What Trump’s Court Pick Means for Liberty
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What Trump’s Court Pick Means for Liberty

October 23, 2019

Hell no on Kavanaugh! Some people are very upset over Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. He is a dangerous man! Are you ready for a fight? What are they so upset about? What’s at stake is freedom for LGBTQ Americans, for equal rights, for civil rights! People are freaking out. They are freaking out because they don’t understand those top areas, whether it’s abortion or gay rights, or Citizens United that people on the left tend to be concerned about. There’s really not gonna be a change. That’s because the court, especially Chief Justice Roberts respects precedent, especially when people have come to depend on previous decisions. After a quarter-million gay marriages and 45 years of legal abortions, the court’s unlikely to reverse itself on those issues. I will nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh. But if Kavanaugh replaces Kennedy, there will be changes. Individual freedom. What does Kavanaugh mean for that? He’s great there, probably better than Kennedy. Retiring Justice Kennedy sometimes ruled against individual liberty, like when he said it was okay for a Connecticut town to grab Suzette Kelo’s property and little pink house because the developer who might pay more in taxes wanted her land. Kennedy voted for the bad guys. He voted to take away the property from the people. Kavanaugh could very well be the fifth vote to overturn Kelo. Trump’s nominee has got to go! Hey hey! One major area that people might be upset about is affirmative action. We won’t stand for Donald Trump’s attempt to use the Supreme Court as a weapon against all of our progress. Kavanaugh could provide the fifth vote to overturn that 40 year-old experiment with using racial preferences to promote some kind of nebulous diversity. Lawsuit against Harvard University for discriminating against Asian-American applicants. That case against Harvard’s racial preferences may reach the Supreme Court soon and the court may end affirmative action. The court with Kavanaugh on board may also toss out some gun restrictions. He has written one of the leading lower court opinion expanding the scope of the individual right for armed self-defense. He’s not a gun nut. He’s a constitutionalist. Kavanaugh has a history of reining in government regulators. All these alphabet agencies that increasingly intrude in people’s lives, he has written at length that the government keeps doing things that it doesn’t have the power to do. The Constitution’s separation of powers protects individual liberty. At his nomination announcement at the White House, he talked about how the separation of powers is there to protect liberty. That’s fantastic. I think Libertarians will like the push-back on government excess. But Kavanaugh does side with government on one form of excess. The government was collecting all of our metadata, all of our phone records. Kavanaugh ruled that he was just fine with it. He said that the NSA is justified in collecting metadata on Americans as part of the– He volunteered to write that. He was enthusiastic that this serves a critically important special need – preventing terrorist attacks. But the government says we’re aware of no instance where the program discovered an attack. That’s his worst case. Now it’s unclear how that extends beyond the national security surveillance area. He has a lot of good opinions on police needing a warrant or laws being drawn so broadly that prosecutors are convicting people who are not guilty. Clearly he defers to the government on national security grounds, but most judges and justices do anyway. At least on other forms of regulation, Kavanaugh has a strong record of not deferring to government. We have a moral obligation to act on climate. As a judge in DC, Kavanaugh voted to strike down some environmental rules. Some EPA regulations where the staff just said, we’re gonna do this? That’s right. I mean, I like the idea of clean air and clean water. There are federal laws that protect that, but in the last decade, the EPA has taken a lot of liberties. But it’s their job. Clean the air, clean the water. EPA does not get a free-floating power under the Constitution or otherwise to do what they think is best. It’s Congress’ job to say, you know our air isn’t clean enough. Here’s how you should be doing your job, EPA. Why is it better for Congress to do it? Congress is elected, and if we don’t like what it’s doing, we can fire it. That’s the way the checks and balances work And that’s why it’s so important that courts hold the bureaucrats feet to the fire. Hey hey, ho ho, Kavanaugh has got to go! The Libertarians should definitely be happy with Kavanaugh. He’s not going to agree with us all the time certainly, but no justices or judges do. The fact that we’re looking around the edges to see what sorts of things we can disagree on shows how far we’ve moved in 10 or 20 or 30 years. Right. At least now people and judges talk about limiting government and how regulation’s out of control. That’s new compared to the last 10, 20, or 30 years.

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  1. Funny to hear all of the screaming about keeping Rights, when on the other hand many have no hesitation about denying Rights to a baby that is aware if it's surroundings and reacts to sounds and other stimuli. Humans say that in the near future, when a machine becomes self aware, it will be alive. How does this not also apply to infants in the womb that also become self aware and react to stimuli? The time before that, I'm not arguing about, it's after the moment that self awareness occurs, that I'm speaking of.

