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Where Will Impeachment Inquiry Go? Check History | All In | MSNBC

October 17, 2019

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  1. Good article from American Thinker–good reading even for Democrats ==> https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/10/its_impeachment_or_violence_take_your_pick.html

  2. Its time all law abiding citizens of America that know the impeachment of president Trump is illegal which is most of America to stand up to the Democrats that are trying to impeach President Trump and let them know we the people are tired of their bs lies and we demand they stop it now or they will regret it. They need to have a full house vote to even start the impeachment inquiry they dont have it and they know it .that's why refuse to call for a vote . They think it is legal and it's not. If they try to impeach President Trump we will rise up and put a stop to it by ignoring the Democrats and impeaching everyone of them and doing away with the Democrat party all together .lets band together and throw a Monkywrench in to this bs and stop them now

  3. People Are Sick Of The Democratic Mobs Sick Lies…Do Something For The Country For A Change…Work For The Best President Ever…Get On The Trump Train Or Just Dont Say A Thing.

  4. Keep in mind the Congress is working for we the people not for their own political reasons. We need to rise up and let Pelosi, nadler, aoc ,Warren, Talib, Presley and the rest of the corrupt, dishonest criminal Democrats we will not stand for anymore of this false farce and thier corrupt ways have been exposed and we will not take it anymore

  5. One of the democrat reps/senators should also read the whistleblower report and the transcript of the call within both chambers of Congress so that it is of public record.

    While it might not have any affect, although it should….it would be giving back some trolling medicine to Trump and his enablers.

    All the best.


  6. Pelosi told us once before that this President is self-impeachable. She knows the voters will soon demand impeachment, so there's no room left for Trump and Republicans to lie that this is a politically motivated witch hunt hoax, as they've been ludicrously claiming all along.

  7. 52 U.S. Code§ 30121 and US Constitution Article 1 Section 9
    Team Trump, and the GOP, are traitors. Congress needs to enforce compliance.

  8. Nancy Pelosi “wanted to indict this President” but instead all she could do was impeach this criminal President

  9. Many people feel Congress has not been doing their jobs for a long time. They were given certain powers by our Constitution as to oversight and we expect them to use it, otherwise they may as well lie down and be useless.

  10. Trump is just playing silly games, demanding that the House vote on having an inquiry. This is NOT in the Constitution and they should just move forward. I'm sick of his antics. And if the Senate had any brains, they would follow what the majority of people want. The base isn't big enough to reelect many of them.

  11. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and the tape gets all wiped out… Rosemary Woods.

  12. I am not from America, but have a question. Why would you keep a President around that has all of You BREATHING THROUGH YOUR ARSEHOLES?

  13. Keep up the good work and help inform those people who don't have knowledge of how this works. Thanks for the good work you are doing.

  14. The United Supreme Court: a Congresional investigation has wider Authority over an investigation regarding evidence then the Judicial branch of our Government. The Judicial has to have "just cause" the Congressional doesn't. One is political, the other is judicial, the laws are not the same.

  15. If the White House submits "doctored" document – helloooo – just add this crime to all the others already committed

  16. I'd like to think that the American people would 'be with it' once the evidence is laid out, but they didn't have Fox News putting out disinformation 24/7 to half the public back in Nixon's days.

  17. The saddest part of all this sh*t show, is that of all the crimes this guy has been committing, none of them had the gravitas to call for impeachment except when he decided to go after one of the political elite… sad, very sad.
    Also, Americans should be recording every single politician that defends the most corrupt person to ever occupy the seat of the presidency.

  18. It will go away just like the rest of the fake stories. Yet democrat supporters will still continue to look like idiots because of it

  19. "These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union? "

    Federalist Papers #68
    Alexander Hamilton

  20. There is plenty of evidence in Trumps past history that he IS shifty as [email protected] is NOTHING Patriotic about wilful ignorance folks 🙄
    I suggest folks go educate themselves on the many documentaries and books that pre date Trumps ride down that escalator in 2015 when he began his biggest Fraud EVER on the US public! Google..go use it!

  21. seriously jill?? DRINK SOME WATER BEFORE GOING ON AIR 1!!

    its just with her and everytime she speaks on air, i just dont get it, who hates her that much to let this happen?

