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What was the Articles of Confederation? | US Government and Civics | Khan Academy

November 15, 2019

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  1. They weren't a mess. They did need to be fixed, especially financial issues of standardization and keeping the states liabilities fairly bared.
    The true nationalists (those that desired a strong central government, or even another kingdom-state) tricked everyone by naming their group the Federalists (federalist meaning someone who wants free states that work together without a centralized government) and calling the true federalists the "Anti-federalists". It was a dirty tactic, still used in politics today.
    The American people didn't want an authoritative central power and wanted a federation rather than a national. They are very different forms of governance.

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  3. The reason this is important is that it brings the Brexit situation into focus.
    Britain is in the situation of the US in 1776: half way there.

  4. The electoral college is fine. It keeps power balanced.

    The founding fathers knew the dangers of democracy and it was one of their biggest safeguards against democracy. They knew that the people should not be fully entrusted with the nation's fate.

    Remember, checks and balances.

  5. When I am using smoothdraw with black screen for teaching and recording with filmora screen recorder the cursor is not showing after exporting or completion preview of the video..pls help

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