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  1. Yaar kr do azaad Kashmir ko…itna bara tou india hai ap ko aur kya chahiye becharay log rozz marr rahein hain….insaniyat ke natay hi un ko azaad kr do….they only want freedom…

  2. You have to talk also abt the muslim attrocities on kashmiri hindus in the 80’s which left lakhs of hindus leave their own state, and also say abt the history of kashmir before muslims invaded india. Also say how muslims make their country a islamic state and hindus didnt make india a hindu state just to make few minorities feel safe, even when there are more than 50 muslim countries in the world and only 1 hindu country.

  3. Love to Kashmir from America!! Indians are attacking me for speaking for Kashmir. Now you can see what my American media is saying about the Indian atrocities in Kashmir! BBC, NY Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg News, The Guardian, The Independent… All Western media . Raise your voice for Kashmir. Prevent a nuclear war!!

  4. This really is an international issue. It now umfortunately directly concerns the rest of the world. If this matter goes unresolved, God forbid the world may plunge into a nuclear war. No country might be spared. Sad but its the truth

  5. Media is trying to cook chaos. It’s shame……! Key people in the world know the real history and that’s why they support India and revocation of 370. These protesters have NO right to protest as they aren’t even original Kashmiris! Where were these humanitarian seculars calling for democracy when king of Kashmir and pandits were thrown out? Bias media…

  6. If i live in a house you own for long time does it become mine?
    Can i protest? If you say no i will want my azaadi. Wtf!!!

    Protesters should leave Kashmir and go to Pakistan.

  7. India still has more Muslims than Pakistan by choice because of its democracy. Kashmir was privileged , complaining because its special rights got taken away.

  8. This video only shows the sentiment in a small hamlet around Srinagar and a few districts where there is a history of separatism. In order to understand the true picture, you also need to report what's happening in Jammu and Ladakh regions. Also, if you go into history, this clampdown though appearing harsh pales in comparison to the ethnic genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, perpetrated by the separatists only 40 years back. Public memory of history is short, but if you want to speak about Kashmir, go into the REAL history!

  9. If Indian government is taking strict action against those who challenge the sovereignty and integrity of India,than it is doing the right thing, The Washington Post and other western media was conspicuously silent when ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus took place in Jan 1990 , to change the demography of the region,those people are still living their lives as refugees in various parts of India, until people who committed those crime against humanity are brought to book,their can be no restoration of so called human rights in Kashmir… because a responsible state believes in democracy not mobocracy ,and human rights cannot became right for ethnic cleansing of the minorities by majority Muslims in Kashmir…..

  10. 98% kashimris are happy with the decision… only few people in old city are protesting… and they will slowly understand and reconcile….. india is home to 200 million muslims living happily.. India is the only country where so many religions enjoy highest freedom and living together for thousands of years…. people don't believe international paid media who want all people fight and they will have fun…..

  11. India chutiya h India kuch bhi kar le Kashmir azad ho kar rahe ga Indian army kutte ki tar marti rahe gi Indian army nhi kutte hn Jo mazlum pe zulm kar rahe hn sikho pe kar k dikhao jo khalistan bana ne ja rahe hn Kashmir azad ho ga khalistan bane ga or India k tukrey honge yad rakha Hindustan

  12. If it is popular indian govt decision thn why there is need to impose curfews and ban all communication in Kashmir?

  13. cant believe no direct help from any country.
    these people only have them selfs by just throwing stones which wont get them very far. but there numbers will decrease by india sneakily killing them 1 by 1.
    shame on all the countrys around the world who have not helped INNOCENT POEPLE.
    good luck there will be a state now called terrorist kashmir as these people are only left with one CHOICE.
    over the next few years india can expect many places blown up . and thats mybe by sum poor person who lost everything in Kashmir.

  14. Washing ton Post has no credibility in US itself. They hardly have any subscriptions! Wonder why washington post is reporting news expressly after sleeping for 30 years! The lady has no clue what she is talking

  15. ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌
    Indians are good at controlling the comment section since they are large in number.
    📛But this doesn't mean what they're doing in Kashmir by the innocent people is right. They have killed thousands of people.📛
    🚫Indians (bjp) have adopted a RSS ideology which is based on NAZI ideology.🚫
    Indians now hate MAHATMA GANDHI.
    It's the same Indian terrorist organisation that killed Gandhi.


