?
    Can you discuss issues without childish name calling? Don't be condescending to people with opposing opinions.
    Stay on topic. Helping people with different problems has nothing to do with this discussion, so why bring it up? (Obfuscation?)
    As to wasting time, YouTube debates are a waste of time.
    Pregnancy doesn't just happen, it takes a choices of both action, and of no birth control. The fetus didn't cause the pregnancy, so why does it get the punishment?

  28. If you hate the abortion issue, why are you debating?
    If child poverty, and abuse is where 100% of our effort is to go, why aren't you complaining on all the cat videos?
    Should we end all sports and movies?
    Most suffering and poverty is due to oppressive governments, or militant groups. Are you calling us to war? (Wouldn't mind taking out some of those child murderers & rapists.)
    Saying something is more important isn't an argument, it's a classification of your values.

  29. The problem with derivatives wasn't lack of regulation, it was malinvestment. Banks were forced to offer bad loans under threat of not being able to function as a bank, not open new branches, etc. All predicated on the fucked up idea that broke people need to buy their own homes.

  30. To be 'tolerant' of gay marriage can only mean to add gay marriage to the marriages that are already regulated. Otherwise, it makes no sense to include it in this video.

    You claim that my view is improper and that yours is proper as a libertarian. Then again, the conclusion of your view is that there is no proper view. So if you are right then you are wrong… and that would be absurd. My view could possibly be wrong, but your view cannot possibly be right.

  31. It doesn't sound contested to you because some people in power in a political party that calls itself libertarian voted to have an official pro-abortion stance as part of the party platform. I think that you are confusing the libertarian party with the libertarian world.

  32. Being a libertarian doesn't mean you are pro-abortion, and the libertarian party is not pro-abortion, because that is antithetical to what being a libertarian means. Libertarians can be against abortion just as frequently as they can be pro-abortion. What makes one a libertarian is that they don't believe the government has the authority to tell you what is right and wrong. As a pro-life libertarian you are free to campaign against abortion and to reduce teenage pregnancy in nonviolent ways.

  33. Okay, didn't know there was a difference between "liberal" and "libertarian"… This came from behind a tree. +1 like. 😀

  34. if bought all the property -street and sidewalk around your home and walled it in so you were shut in or out- would that be ok?? this is how no commons all private systems are bad – they deny access to what should be held in common. is that freedom? if you can't go anywhere you don't own? and to believe in markets – why ?? cant you see they are inefficient – polluting -destructive -unequal and create scarcity and limit production to only meet demand? -what is good about them?

  35. Actually he just says that Libertarians are "tolerant of gay marriage". Which has to technically be true if their perspective is to allow people to make their own decisions and go about their lives. Having tolerance and "liking" something are not the same. I'll agree he may have worded it oddly, but he's not really wrong.

  36. Well if it bothers you that much, move to Bangladesh and vote in better politicians. Don't expect the US to fix their problems either cause we end up causing problems rather than fixing them. If you disagree, you're more than welcome to enlist and walk around in someone Else's country with a gun. This is currently Obama's foreign policy.

  37. Libertarians impose interdependence on every individual and embrace power and authority imposed by economic means. Libertarianism may therefore be described as right-wing.
    Libertarians believe things people haven't chosen about themselves or their origin should define their opportunities in life, a complete negation of empathy shared by Hinduists, who leave people to die on the streets.

  38. I assume libertarians are against parents killing infants though, so really it sounds like the libertarians you're talking about believe there are some humans that can be denied rights that other humans are afforded.

  39. You're making the assumption that the Libertarian Party platform is for all Libertarians. I'm a pro-choice Libertarian, and I find whether people have religious values or how they came to the Libertarian movement defines their view on abortion. It's honestly one of the biggest issues in the Libertarian sphere as there is no definitive place as to where rights begin.

  40. If marriage is a contract between two people granting certain rights the government should be "interested."

  41. You are getting the order wrong. The government interest should first be justified then the government response. You are citing the government response (i.e. granted rights) to justify the government interest.

  42. If he didn't mean government marriage, then he wasn't saying anything interesting. All Americans (slight exaggeration here) are tolerant of gay marriage in the sense that none of us are trying to overturn the government based on the issue. On another note, tolerant implies disagreement. The libertarians who don't have any objection to same-sex marriage should likewise object to Miron's characterization of libertarianism.

  43. You are assuming that I said the government grants those rights when what I said is the contract grants those rights (the two people signing it). The government interest should be in enforcing the marriage contract when there is a dispute like any other contract.

  44. Actually, I was assuming that you meant rights as opposed to simple contractual obligations. Enforcing contractual obligations between individuals doesn't require government recognition of marriage. The government doesn't simply treat marriage as a contract. It gives marriage a special legal and social status. That special status is what the gay rights advocates are fighting for.

  45. Being a libertarian is a organised denial of complexity. Many of the thoughts are god but it takes a very diciplined selfconstrained effort to reduce complexity, a quality that most libertarian lacks. That makes the libertarian movement full of people who dont want to adapt to reality instead of chanching reality.

