What Powers Does the Queen of England Actually Have?
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What Powers Does the Queen of England Actually Have?

August 27, 2019

short while ago we wrote about the fact Queen Elizabeth II needs neither a passport nor
driving license thanks to a quirk of British law. But what other powers does the Queen of many
titles have and what could she theoretically do if she decided to flex the full might of
the authority she wields? As it turns out, thanks to the Royal Prerogative,
a terrifying amount if she really felt like it, or, at least, assuming parliament went
by the letter of the law and they and the people didn’t decide to stage a little revolt. In reality, the Queen rarely exerts even a
fraction of the power she theoretically wields as it’s kept in check by the only person
in the UK who can tell her what to do- herself. This is very much a calculated move on her
part in order to stay in the good graces of her subjects (as is voluntarily paying taxes
even though she’s technically not obligated to). Not only does she avoid openly flexing her
political might, she also tends to keep her opinions outside of the public sphere. As historian Frank Prochaska notes, The real secret of royal influence is saying
nothing. And anything the Queen does say publicly,
is pretty anodyne. The minute a monarch, or any of the royals
say anything remotely political or opinionated, they alienate people and they lose some power. This silence played a large part in how the
British monarchy survived post World War One, when other European royal families didn’t. In fact, for almost two decades now the monarchy
has regularly had polls run and focus groups put together to keep track of how the general
public feels about them and their various actions. They also have on payroll individuals whose
job it is to ensure the Queen stays in the public eye and in a way that is most likely
to endear her to her subjects- as with politicians who rely on the voting public, with each public
change she presents, right down to carrying a cell phone or not, carefully calculated
in terms of the impact it might have. While this may seem only self-serving, the
Queen has a very lengthy track record as an admirable public servant and is also acutely
aware that she is a prominent public face representing her subjects, so is keen on avoiding
being viewed in a bad light lest she in turn paint them in a bad light by her actions. As she noted at the tender age of 21 in a
speech to the Commonwealth she gave on her birthday, I declare before you all that my whole life
whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great
imperial family to which we all belong. Surprisingly, for many years the full extent
of exactly what powers the Queen handed off to the government, but technically retained,
weren’t publicly known. That is, until 2003, when the government released
a partial list of the things it can do on the Queen’s behalf. For the most part, the list confirmed that
the government could do things to save the Queen time, such as issue or revoke passports
which simply wouldn’t be a feasible thing to be the sole prerogative of the Crown in
a modern society. However, many things were quite worrying to
some, such as her ability to declare war, which under the rules of Royal Prerogative
can be done without consulting parliament. On top of that, the Queen is totally immune
from prosecution and is considered above the law in the UK. And as a head of state, she enjoys diplomatic
immunity in any foreign country she happens to visit. As such, she could commit any crime conceivable
anywhere on Earth and, at least as the law currently stands, suffer no consequence for
doing so. However, as with everything, she’s generally
exceptionally careful to ensure she doesn’t break any laws. Of course, what she does in private is completely
her own affair, despite her prominent political position, as she is exempt from Freedom of
Information requests. Moving on- because technically speaking “the
people of Britain are not citizens, but subjects of the monarch” she could have anyone she
wanted arrested and presumably seize their property or land for the crown. Speaking of which, the Queen owns all of the
sea beds around the UK and can commandeer any ship found in British waters “for service
to the realm”. Oddly enough, she also has first dibs on any
whales that wash up on shore. The Queen could also administer any manner
of punishment to an individual who offended or otherwise displeased her as the crown has
“prerogative power to keep the peace within the realm”. And since she’s immune from prosecution,
nobody could really do anything if this punishment wasn’t entirely within the scope of the
law. If the government tried to stop her, the Queen
could decimate the British political landscape by dissolving parliament and appointing anyone
she felt like as prime minister. This is because it’s the Queen’s duty
to appoint the prime minister and she could, in theory appoint anyone she wanted to the
position, regardless of the way the British public voted in an election. On top of that, in the event the Queen didn’t
like the outcome of an election, for instance if she didn’t like the replacement parliament
members voted in, she could just call for another one using Royal Prerogative until
she got the parliament she wanted. Not that she’d need to, because she could
just bring in the army to keep everyone in line if she so chose. How? Well, the Queen is also the Commander-in-Chief
of the entire British military with every officer, soldier, sailor and pilot swearing
allegiance to the Crown and nobody else. They’re not called Her Majesty’s Armed
Forces for nothing. Noted as being the “ultimate authority”
on all British military matters, the Queen could authorise a nuclear strike on France
or make North Korea an ally as she has the power to declare both war and peace with foreign
nations. As for laws, while technically the Queen can’t
create new laws, as she can only sign them into law after they’re decided upon by parliament
(in fact, her Royal Assent is required to make the law official after being passed by
parliament in the first place), she could appoint ministers who’d make any laws she
wanted a reality and then just sign them into law that way. Beyond Royal Assent, there’s also the Queen’s
consent, which requires she give her consent before any law that affects the interests
of the monarchy can even be discussed at all in parliament. (She actually has used this power before,
such as in 1999 when she refused to allow the discussion of a bill that would have given
parliament power to authorize military strikes in Iraq, instead of needing her authorization.) So that’s on the political side- it doesn’t
stop here. The Queen technically has a sort of power
not only over her subjects’ physical beings, but also their souls. How? She’s the head of the Church of England,
including having the power to appoint Archbishops and power over many other such matters concerning
the church. As for most of these powers that technically
allow her to rule with an iron fist, as previously mentioned, the Queen is hesitant to ever use
them in such a way that would displease her subjects and certainly isn’t about to disregard
their representatives in parliament. However, these powers still exist for a variety
of reasons including potentially being needed in a time of extreme crisis where an individual
ruling unilaterally for the good of her people can potentially be of benefit- one of the
few scenarios her subjects might not mind her flexing her political muscles a bit without
necessarily consulting parliament, depending on the circumstances. That said, just because she isn’t in the
practice of exercising her powers against the will of the people, it doesn’t mean
she isn’t occasionally an active political powerhouse in private. Extremely well respected and known worldwide,
with the ability to bend the ear of most heads of state, the influence the Queen wields is
difficult to quantify, but, as noted in an article discussing why the BBC named the Queen
the most powerful woman in the world in their list of 100 most powerful women, Her Majesty’s power is more about influence
– a discreet nod of the head, a polite word in the ear of a Prime Minister at their weekly
meeting, or a strategic patronage of a cause being overlooked by the Government – is
how she can indirectly effect our world without us even knowing. To conclude, the Queen has many powers she
could theoretically legally use to her own ends unless her subjects and parliament simply
decided to stage a revolt. However, she generally avoids doing anything
overt that might upset her subjects, and otherwise simply works in the background more or less
in an advisory role when she feels there is need.

