When Abortion Became Legal | Roe v. Wade
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When Abortion Became Legal | Roe v. Wade

October 20, 2019

Mr. Beat presents Supreme Court Briefs Dallas, Texas, 1969 A young woman named Norma McCorvey was single, pregnant, and scared about her future She wanted an abortion, but in Texas abortions were illegal except in cases in which the mother’s life was in danger McCorvey had planned on having one anyway at an illegal clinic. However police shut down that clinic. Desperate, Norma soon found out that two lawyers were looking for women who were seeking abortions in order to fight the Texas law that banned them Them they promised pizza and beer, so Norma came The lawyers, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee Decided to take Norman’s case over several others.The two were not much older than Norma. On March 3, 1970 Coffee officially filed a complaint at the Dallas federal district court house, giving Norma a pseudonym “Jane Roe” to protect her identity. They were suing the state of Texas, arguing it’s abortion law was unconstitutional Defending the state of Texas was Henry Wade, the district attorney of Dallas By this time, Norma was six months pregnant. The district court looked at Norma’s case along with two other related cases on June 17, 1970 The three-judge panel of the Court unanimously called the Texas abortion law unconstitutional. Saying it broke the right to privacy assumed under the ninth amendment However, they did not act to stop an enforcement of the law the defense appeals the ruling in a went to the Supreme Court Meanwhile Norma had given birth to the baby she had originally thought about killing and put the baby up for adoption The case that for a year and a half finally on December 13th 1971 the Supreme Court Heard arguments in his opening argument Defense attorney Jay Floyd made a bad joke that probably hurt his cake going against, Weddington and coffee He said quote it’s an old joke, but when a man argues against two beautiful ladies like this They are going to have the last word unquote the joke was not well received the entire courtroom was silent and chief Justice Warren Burger gave him a cold glare Regardless by the end of the arguments all of those justices agreed the Texas law was bad but for different reasons But the case set some more because two justices hugo black and John Harlan have recently retired and were not yet replaced in January Lewis f powell and William rehnquist Joined the court But it wasn’t until october of 1972 that they heard arguments again the court announced their decision on January 22nd 1973 with A 722 majority vote They went in favor of rome arguing that abortion fell under the 14th Amendment’s due process clause Again it came down to a right to privacy Basically the court ruled a woman has a right to an abortion until the fetus reached an age of viability viability means that the baby would be able to survive independently outside of the mother’s womb Well back, then doctors believe this to be around the 28th week of pregnancy today. Thanks to the wonders of technology That’s around the twenty second week of pregnancy the two Justices who disagreed with the decisions were firing white and William rehnquist? One of the new dudes on the court white argues the court was just making up a new constitutional right and didn’t have the authority to do, so Rehnquist argue the other justices were expanding the [fourteenth] [amendment] that means something much more than its original authors intended Regardless the Decision essentially legalized abortion and declared many state laws unconstitutional Because of this before the Roe V wade decision 30 states had outlawed abortion and the other states Restricted it in at least some way Roe V wade Sparked a contentious debate that continues to this day on one side supporters of the Roe V wade decision are often called Pro-choice meaning it should be the woman’s choice whether she wants the abortion or not opponents of the Roe V wade decisions are often called Pro-life they argue that because life begins at conception any abortion should be regarded as murder abortion issue has become even more divisive in recent years in Fact many people vote for politicians simply based on whether they are pro-life or not, so whatever happened in norma McCorvey Well in A 1984 interview to reveal herself as row for the first time and became a pro choice Advocate even volunteering at a woman’s clinic at first she went around telling the press that she wanted the abortion because she was raped However, she later said that this was a lie She had made it up norma published in autobiography in 1994 called I am robe soon after this in a surprising turn of events She quit her job at the abortion clinic and became pro-life She became a born-again Christian and immediately joined the staff of operation rescue a pro-life organization at an office literally next door to the abortion clinic She formerly worked at he was a pro-life Activist for the rest of her life by the way [norma] never met the baby that started this whole thing that baby Presumably grew up, and it’s somewhere out there right now, and he or she is 46 years old I’ll see you for the next supreme Court Case jury There’s the first episode of Supreme Court brief thanks to ian and Alex for supporting me on Patreon this episode was Rocky by the soup and It’s a little tricky, but as I was finishing up this video on Saturday, I found out that norma McCorvey Had actually passed away so yes a little trippy just a coincidence there next episode [of] my cover and the Collets being Maryland and all of these cases Are partially inspired by my friends over at reading through history? Check out their youtube channel and check out this book that they make all the great supreme court cases They also cover all the landmark cases that I will be featuring in teacher episodes of the series and it’s available on Amazon you