  46. I agree with almost everything libertarians say except for their perspective on the role of government. I believe government should handle issues such as health care, education, and prisons. I am all for maximizing individuals freedom of gay marriage, drug war, etc. My economic views still stand though.

  47. There are definetly differing points of view on abortion amongst the most loyal libertarians, it is often stated that by killing an unborn child, you are infringing on their right to life.

  48. I just want to be left alone for the most part. As long as I'm not PHYSICALLY bothering someone, I think that my choices should be left alone by others. Especially government.

  49. OK i'm confused here about the Abortion part. On the one hand half of you or most of you are saying "leave me alone" "it's my right to do what i want" so that seems like you are allowing Abortion, yet a bunch of others here are Opposed to it, Doesn't the Libertarian Party have straightforward answer about whether Abortions are ok or not ?

  50. Ok i read another article from David Boaz, Free Press, 1997. He says Libertarianism is the view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others. So that means if a woman chooses Abortion A Libertarian has to respect it. Right ?

  51. Libertarians are split on abortion. Libertarianism not a monolithic block of people who all believe the same thing. It's a spectrum of beliefs. More anarachic, socially liberal libertarians are likely to respect a woman's right to choose. The more conservative-constitutionalist-minarchist libertarians believe in the right to life. Both views were represented in the 2012 election – Gary Johnson (choice) & Ron Paul (life).

  52. The other point is not so much the position, but the means of carrying out a policy on abortion if elected. Libertarians are more likely to seek solutions that don't involve coercing anyone.

  53. John this is not good for Libertarians. Democrats have views same as Republicans and so should Libertarians or ppl get confused of what Libertarians believe.To be a Libertarian what YOUR OPINION will not accomplish anything but DEBATE within your party, its good to come up with specific party decisons or you'll be beat up in a presidential debate.Other thing is Libertarian SAY they have no right on other ppls private lives yet a Libertarian has an opinion on what a woman does with her body ?

  54. example of Christian Religion. SO MANY different denominations that oppose other denominations leads confusion. Their should be only ONE Christian Denomination not 500 it's ridiculous, causes confusion, skeptisism, loss of faith in the CHURCH and the basic question that kids will be asking, " WHY DOES THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION HAVE SO MANY DENOMINATIONS ?" That tells the kids that the Christian Religion doesn't even believe in what is the correct viewpoints of how the religion works.

  55. To understand why there are so many Christian denominations you have to look deeply into its history. Christianity began to divide itself almost as soon as Jesus ascended into Heaven.

    If a group of people look at a diamond, each person is going to see a different facet and believe what they see is the most important one. Attempts to bring it back to one viewpoint inevitably leads to strife and at worst bloodshed. We have to learn to get along despite our differences.

  56. I agree but point is Libertarians NEED to come to a consensus to every facet of what a Libertarian believes in. Or what will happen is when your party becomes big enough to be a huge 3rd party in the US, in debates you'll be ripped apart by other parties or the commentator. You can't say at a debate "well some of us believe abortion is right but some of us believe it is a womans choice" that won't work and your party would lose in the debate. The US voters will think u r disorganized.

  57. Well I wouldn't say they "support" gay marriage as that would be incorrect in terms of the philosophy of freedom. The idea is to not allow government to even have a say in marriage as it's a personal freedom matter. I mean ultimately just in the last couple of years here on the internet the term "Libertarian" has pretty much evolved to it's logical conclusion, which is non-government philosophy rather than small government philosophy. Anarchy is the ultimate freedom.

  58. On the question of marriage. Marriages are contracts between two individuals. Because it is the government's job to enforce contracts it has some role in seeing to it that both parties hold to their end deal, bringing people to court if it comes to that. In this way government has a legitimate interest in marriage. As far as regulation of marriage, what do you mean by this? I'm serious, I just don't know how the government regulates marriage.

  59. Sadly, he seems to be the *only* openly libertarian professor at an Ivy League school. Still, I'm impressed that here's even *one* on this politically god-forsaken planet.

  60. I'm glad you agree with me on the gay marriage part, because that means you understand the concept of keeping government out of our lives. The problem is, basically everything government does, affects our lives (they control the damn money supply for fucks sake), because government itself is force and coercion.

  61. agree with basically everything on here except abortion. Logically, the right to Life, not the right to choose, is a more in line with libertarian individualism.

  62. Libertarians are delusional narcissists simpletons at best.  They view all human endeavors as equals.  How naive indeed.  Let's say that you have two choices to make a living.  Choice A. is to make butter and sell it for $2.56/lb.  Choice B. is to make steel and sell it for $0.12/lb.  Would you make your living off of butter production or steel production?  Do you think the country might have a shortage of one commodity and a surplus of the other?  Only a foolish person would not measure or plan a community, they call such politicians Libertarians,   If the GOP leaders were smart, they would not allow Libertarians to share their party.

  63. as a junior in high school i consider myself to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. am i a libertarian?

