What Power Does The Queen Have?
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What Power Does The Queen Have?

September 21, 2019

What Power Does The Queen Have? In the United Kingdom, we live in something called a constitutional monarchy. This means the queen is like an icon, a representative of our nation, but she doesn’t have any direct power over us. Instead, laws are made and decisions taken by an elected group of people in the houses of parliament, known as Members of Parliament or MP’s. So what does the queen do? The Queen is the head of state, meaning every Bill that is voted through parliament has to be approved by her, to become law. However, the last time the monarchy refused to approve an Act of Parliament was over 300 years ago. So the Queen is a symbol of our nation, she represents the United Kingdom on state visits, and although she is the Head of State, decisions regarding the way the country is run falls to the democratic process. It has been this way since the 17th century. Before this, the monarchy had the power to make and pass laws over everyone in the country. Back then Parliament was there primarily to advise the monarchy and had little power in the running of the country. This was changed after the Civil war, when people came to realize one person should not decide for everyone in the country, equal representation was needed. Thanks for watching and please like and subscribe.

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  1. this video is incorrect the queen very much has power, but lets her subjects run the country thru parliment ,the queen can fire the PM and place anyone she wants in the PM chair as well she can dissolve or replace MPs with anyone she wants in effect giving her dictatorial power as anyone she places in the Parliment will pass any law she wants, also in among the many powers she has she can declare war as she is the commander in chief of the armed forces and they do swear alligence to the crown(her). in fact the last time she flexed her power is when she stepped in to forbid parliment from discussing stripping her of the power to declare war or authorize millitary action shortly before the 2nd iraq war………the queen IS NOT ceremonial and simply allows the ppl to govern themselfs thru parliment- i believe the queen needs to dissolve the parliment-fire the pm and assume absolute rule b4 the united kingdom becomes the islamic republic of england

  2. The monarchy needs to abolished. As soon as that is done us moslems can take over the county slowy and make it into a muslamic nation.

  3. Can you kindly tell your queen to return that diamond thats on her crown. That diamond does NOT belong to her nor the UK. It was stolen. I think you know from which country

  4. Incredibly naive. The Queen is undoubtedly the single most powerful person in the world., her authority spans the globe. No, our president doesn't even come close! A powerful nation doesn't compare to a highly influential individual.

  5. The queen has a lot more power than that she just doesn't use it theoretically she could block decisions made by parliament she just doesn't

  6. The Queen can remove her prime minister from office because here in the UK we don't for who we want as our prime minister the leader of the winning political party at the general election is appointed prime minister by the Queen

  7. Wow for a small YouTuber like you, you're videos are really understandable and professional.
    I'll be using this video for my Oral to boost my time and mark. Thanks man
    These videos are awesome, can't say it enough

  8. her armed forces, her kingdom, when it comes to it, if on the right of the street stood all the members of parliament and told the armed forces to arrest the queen, and the queen stood alone on the opposite side and says to the armed forces: Gentleman, bring me their heads. We all know who the brave and honest soldiers would obey. and the bright side is, no more salaries for members of parliament! its a win win, no more corruption, and no more money wasted on useless politicians. God Save The Queen!!

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