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  2. Shes made a law… that she or prince phillip cannot be investigated for crimes… the reason for this law is they was caught abducted 10 children to rape kill and eat for a ritual satanic sacrafice… the royal family are satanic pedofiles child molesterering murderers parasites leaching of thè hard work of the population.. she isnt a queen we didnt vote her

  3. The Privy Council has a major role in the use of the Royal Prerogative. And in modern times, the government exercises the royal prerogative. Currently, via the Privy Council by: the President (Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, and 2 senior Cabinet members)
    The statement about dissolution of Parliament is incorrect, since 2011. The Fixed Parliament Act extinguished the power of the Queen to dissolve Parliament but reaffirmed the power of the Queen to prorogue Parliament for up to 20 days.

    Many of the other powers mentioned here still exist, but the PM actually exercises the Royal prerogative.
    Parliament is now supreme and could convert the UK into a republic with a simple majority vote.

    If the UK became a republic the Queen would still rule by right in Canada, Australia and New Zealand ( all of which are kingdoms) and in other parts of the Commonwealth.

    In Canada, the Queen no longer has any executive role because her father issued Letters Patent that signed over all royal powers to the Governor-General.

    There is a lot of information provided by the House of Commons Library:
    The Royal Prerogative, URL: https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN03861

  4. You mean the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – no such title Queen of England or Scotland, crowns merger 1707.

  5. The Crown legally owns all the land in England. People who think they own the land really do not. They are allowed to own it, buy it and sell it as if they owned it. It's called fee simple….the land is held in fief from the Crown.