  22. It's going nowhere. Politicians are above the law. Just like you can't indict a sitting president you can't impeach one after they resign. And this is an investigation into whether or not to ACCUSE not an actual impeachment which would begin a whole other process. The media knows this because a lot of them are former politicians. They all protect each other and the media is just quelling the masses by beating us over the head with it continuously. So nothing is going to happen to trump.

  23. Who voted for Trump and still support him chose him precisely because he is …The sick man becomes a king of his own world and, unlike the opening to the world that suffering … King Lear, Lamb speaks of how sickness makes us more selfish and self-centred than …

  24. but.. the supreme court has been unfairly stacked in trump's favour… Moscow Mitch refused to replace a vacancy in the supreme court during Obama's last year… trump knows that he is not the only corrupt politician in Washington… the question may come down to whether the supreme court will make determinations on the basis of law and precedent … or whether they are also corrupt republicans…

  25. Current political events have conjured up haunting memories of earlier times, when allied territory existed under the oppressive thumb of Kremlin rule.
    In the early 1960s my family traveled overseas, when my father was transferred to Wiesbaden, Germany. To give us an understanding of both the cultural and historic background of our host country, Dad took us on the overnight military train from Frankfurt to Berlin. At this time Germany was divided into East and West, with the Russia dominating the Eastern half; the Berlin Wall had just been constructed. Since this trip happened over fifty years ago, many of the details have become blurred, however three things have remained foremost in my memories.
    Our first encounter or welcome came when we crossed the boarder and were inspected while in our pajamas (it was a night train) by Russian troops carrying machine guns. I was thirteen years old at the time, my brother was age nine. Another highlight of Berlin at that time, was a bus tour of the Eastern Zone, the area that was designated to the Russians at the end of WWII. We traversed from the American Zone behind the Iron Curtain through Checkpoint Charlie, whose infamy was established by the many stories of attempted escape by men, women, and children; some survivors with joyful endings, others with tragic results. The Eastern Zone had its main thoroughfare rebuilt, however, just one block away buildings were nothing but rubble, creating a bleak picture of what the city of Berlin must have looked like at the end of the war. The final memory I took away from Berlin is the river Spree which divided the city and became part of the Berlin Wall, where many people also died.
    At the time we moved to Germany, we did not even take a television with us because programming was very limited, so we were reliant upon the Armed Forces Network for news via the radio. News came on at 6 o’clock every evening; the dinner hour. Along with news from the States and other world news, I recall that stories of daring escapes along with many more tragic endings seemed to be a nightly occurrence. At times my Mother would ask my Father if we could please just turn off the broadcast.
    Like the tragic picture of the Father and his Daughter that we recently saw drowned in the Rio Grande, this narrative is currently be played out in our country. The youngest victim to drown in Berlin was one years old; no rescue was afforded the victims of the Spree because the Russian soldiers would simply shoot everyone. So we are now characterized as heartless Americans, with a president calling for flesh piercing razor wire and shooting victims in the legs to slow them down.
    As I watch the media focus on the whistleblower story, as the story has unfolded to inform the American public on how our president attempted to shake down and extort the Ukrainian President Zelensky. However, since the story keeps expanding daily to include not just the President but his Vice President, his personal representatives, his White House staffers, along with some State Department officials and other agencies, there is one aspect of this whole narrative that has been totally undermined.
    The Ukraine is a divided country with the Russian Bear occupying the Crimea; another divided and Russian occupied country. Nearly 13,000 Ukrainian’s have already been killed. They desperately need the financial support voted on last year by a bipartisan Congress. To delay this support will cost Ukrainian lives. How many more innocent lives will Russia dispose of in their grab for oil and gas wealth? The question is, will we let Trump get away with this crime? So he isn’t shooting his victim in the middle of 5th Avenue, but to withhold this support is tantamount to murder by Donald Trump.

  26. trump supporters have zero idea what being honorable is. they, with Putins help put this criminal in the White House.

  27. Trump is unfit for office. Simple. Its not hatred or sour grapes. Trump is unfit and not interested in anything but making money out of the office and covering up white collarcrime. Facts.

  28. You honestly don't know what's going to happen? After Mitch McConnell openly admitted he would block the removal vote before reviewing any evidence?

  29. EVERY TIME the Republicans feel they could lose an election they threaten CIVIL WAR.
    1 million Americans died during Obama's era- remember??? I don't either.
    Dumb Donald will soon get a Karma kiss he'll never forget.