  2. Although the Kavanaugh leftist scream is warrantless and pathetic, i don't agree with the notion that Congress should tell scientists what to do, and if Congress is doing bad job, people "can fire them". It doesn't work like that. It never has, and never will.

    I support Socrates position that only intelligent people should be allowed to vote, which would lead to much more progressive and advanced society much faster.

  3. News flash, the Supreme Court's only responsibility is to protect the Constitution and ensure laws imposed by the Legislative branch do not infringe upon it. That's it. They are not there to Legislate anything. Learn how our system of government works people. This is why you must have constitutionalist judges on the supreme court and why Judge Sotomayor and most Liberal judges are such horrible picks. Sotomayor should never have been made a supreme court justice. She is historically and by her own admissions NOT a constitutionalist and she has a track record of legislating from the bench which is a clear violation of her position. That said you didn't see the right destroy her in name or character.

  4. This is why the left are a bunch of morons. I was completely against that dude until they unfairly crucified his character publicly. Many conservatives and libertarians were. If they would just focus on the issues rather than s sinking to new lows, then they might see some positive results.

  5. All nine judges come form only two law schools, Harvard and Yale. There are 237 laws schools in the United States and over the last 50 years all judges have come from one of these two law schools. The Supreme court is one sided. There is no balance on the supreme court. In fact it has been established many years ago you do not need a law degree to be a supreme court judge.

  6. Kavanuagh is
    1. Pro NSA spying
    2. Pro Patriot act
    3. Pro money in politics
    4. Pro internet censorship
    Tell me more about what he means for liberty?

  7. This does point out that Kavanaugh is a mixed bag and not perfect for any constitutionalist. However, considering who he replaces and what we would have had had Her Evilness won, I'd say we could have done much worse.

    Of course the saddest part is that SCOTUS wouldn't be so important if Congress actually did it's job to begin with rather than foist it off on eager presidents (of both parties) and bureaucrats

  8. That is one thing Libertarians and Conservatives have in common. They are both very strong in constitutional ideology.

  9. The NPCs are riled up because the domestic enemy, treason scum leftists want someone who will undermine the constitution. The NPCs just repeat stupid shit like ‘muh abortion’…. because CNN tells them to.

  10. Idiot's..Hillary and Obama were against gay marriage their whole life until they changed their mind to run for president but no one seems to remember

  11. This video has a slight possibility of swaying people. If that doesn’t work, the comments section will win people over.

  12. It's unlikely the court will reverse Roe v Wade? What a strange statement, considering that the President specifically said he wanted to appoint justices that would overturn it. And the conservative organization which provided him with his judge list agrees.

  13. 1:35 old lady with her sign gets her right hand wacked by another black protester her smiling grin went away real quick LOL.

  14. Im praying that liberals gain control of the Government. If my prayers are answered and they win back the house, senate along with another President, then I'll pray that they attempt to completely remove the second. Then the rest of the world can pray for them.

  15. Of course the court "respects" it's own rulings….When they create new authority with their interpretations they certainly will not give up this new authority to make laws by reinterpreting them!

  16. Affirmative action is race biased therefore racist. Plain and simple. It is a race-based privilege for unequal opportunity.

  17. Kavanaugh, for Government collecting private information through the NSA, Major 4th and 5th Amendment attack. Kavanaugh apart of drawing up the Patriot act, clear attack on the Constitution. willing to back the government taking away liberty in the name o security.

  18. The court is likely to limit abortion though. The end of affirmative action could elevate minorities, because they will get more respect…IE, they will be in their position because of Merritt and not because of skin color. Also the end of the wrong interpretation of the separation of church and state may be on the horizon.

  19. I'm curious to know what the NSA considers "meta-data". I'm unaware of a universal application of the term. Marketeers collect meta data, ISPs collect meta data. But are we talking trends in the flow of information, or "John Smith of 123 Baker street, Scranton Ohio conducted an internet search on chemical volatility last Friday"?

  20. Absolutely correct. The left likes empowering government and limiting individual liberty, knowing full well it's not Constitutional, because it has favored THEM over the last 50 years or so. A government powerful enough to pick winners and losers can very easily turn against yesterday's winners when its' own interests are threatened.