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  1. Great video! And thanks for the shout out. For anyone interested in the workbook, it's available here: https://www.amazon.com/Great-Supreme-Court-Cases-Activities/dp/149058613X/

  2. If I recall correctly, she was confused and decided to give up on the abortion, (this was her third pregnancy). Two women lawyers conned her into the case (they had an agenda to fight Texas and didn't care who their client was). The rest is history and you did a great job with the rest of the video. Keep them coming as most of your videos are excellent….

  3. Im interested in court cases. I read a university text book about Australian constitutional law (cos i live and am a citizen of here). A few very interesting cases here too.

  4. Awesome stuff!!! I'm exited to see a new series at it's peak; super glad you started with this one! I did suggest it on one of your earlier videos!!! Please feel free to reply!!!!

  5. I actually wonder if this decision will ever be brought back to the courts, with a Conservative government in place right now with 2-3 Justices who could retire or(hopefully not)die soon, I could see a majority conservative SC taking it back up.

  6. Imagine how that child felt, his mom wanted to kill her/him child so much she lied and sued texas to kill him/her. I would be fucked up knowing I'm only alive because a court case was delayed.

  7. Don't mix your political views in these videos. If your goal is for it to be educational then keep it unbiased.

  8. I really dont get how people can be anti abortion but are supportive of the US killing children in the middle east.

  9. wait, how was this case not discussed under power of attorney laws? Like, I think that is the damning "evidence" that would create this ruling, when someone cannot make a medical decision that power is passed on to someone else, in this case the Mother is an acting power of attorney over their fetus… Huh.

  10. I wish we could find that baby roe put up for adoption find out if she’s glad she’s alive or not.

  11. So basically she had the baby never got a abortion and she started a whole political concept about women’s rights switched and from pro choice to pro life 😵😵😵

  12. Mr. Beat, I would be interested to know your views about the power that the Supreme
    Court has. Everybody is currently concerned about who will replace Anthony Kennedy because a lot is at stake since he has been a swing voter. But nobody asks if it make sense that the Supreme Court (let alone a unique member of it) has so much power. In a democracy the people themselves would decide on the most important issues by referendum. More arguments in my video "Maybe you are ready for Democracy".

  13. The major issue here is conflicting rights. What do you do when two people's rights directly contradict each other? It's wrong to think that Pro-Choice people want to murder babies or that pro-life people want to subjugate women. The issue is simply at this time in your pregnancy, whose rights matter more?

  14. I think even for people wanting to carry out the pregnancy and give it up afterwards it would be great to have some form of government or charity covered medical and psychiatric care. First and foremost though we should focus on programs for foster children and also we need to stop demonizing people who get abortions as a last resort. The bitterness between pro-choice and pro-life is understandable, but we need to calm sown and empathize with each other if we want a better world for both women and babies. One day we might be able to take that cluster of stem cells and put it into a magic machine that takes over for mother and neither side will be hurt but until then I hop both sides can walk in each others shoes.

  15. A lot of folks are actively working to get this ruling, still one of the most controversial Supreme Court rulings of all time, overturned. I'm not worried about them deciding states can outlaw abortions if they wish. I'm more concerned that they'll rule personhood begins at conception, and thus force all states to outlaw abortions whether they want to or not.

    BTW, this ruling, surprisingly, wasn't the top story in newspapers of the day. That was the death of former President Lyndon Johnson.

  16. Owwch. This one contains a big value judgement which you don't usually do Mr Beat, "…the baby she had originally thought of killing." Some people would say she considered having some cells removed from inside her as it is, you know, her body and all. Some folks think that is an individual woman's right, and that other folks should try and mind their own business. If you want to put value judgements in then a better place is to point out that the 14th amendment makes no mention of abortions, privacy or anything that supports the Courts decision. It provides for equal protection which simply means the Texas law had to apply to everyone- which it did. My view is Texas had the wrong law, but it was within the constitution.

  17. I’m 100% pro-choice and I think the court made the right decision in Roe, however I believed it would’ve been best if Byron White was in the majority since he was personally pro-choice.

