What To Do When DCF Knocks On Your Door…
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What To Do When DCF Knocks On Your Door…

October 22, 2019

Hi my name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991, a recognized
expert successfully specializing in fighting The Department of Children and Families or
more commonly known as DCF. Today I want to talk about DCF investigations,
a very important component to you and your family when you are involved with The Department
of Children and Families. Do not speak to DCF until you speak to me
first, when DCF comes knocking on your door, you have protected constitutional rights. Why is this so important? Everything you tell DCF can and will be held
against you and utilized at later hearings, such as a: Fair Hearing, Juvenile Court where
they seek custody of your children, Probate and Family Court where they can also seek
custody of your children, or Criminal Hearing with the District Attorney and Law Enforcement,
as well as any appeal to the Superior Court, Supreme Judicial Court, or the Appellate Court. If you do not know what your legal rights
are, you have no legal rights! Exercise your legal rights! Call Me! Call attorney Kevin Seaver (617) 263-2633. Thank you.

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  1. Great video Kevin….turn it into a video ad on Facebook and promote it with their Ads Manager. That way a ton more people will see it 🙂

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