  30. I'm agnostic, but here's a prayer anyway : "May this be the time that proves — CATEGORICALLY — that the wholly demonstrable cover-up is INDEED worse even than the wholly demonstrable and grievous offenses of this monster. AMEN!" (That might actually constitute, to some extent anyway, a kind of proof of the existence of a GOOD deity. I say "might", mind you.)

  31. The Ukrainians convicted two guys for interfering in the 2016 US Election trying to help Hillary. It's all on tape but MSNBC will never tell you this true explosive story. Why? Because Obama made sure the corporate fat cats that run MSNBC got their share of the spoils from $ Billions sent to the Ukraine that ended up lost in a Ukrainian bank. MSNBC has no credibility, none whatsoever. You'll never get the truth here. But then, their audience is so small and insignificant it really doesn't matter.

  32. Trump won't quit. That's too easy. No he'll dig in and expect the Senate to save him. He'll do a Clinton, be impeached but survive by Senate vote. Then lose the election to Warren 2020. And have the 1st Female President you should have had in 2016

  33. You know what you do have to do in congress whether it be passing a law, having an investigation, having an inquiry, even adjourning and it isn't actually written in the Constitution….VOTE and obtain a majority to do anything. The idea that because something isn't specifically written in the Constitution or that precedent doesn't create common law is completely devoid of any understanding of hoe the law works. Under that reasoning any one person in congress can decide to pass a Bill without having a vote by congress. Trump is daring them to take it to the courts…because what is happening is unconstitutional. Committees are meant to organize and disseminate information so that the House can vote on them…they can't legally act unilaterally.

  34. Truth is always the most important thing in a country
    A country run on lies will never succeed, and America needs truth more then ever
    Trump and administration need to start telling the truth people are not stupid
    and to believe they are shame on you and shame on us for allowing it to happen

  35. After Nixon it should be a law oops sorry republicans do believe in the law we’ll still it should be a requirement for all presidential phone calls to be taped and in the invent a impeachment inquiry tapes should be hand over from the start of a president has nothing to hide no need to hide them

  36. The Repubs are complicit in their silence & the Dems have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory before – the people are going to have to rescue themselves from Trump & all his enablers. Use the first 3 words of your constitution – "We the people…" Vote.

  37. The Repubs are complicit in their silence & the Dems have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory before – the people are going to have to rescue themselves from Trump & all his enablers. Use the first 3 words of your constitution – "We the people…" Vote.

  38. What does Nixon have to do with Trump? why don't you just say you have nothing on Trump but you need to feed the fear-mongering public because that's what you do. the mainstream medias crimes perpetrated on the American citizen and the rest of the world. Has exposed the truth. Objective journalism is dead…

  39. If subpoenas are ignored its time these recalcitrant people were jailed until they comply ….enough is enough all ready !!

  40. Any Republican Senator who doesn't see this as bribery and extortion is hiding behind the FoxNews Propaganda curtain

  41. No impeachment vote means no impeachment inquiry. It’s very simple. Huff and puff all you like …. the Dems love scamming the people … it’s all BS.

  42. I love trump supporters argument that this is all 4d chess and he’s playing the media and the left and in time he’ll release everything and he’ll truly be exonerated. Because it fails to comprehend a simple concept- if trump were such a smart man, why would he pit us against each other by being purposefully vitriolic and hiding things from us when he could just come out with it all, and find a way to unite our country rather than be fine with dividing it. Doesn’t seem like a very smart man when you consider it that way. Cooperation isn’t a partisan issue, it’s the way humanity has lasted this long, and driving us apart only makes cooperation that much harder with one another one a small and large scale.

  43. People of Hong Kong vs Siilver. Whose welfare do I care about most? Sory Silver, Ireally do not care at all about your welfare.

  44. I think Trump supporters are forgetting that the republicans screwed them with the new tax reform and attacking their health care, implementation of tariffs but waite Trumps building a wall that has been proven can be climbed.

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  46. I cannot wait until Lindsey Graham FLIPS on TRUMP. He HATES trump!
    Graham once said" trump is a con man. If he is elected, he will destroy us… and we will deserve it." (true! look it up!) Now, remember all the dirty tricks trump played on graham back in 2015-2016?
    Lindsey Graham's flip will be cataclysmic for agent orange.

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