  21. What is funny is "liberty" is now for corporations not individuals… Most regulations Reps talk about are against big business. They don't care about individuals

  22. Trump could have nominated a democrat and democrats would still be against him the blind hatred is real. Kavenaugh has a good record and background and seems like a reasonable person.

  23. The Democratic Party is already funding a protest for Trumps next pick for the Supreme Court If and when he picks someone. Without even knowing who it may be.

  24. As a beginner my problem with Brett is not only accusations but rather that Bret has shown that he is fine with the Police spying on People without any form of warrant yet Conservatives (and maybe you as i have no finished the video yet) want him. Also his committing Perjury on the stand is anything against him.

    On that issue alone he should not have been put on the supreme court and then as well they should have done a more in depth investigation of him due to the accusations (a criminal one if possible).

    Kennedy voted for the bad guys

    Yes that is corrupt however as i stated with Brett being for the Police being able to spy on People without a Police warrant is even worse as it directly violates the 4th amendment so while Eminent Domain can at times be a crappy deal it is still permitted in the 5 amendment (unlike the Police spying on you without a warrant).

    Brett may toss at Gun restrictions

    While i am against Gun restrictions (probably more then you John) the fact is the courts have rationalized Gun control and even the Conservatives second lord and savior (Ronald Regan) has stated his support for banning Assault weapons with the 1994 bill he supported (known as Federal Assault Weapons Ban) banned Assault Weapons for ten years with bans on the Gun companies creating and selling them in America.

    Not only that but Ronny as Governor of California pushed for Gun control laws as the Black Nationalists were openly carrying their guns (Ronny made it illegally to open carry loaded firearms in California due to them carrying them).

    Brett decided to strike down rules on the envoirnment

    I know i spelled that word wrong but that is actually a bad thing not a good thing. The only People it really benefits is the Businesses who profit off of ignoring it and fail to open the market up to new energy solutions which are cleaner (so Exxon, the Oil companies, those who frack etc benefit from his and Trump's actions).

    And when it comes to the idea Congress is elected those on the Supreme court are not elected by the People in any degree. We did not have a vote on whether Brett should be the pick or let onto the supreme court rather they (those in Congress) did.

  25. All I want for the Supreme Court are Constitutionalists. I don't want far left progressive activists on the court, and (as a Conservative) I don't want right wing activists on the court either. The Supreme Court is a sacred area where only one bias should exist. The Constitution.
    People attacked Gorsuch for not giving his opinions on topics. That's a great thing. His only opinion should be that of what the Constitution says. Period.

  26. I can’t even comprehend the argument that abortions couldnt be overturned on the supreme court because it’s been around about 15 years. Slavery was around a lot longer than that. I’m not saying one is worse than the other or that they are or aren’t but they are both absolutely atrocities I don’t like how gay marriage was legalized but you do not know how much I do not give a shit who or what people marry I wanted the states to decide and I would not care if politicians that push for taking away tax exempt status is from churches for not marrying gay people are assassinated. I think anyone trying to do that to a church is more evil than somebody that murder someone for their wallet. At least that evil person just wanted money and didn’t want to kill the person. Whoever goes after people because of what they believe are honestly the worst types of people to meet on earth.

  27. I don't have a problem with some of his opinions on the law. My biggest issue with Cavanaugh is he seems emotional and he brought doubt and disgrace on the Judiciary. If I was in his courtroom for smoking marijuana let's say would it be appropriate for me as a defendant to ask him if he had smoked marijuana? I can imagine how he would react as the judge in that situation.

  28. I love your videos….pros, cons and the common sense solution. Facts, not emotions and common sense should dictate our laws and society. It's really a shame how our country has fallen apart in the last 30 years. Thank you John!!!! Your vids are awesome!!

  29. SCOTUS needs to stop Social Security Title lV Block Grants. Unelected social workers & attorneys destroying families, lining judges pockets

    You've got 23 year old social worker showing up in court unkempt, filthy wearing pajamas making decisions over families and children based on their own abused childhood.

    This is not an exaggeration – take a look at the social work industry, see how much power these bureaucrats have.

    then take a look at the industry statistics about the highest rate of mental illness and suicide. They hide the suicides because they happened after they retired from social work.

    They tell you not to cut Social Security cuz it'll put grandma on the streets. Nope

    Judges receive non-taxable, non-contributory pension out of Social Security by taking children and destroying families.

    absolutely no checks and balances. Nobody's watching. There is no protection, Rules of Evidence as in Criminal Court – you have zero constitutional rights.