  17. Washigton Post needs more educated anchors to check the facts before spreading lies. The Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh, the then ruler of the princely state of Jammu & Kashmir, on October 26, 1947, declaring that the state accedes to India. Article 370 was Presidential Order on 1954 and was never approved by the Indian Parliament.

  18. You missed the point ! Kashmir wanted to be independent ! Pakistan attacked Kashmir to take it over n the maharaja of Kashmir came to India and asked for support and this is where India got involved ! Maharaja of Kashmir made Kashmir part of India with some clauses ! Where the facts ms fact checker ?

  19. All this will abate once a human tsunami of Patriotic Hindu Volk from India's hinterland in wave after waves of human settlers accompanied with more and more armed troops swamp Kashmir.

    10 million armed non-Muslim Indians along with 2 million additional armed troops will swarm into Kashmir in the next two months.

    Wiederansiedlung or re-seeding of Kashmir with patriotic Hindu Volk will commence in a ferocious manner.

    Kashmir Chalo ! Kashmir Bharo ! is the new twitter trend in India today and India is just about to flex its human population muscle to full effect. The Armed Youth of India and the RSS are on the march.
    The RSS cadre-strength in India is 21 million armed Hindu Youth.

    The Indian army as usual stands on watch in Kashmir… 2 million Indian troops and paramilitaries will take care of any troublemakers.

  20. It's being done to secure the water that's runs thru Kashmir. All thinking people will be put into reeducation camps. India has the green light to plunder and pillage.

  21. My dream as a Pakistani is that all of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir be returned to India. That will mean India would have 600 million muslims to 1000 million hindus. Then we can overtake and rule the hindus again like the good old times.

  22. Did any reporters read 1948 UN resolution on Kashmir. Stop making your culture coward who are with ter..rists pakistan.

  23. Indian- a mostly hindu country is not terrorising people of Kashmir, but the footage you are showing to the world is the upheaval from Muslim Kashmiris which has been ongoing for 73 years and needs to stop. Abolishment of article 370 will make all people living in Kashmir equal, no segregation as the majority Muslims have done after attacks on Kashmiri Pundits and hindus back in 1990. Kashmir belonged to India before British Raj and still belongs to India -not Pakistan

  24. What a biased propoganda. You lost me in few min , let me correct you, we got divided I to 2 part. Pakistan an Islamic only country and India a secular country .

  25. India has broken a very condition of accession without consulting either elected members of Kashmiris or plebiscite thus accession is null and void. Is that mean India is now occupying Kashmir?

  26. The central govt has always supported the autonomy of the state, by allowing state born citizens to lead & be representatives of the voices of that state. The leaders of the state, became the proxie voices of the pakistan ideology that kashmir was a part of Pakistan after partition….which is a false claim as history recorded that the hindu ruler signed the deed of acsession to india… now 370 was injected by nehru 1st p.m without consent or parliamentary procedure, reason why its temporary. I guess all the commotion caused this quick decision, that would eventually be sorted out thru legal legislative procedures. What was this commotion about….the pakistan army disguised as raiders with no affiliation to pakistan army….disguised as tribal raiders. After the indian army was sent in to stop them, as requested by the ruler h. Singh in the last moments…he was not sure where he wanted to be left standing, pakistan , india or independent kashmir….he signed up to india. So please stop provoking & spreading false & fabricated propergander to suit ur purpose to propel this illegal land grab. All this really started up in 1989…..after the 1971 war, which india didnt have a hand in initially……read history. This kashmir ploy was fabricated. We used to go there for vacations in 1974….there was no such cry from muslims living there are the time. So when I c these purported self acclaimed under aged historians I have to write my countervailing piece to refute this fabrication professed by these arm chair intellectuals who dont have the slightest clue of how they are propping people up to hate & fight this LIE. take a look at the media source that gives them a platform….its the west media, that's been at this DIVIDE & RULE strategy from times immorable.


  27. Can you fact check who is now living in the homes and using the businesses of exiled Kashmiri Pandits from kashmir valley?