  64. Idk what I am honestly I agree with conservatives on some issues and libertarians on others. I think abortion is wrong and shouldn't be legal, I think we need to have a very strong military, I think the government needs to stop trying to take our freedoms and rights away, I 100% disagree with gun control, I don't think the government should be able to spy on its citizens, I think the government should be scared of the people not the people scared of the government. What am I? (You can also ask me a question what I think or believe about something)

  65. Do libertarians believe that all drugs should be legal? I would love to get information on libertarianism that goes more in depth that this video clip.

  66. In all of this, this video fails to mention the most important aspect of libertarianism, which is the non-aggression principle. Rather than describing libertarianism as a philosophy, it is really just parroting the LP party line, which is philosophically wrong (or at least, far from definitive) on a number of issues.

  67. Can I still be libertarian yet allow governmental interference in social topics like Abortion? I'm strongly against it.

  68. I agree on all points, but please use your terms properly. Republicans are not necessarily conservative and Democrats are not necessarily liberal. Republicans rarely, if ever, conserve anything. They steal just as much from the People as Democrats do, but use different excuses for their theft.

    A true conservative would have nothing to do with the Republican Party.

  69. Hello, I just started exploring Libertarian philosophy so this might be a stupid question.

    Can someone be a patriot and a libertarian at the same time?

  70. I thought I'm a liberal my whole life. Now I know I'm libertarian instead. I feel like a new born. I got the power right know.

  71. Just registered for San Juan County NM. I hope Libertarianism builds like a snowball rolling downhill in our country.


  73. Now this is why people don't care whether you're from Harvard. This PhD man is trying to specify the criteria of something that is so general. Unfortunately, all of them are based on false statements.
    He ignored how individual choices needs to be bound in the range of individual and straight out saying that the right to liberty includes killing a baby
    He ignored how without order formed by government, there can't be any "freedom", because freedom can only exist if it's protected and regulated.
    Seriously, pal. the guy published doctrines on how people should legalize all drugs. Get a better presenter.

  74. Explained in a very polite and informative way. Definitely how it needs to be done.👍 Although, to me, it just sounds strikingly similar to a sane person. 3rd party might just make the most sense in this day and age. Be decent, end of story.

  75. This guy said "Libertarians want to let people choose for themselves how to run their lives…rather than having government tell people…"

    So I guess libertarians think all laws should be abolished, right? lol

    Libertarianism has some major flaws. But then again, all ideologies are flawed. Ideologies suppress doubt and allow groupthink to run the show. This can be very dangerous.

  76. Libertarians: "Give me my weed and guns, and leave me alone". The problem with Libertarians is that they lack traditions and morals. I'm in support of the ideas of individual freedom and less government control – those are more conservative values, but this nonsense of just letting people do what they want without a social order is ridiculous. For these reasons, many libertarians are in support of open borders because of this "non-aggressive" philosophy – I do not agree with ignoring immigration laws and I support a border wall. Also, abortion is murder. Plain and simple

  77. Right libertarians are just liberals who've hijacked the term "libertarian" from left wing anarchists.

  78. Libertarians have also never met a Corporate Donor they didnt like. For the right price, they will say and do what ever is necessary for a buck at the end of the day. They blame the Government for our problems and not the greedy Corporation that bribes those in power to make the Government work for them. Libertarianism, the party for Hypocrites. They don't like Governments but always want to get involved in Politics. They dont like Taxes, but love the Corporation who manipulate Government that write Legislations that hurt tax payers. They think their ideas can change the world for the better but have never seen a Country where their ideas have actually worked but still have the nerve to criticize other forms of Government and progressives that actually want to make things better for the victims of oppressive governments.

  79. Libertarians: Allow the "free market". Get the Governments off of big businesses and let them do their thing.

    Brazil: Okay!

    BREAKING NEWS: Brazil allows Developers to, "Do their thing" and now the Amazon Rainforest is still burning for the 4th week in a row!

    Libertarians: *Crickets…

    Libertarians: Let's take something Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard said and blow it out of context! (High five)

  80. For now in Ukraine main party Liberal not Libertarian. That's so bad to my country and I think to everyone country in the world…
    I don't know why I'm text that message here;)

  81. I’m a bit perplexed about this gentleman’s definition of a Libertarian. Though I do recognize how both Republican and Democratic parties behave authoritative and manipulative with their policies, the Libertarian perspective still comes off a bit fuzzy to me. Perhaps this gentleman is giving the very short and sweet version. However I need to know Libertarian views on some specific issues that are prevalent in our nation.

    Such as…
    • Abortion
    • Gay Marriage
    • Civil Rights
    • Reparations (Black-Americans)
    • Taxation
    • marijuana commercialization
    • Immigration
    • Honoring land grants and treaties
    • Business development assistance
    • Educational development
    • Policies towards communist nations (Russia, China, Cuba)
    • Global Warming
    • The space race
    • Consumer protection
    • Government subsidies (Industries vs Communities)
    • Government regulations policies towards Wall St.

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