    You bend over, grab your ankles and wait for the reaming – hoping your kid makes it out alive

    They'll promise the kid everything, hand them a script to read in court – using vocabulary and phrases beyond their years that you've never heard them say in their life – things like "I don't feel safe at home". They don't need to say they're being hurt, hit, locked in their room or yelled at. They just don't feel safe – in puberty?

    There is not an "adequate" food supply in my household.

    and then they proceeded to find out buy grocery receipts there's homemade bread, massive nutrition for A Junior Olympic swimmer.

    that never makes it to the judge- only the accusation statements. Exculpatory evidence will never be presented.

    they run you through the system for years until they turn 1, give them nothing, then kick them out – damaged, addicted, traumatized.

    social workers get Kickbacks for putting kids in programs. For example in Massachusetts, a social worker earned a $50 referral fee from Job Corps for placing her client.

    There's never an argument when it comes to budget surround abused puppies and children – just open the pocketbook further… Nobody's going to complain. they'll show you a photo of one beating kid or puppy out of 10000 – And they'll get you thinking that the rest of the 10,000 are abused and beaten too! they're using the opioid epidemic and drugs to take these kids. They're having you think that's what's going on – but you won't open a file or demand and audit to see that these mothers aren't the addicts. You're drinking their Kool-Aid.

    I worked for social services – I had quotas to fill bringing kids into the system. Number one target – single mothers. We could write anything we wanted, she had no Witnesses, no defense. if you find the father that abandon the child – chances are they're going to trash her. many of them were divorced – not single mother young hussies. and people forget – women don't have sex The same way men do – they actually think there's a commitment there.

    You got your case made. between the stereotypes of society and the ex husbands or boyfriends –

    When you open a case File – it is standard to accuse the parent of drug abuse – that stays in the file as yours statistic. You people repeat that thinking they're protecting children from drug-addicted single mother whores. They're not.

    Massachusetts just destroyed a Junior Olympic swimmer – from another state. They kidnapped him, there were no charges against the mother- the child flatlined and nearly died. Now hates his mother

    – but Massachusetts isn't going to help him anymore. They already cashed in on him – no high school diploma, no license – From the Junior Olympics to the streets. All courtesy of Massachusetts Family and Child Services

    Theyll wait until he ends up in jail. keep blaming the mommy there also

    all they have to do is say women and children – and you fools go running the other way… Stop being suckers and look out for your own

    look – they're funneling father's and mother's child support money in through the welfare system. That's how it's distributed now – your child support goes through welfare and the federal government before it gets to the kids – if it gets to them at all

    lawyers are just evil – there's nothing more to say. They have no gender, no conscience no ethics – they need to go back to kindergarten and start all over again. didn't get it the first time. Ayala

    we need Federal level Supreme Court judges looking out for women's constitutional rights against these crazy child eating liberals – Charlie Baker – a liberal wearing conservative clothing

  30. Hahhaha i swore he was yelling
    "Hell no for Canada" Thought the left was triggered by our penguin fuckers to the north.

  31. They weren't freaking out about worrying about laws being changed, they just don't want anything Trump has chosen to be allowed to be good.

  32. As soon as the Dems control both houses and the presidency, they are going to pack the court. I expect to see 13 members minimum, then if the Republicans win back control of both houses and the presidency, they will pack it up to 17 or 19, whatever is necessary. And then so on and so on. Basically, we are now a banana republic not unlike Venezuela, who also packed courts a few years back. Our country is gone. RIP USA. The Democrats ruined our country.

  33. I am a nonbinary pansexual. I am everything, and I am attracted to everything. For me, life is like being a sexual autistic savant. Breathing arouses me.

  34. Hey John Stossel, Please interview Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang. He is a proponent of libertarian economist Milton Freeman’s Universal Basic Income.

  35. Protests about Kavanough was a distraction from conservatives legitimate objections over his connections to Bush administration and other.
    But still better than justice Kennedy.

  36. Well he approved of Government spying on private citizens but then was falsely accused of crimes slandered and stalked himself so I wonder what he thinks now?

  37. We need more judges that support the Constitution, not individual parties. The government isn't here to do everything and does frankly more than it should now.

  38. They need to reverse it because NC voted by a +60% majority to ban gay marriage. So who cares what the court says. THE PRECEDENT IS THAT IT WAS ILLEGAL.

  39. Best case scenario. Trump 2020 and he gets to replace a couple more Supreme Court justices. Namely the left leaning communist god hating baby killing gun grabbing ones. Not to be too specific

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