  28. Pakistan needs to tell the world leaders and UN very clearly & firmly that by abrogating 370 and 325A, India has lost all its legal claims over Jammu & Kashmir, as its actions of 5th August 2019 are unilateral and in violation of Accession Agreement of 26th October 1947 thus rendering the Accession Agreement null & void and India has lost all the justifications to have its army in Jammu & Kashmir. Now Indian army is a belligerent Occupational Army, Under Fourth Geneva Convention of August 1949, Occupational Army can’t bring demographic changes in occupied territory or if does it’s a war crime, killing of one civilian is war crime and killing more than one civilian is considered to be genocide and war crime. and all the Kashmiris have the right to have armed struggle against belligerent Indian occupational Army. Their armed struggle can’t be termed as terrorist act anymore. Pakistan needs to ask Azad Kashmir Government to form Azad Kashmir Army under the umbrella of Pakistan Army and every Azad Kashmiri youth should serve two year in Azad Kashmir Army before going for college education. While RSS goons may be celebrating this paper transaction and believing that Modi has become the Lord Vishnu, history of past 40 years tells a different story. It took nine years for Pakistan to get Afghanistan liberated from Soviet Occupation. Despite US and 40 countries (including India), using military power and coercive strategy in Afghanistan for nineteen years, finally Pakistan’s pivotal and central position has been accepted by International Community. Indian coercion and paper transaction of Occupied Kashmir may not last longer. With peace returning to Afghanistan, Pakistan could put all her energies in liberation of Occupied Kashmir and things could turn upside down for fascist Modi regime. This is the beginning of disintegration of India.
    FACTCHECKER 1: Formula for partition was Muslim majority areas would be part of Pakistan.
    FACTCHECKER 2: Raja was not elected by people of Kashmir, so Accession Agreement of 26th October 1947 doesn’t mean anything.
    FACTCHECKER 3: Gilgit Bultistan area was leased out Pushtun tribe in 1935 by Britain, so it was not under Raja rule.
    FACTCHECKER 4: Accession Agreement gives autonomy to Kashmir, abrogation of 370 and 325A is violation of Accession Agreement of 26th October 1947 thus rendering the Accession Agreement null & void.
    FACTCHECKER 5: Now Indian army is a belligerent Occupational Army, Under Fourth Geneva Convention of August 1949, Occupational Army can’t bring demographic changes in occupied territory or if does it’s a war crime, killing of one civilian is war crime and killing more than one civilian is considered to be genocide and war crime.
    FACTCHECKER 6: The beginning of disintegration of India.

  29. Classic example of 'no skin in the game' reporting. The post, the reporters and the host all have absolutely no skin in the game of Kashmir. Ergo, spit lies without so much as batting an eyelid.

  30. firstly the state name is "Jammu and Kashmir" . Jammu is happy with the decision and ladakh which isnow a UT is happy as it was there 70 year long demand to free Ladakh from the clutch of Kashmir . Kashmir is hotbed of Muslim radicalisation , after afgan war Pakistan employed tactics of "Jihad" in Kashmir and tried to capture it by gun and started terror camps in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ) . First they killed native Hindus (Kashmiri pandit) in Kashmir and terrorize them which resulted into Kashmiri pandit exodus , thousand of Kashmiri Hindu lost there life and women were raped in streets , Childs were made orphan . Article 370 is a discriminatory law which violates Article 14(Equality before law) of Indian constitution , if a women married to men who is resident of other state would be deprived of property right . Recently , Supreme court of India , diluted provision from the British era anti LGBTQ law "Section 377" and given them right to freely live there life without fear of prosecution and this amendment would not be applicable in Jammu and Kashmir . 200k people came from Pakistan after partition have no rights of voting in state election and were not given citizenship . Tribals of state were deprived of political reservation and Schedule cast (Lower caste) were not given right to apply for jobs other them cleaner/Sweeper . Article 370 was a trash and black blot on "Indian Democracy " , it was a Temporary provision in Indian Constitution and I m proud of BJP and PM Modi who abrogated such a trash law from our Constitution . JaI Hind …. Vandematram

  31. All these Indians think they’re an expert on Kashmir😂. Wake up will ye, this isn’t Indian BJP media.

  32. If those 200+ million muslims in Islamic Republic of Pakistan are allowed to freely think, explore other religions, some or most of them would want to try something else or become an atheist..Article 18 of universal declaration of human rights (freedom of thought) is denied in Pakistan and the world needs to free Pakistanis from Islamic oppression. Again, I've no problem with Islamic faith if people choose to follow on their own but should not be forced or denied to explore other philosophies/religions

  33. Many of the clips shared in this video come from protests in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, not Kashmir on Indian side. The flags with green stripes is used in PoK. Indian Kashmir has a different flag with red and white. Washington Post must check the aunthticity of their statements and videos.