  6. The simple answer is: none.
    Sovereignty resides with the British people she is a figurehead only with a rubber stamp and the EU would have taken the stamp away eventually anyway .
    Westminster is a Brussels annex now so unless boris takes us out he will be responsible for the queen losing her stamp.
    The British public won't be very happy about that.

  7. I dont know but damn she has a lot of real estate its crazy all that belongs to the british people , should have cut their head off in all Europe like France did … all the europpean monarchy are horrible people that live on the back of the real people that went to war for them and build a fucking empire for shit

  8. 4:35 And yet she can't dissolve Parliament. Section 2 or 3 (I can't remember) of the Fixed Terms Parliament Act 2011. One of the subsections states that only a 2/3 majority vote in Parliament can dissolve Parliament, and the succeeding subsection states that Parliament can't otherwise be dissolved.

  9. Anyone notice that the bandage on his thumb (that it there from the beginning of the video and id last seen at 7:38) disappears and now a bandage on his left arm appears (7:43)?

  10. Errr, Queen of;
    Gambia, The
    Kingdom of eSwatini
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    St Vincent and The Grenadines
    Trinidad and Tobago
    United Kingdom
    New Zealand
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  13. Americans are not citizens we are also subjects of the crown. Declare yourself sovereign from these psychos. Claim your spirit as your idenity. You are not your body.

  14. The Queen of parasites should be stripped of all powers & the so called royal family should be abolished nothing but a bunch of fraudulent leeching criminals who belong in a cold dark dungeon especially for the crime and support of pedophiles & murderers.

  15. You're correct the Queen cannot be prosecuted, but the woman can be prosecuted who calls herself the Queen. That's the difference between a person who's acting and the living woman.
    Any man or woman can make a claim against any other man or woman that's fact.

  16. She is a useless dummy like all her family who has had a priviledged life and is the head of a floundering family who has not fought for her country! The survival of a medieval family system has been more important than the Country. She has been part of the Islamisation of the republic of England and as such is a traitor!

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  18. The Queen Could Also Fire The Government Of Any Member Of The Commonwealth Relm Like When She Fired The Entire Australian Government In 1975 To Help WIth A Constitutional Crisis That Happened

  19. Pretty sure the last Queen of England died in 1603. Great video starts out with an incorrect fact from the get-go 🤦‍♂️

  20. The Queen of England is one of few leaders I truly admire, few leaders have been as an effective check on their own power as Queen and few have risen above the muck and grim of politics as the Queen.

    The Queen of England is truly noble, she truly cares about the people in a world when most politicians care only about themselves and that is rare.

    In the end the Queen is a check on an abusive government should it ever be needed, we don’t have that here in the US.

  21. Diana’s death was not an accident, they ordered her death accounting to investigators. The Queen is way above the law, hence the way the Prince Andrew is able to hangout with pedos

  22. So she's like King Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Rules over a nation and has so much power that the slightest flex has massive results

  23. The Queen appoints the House of Lords. Which is England's senate. Canada and Australia are British Crown Colony. They both have governors from the Queen. The Royal Family owns BP and 50% of Shell.

  24. The Queen is the head of the Anglican Church. She's very wealthy. Money is power. Don't forget Islam is not a religion but a political doctrine of conquest therefore has no protection under the constitution of the United States.

  25. She has the power to change Bills
    We will never know exactly what she can do. What he is saying doesn't exactly tell you what she can do.

  26. I find referring to her Britannic majesty as the queen of England an offensive statement despite it be ing true however she is in fact the United Kingdom queen and head of state and is only referred to as the queen of England by the ignorant or right wing English extremists so for the record which are you

  27. I know I'm late, but. Remove the bloodline aspect and holier than thou. and it's basically a dictatorship at any given moment. Lol

  28. The Queen retains all of her corecive state "powers" just as long as she never actually exercises them. To do so could cause a serious "Constitutional Crisis"' inherent in a system of government composed of a modern popularly elected House of Commons grafted into a pre-modern hereditary monarchy and an appointed elite House of Lords. The last monarch accused of acting (tyranically) "un-constitutionally" managed lose his head over it. All subsequent monarchs have managed to avoid any possibly lethal confrontation with its elected representatives by, at least publicly, being "above politics"; including the current Queen. Not requiring her to have a drivers license or passport, etc, is very small potatos. Everyone stays in their lane, as it is very GOOD to be QUEEN.

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