  18. Reminder to the people in the comments: you can claim what ever you want, but nobody is going to give a shit unless you can actually back it up.

  19. Being pro life is a contradiction. If abortion was banned people would take matters into their own hands rather than be able to go to a clinic

  20. If you are pronounced dead by your heartbeat why are you not pronounced alive by one as well. That being said I don't disagree about rape victims getting abortions. I can see both sides if the argument.

  21. Hmmmmm…….. I mean huh it seems abortion these days is more popular than smoking cigarettes and I also feel that making laws against something that was performed anyway when it was against the law only made it safer. However from a legal standpoint I do agree with the dissenting judges. It it really has nothing to do with the Constitution it is kind of making up a new law. I'm not touching this one any further I think that especially nowadays there's enough support to make it a new Constitutional Amendment. I think that this ruling sets a dangerous precedent. So fuck it nobody really even knows about the particulars I didn't even know until I watched your video. I was never I have never been a big fan of passing meaningless laws that just make life worse for citizens of a country. So I always just agreed with it from a political perspective even though personally I don't.

  22. I think the court drew the wrong conclusion Because you could argue the constitution protects life liberty and pursuit happiness and one of them is life

    Also Conservatives: Government should have total control over a woman's uterus

  24. I am ready to stand with God Fearing Patriots and remove Lawless Evil leaders from office. I Swore an Oath to Defend this Country, our Constitution, and Protect against Foreign and Domestic Enemies alike. I would expect all Law Enforcement and the Military to abide by that same Oath. If you won’t stand with the Patriots, then you are on the side of Lawlessness and have turned your back to Righteousness. The Lawlessness in government is out of control. There are Righteous Laws, but we cannot allow for Unconstitutional Laws to be passed in our Country. We as Believers in Christ must take a stand against lawlessness or we also will forever burn in Hell. IT IS TIME TO BREAK OUT THE YELLOW VEST FOR NATION WIDE PROTEST UNTIL ALL LAWLESS EVIL LEADERS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM POWER!!! IF GOD IS WITH US, WHO CAN STAND AGAINST US!!!! THE MURDER OF A BABY UNDER THE PRETENSE OF ABORTION IS STILL MURDER!!!

    “Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God”

    -Thomas Jefferson

  25. I know it is controversial to think this but I do not believe a woman should have the choice, nor liberty, to kill her child. I know, shocking idea. Much in the same way a father should not be free to beat up their kids or what have you.

    Stating "it must be allowed because making it illegal would be going against this individual's privacy (of all things)" is rather balderdash in my opinion. That is like stating, "drug dealers have a right to privacy, let them sell drugs in peace." What does this have to do with privacy? More than anything and everything has got to do in some way with privacy I mean.

    In the state of New York women between the ages of 18 and 50 45% of women have had an abortion within their lifetime, 33% of pregnancies have ended in an abortion, on average.

    Stop using the argument of "but what if like rape", I hardly think millions of people are getting raped every year.

    Learn to live with the consequences of your actions, do not do acts which you do not want the consequence of.

    Don't want a child? Don't be a whore. Goes for man and woman, naturally, as it takes two to tango.

  26. Loved the manner you presented this controversial subject. Just the chronological facts, with no bias I could see. Great job!

  27. Byrron White and William Rehnquist were right. Therefore, the big lie Roe vs Wade will go away, the current constitutional majority on the court will make that happen. Don't forget that Roe herself wanted it to be overturned.
    And think about that: White and Rehnquist were the only 2 justices who lived into the 3 millenium, the 7 bench-legislators died earlier.

  28. I know this video has been out for a while, so It's probably a long shot to hear from you, but I have been having trouble figuring out the Justices' rationale for how the right to privacy plays into abortion rights. I couldn't find a satisfactory answer elsewhere online, so I'd really appreciate one from you. Thanks, and I'm loving these supreme court briefs.

  29. Abortion = killer ,demonic influence .Please for God Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary Theotokos mother of God name stop killing children go for adoption!

  30. Man there is something beautifully dumb in a woman who didn't want a kid, sued the state for an abortion and then gave it up for adoption; only then say other women can't have an abortion but should carry it to term with no intention of looking after it properly. Genius.

  31. I hope one day Roe v. Wade is gone. For me, why not support more adoption plans? I have known people that wanted a child who couldn't and couldn't adopt one due to the overwhelming costs.

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