  34. 70000 Kashmires has been killed by India.
    Where was this media before.
    Freedom for Kashmir.
    Indian media is the biggest lair.

  35. All the international media and un and genocide reports are fake …only indian media is right…Hahaha….everyone knows about the reputation of indian media… just need rating and promote hindutva ideology
    World knows about the miserable condition of minorities in india..
    Don't trust indian fake media

  36. Great Job, nice video, about time the world media starts to show the rapes, mass murders and genocide Indian army has been doing in Kashmir for past 70 years. Modi is another version of Hitler.

  37. Please to, all commenting peoples my request is to kindly report these kinds of misleading videos and fake propaganda that all west media is trying to show. I don't know whats the problem in the west why each and everyone is trying to interfere in our internal matter.

  38. Only half of the story is told in this video!
    Hope you completed the mission of conveying info. In 6 min, no matter the cost.

  39. Kashmir is the part of India & shall always be, no matter what. POK also belongs to India & shall be merged back in India. Kashmiris should realize this soon, for their own Peace & Prosperity.

  40. Mery KASHMIR k Mazlom Behan Bhaio Hum Kabhi apko Marty Dam Tak Tanha Nahi Chory gay Chahy Jesy Bhi Halat hon Bs Sabat Qdam Rehna Aur Sabz Hilali Percham Ko Thamy Rkhna Yehi Iek Shnakht hai Jis k Lia Hum Bhi Qurban Hai Aur Ap Bhi


    Kashmir Is Burning Due To Indian Atrocities Wich Became Worst In Modi's Government Life Of Burhan Wani Is a Story Forces Brutalmes

  42. Only those people know who are caged frm past 22 days wd communication blockade
    If modi is dng ryt thn y didn't allow any reporter to enter their take footage fr thm nd delte dat Y didn't thy remove curfew Y didn't thy end communication blockade people have shortage of food shortage of medicine
    Smthng is wrong

  43. Very wrong map. of Kashmir
    And yes Kashmir wants Azaadi( freedom) hindu extremist forces have overtaken the land of Kashmir they don't value any human life there ,they are there just for the land but it's not Hinduta land it's Kashmir's land

  44. There are no go zones in European cities like Birmingham, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels etc. The police cannot enter these areas which are under Islamic fundamentalist laws imposed by hard-line goons. There are a large number of videos which prove this.

  45. Lets not forget whats happening to Muslims in China. China is arresting and torturing Muslims. Muslim countries must confront China for what they are doing to Muslims in china…

  46. Historically, Kashmiris are a nation in their own right. As a nation, they have the right to self-determination. Let Kashmiris decide their own future.

  47. India is largest first terrorist country who has terrorist army killing innocents in Kashmir like nazi hitler did in past

  48. Kiya aatang vaad se mukt aese karwaayaa jaataa hae?
    Unhon ne kahaa tha k wo kashmeriyon se puch kar artical 370 khatam karwaain ge.
    Lekin unhon ne is ki zehmat karnaa gawaaraa nahi ki.
    Kaahmeeriyon se unki ijaazat k bager unhen diye gae khas ikhtiyaaraat jo unhen congress ki hukumat ne diye the taa k wo india k qabze me rehte hue ahsaase mehruumi ka shikaar naa hun.
    Magar mojudaa mutaahadid nazaryaat ki haamil hindu tua hukumat ne un se ye khususi ikhtiyaaraat unki marzee puuche bager cheen liye hain.
    Aaj wahaa musalsal curfew ka 22 waan din hae gharon me chulaahaa jalaane k liye gas nahi hae.
    Pakaane k liye raashan khatam ho chuke hain.
    Bachon aur burhon ko dawaaee muyasir nahi.
    Aesi tasweeren saamne aa rahi hain jin me road kashmeeriyon k khoon se bhare hue hain.
    Phir kuch aesi videos ka bhi zikar ho rahaa hae jin me 12 se 14 saal k bachon ki zuban aur ungliyan kaati jaa rahi hain.
    Wahaan oppsition k rehnumaa ko doraa karne ki ijaazat nahi dee gai.
    Agar Indian hukumat ka ye daawaa hae k kashmeer me sab kuch theek hae to wahaa unhon ne tamaam electronic media aur mobile fon system internet band q kiya hua hae.
    Aesaa wahaan kiya ho rahaa hae jise wo aalmi brothery se chupanaa chaahte hain.

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