Which Frame Rate Should You Use? (ft. Freddie Wong)
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Which Frame Rate Should You Use? (ft. Freddie Wong)

October 4, 2019

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  1. I noticed a film texture difference in the early Dr. Who episodes. Had different feel for outside and inside shots. This the same type of thing?

  2. wait, my eyes see the wheel go backward in real life then I don't see that watching 60 fps?! I think I need 60 fps eye surgery in real life lol. thanks man.

  3. How do you change frame rates in a single video? Is it possible to have the first minute be at 24p and then switch to 60p?

  4. I think when he said a long standing landscape shot, he meant where the camera doesn't move, and they exemplified this with a fast panning shot, which would make the 60fps evident. If anything moves in the shot (or the camera view itself moves), and you have a "fast" eye, you can tell at what frame rate it's going.

  5. ugh fucking hobbit for making people believe that 48fps is hfr. let's hope this 60fps fad will die as soon as possible, so we can finally accept the glorious 120+ fps that is the future. "hey guise look at my hands in hfr they're so smooth" lol no, pause the video and you'll see it has exactly the same issues as he just pointed out about 24fps. 60fps was good enough in 2012 or something, so stop yapping about 48fps, we're way past that.

  6. Nice vid, thanks. I wish you much success on your new channel. I also have a question regarding rendering original footage:

    Is it possible, or what happens to the quality if I were to shoot in 24fps (cinema mode on my HD cam) but after editing render a file (MP4, MPEG, etc…) at 30 or 60fps? Would I be better off just rendering in 24fps?

  7. Most movie theaters out there have projectors capable of screening 48FPS or known as HFR. The only movie that was screened in HFR is The Hobbit. Come on Hollywood! Fantastic Beast will look great in HFR. MAKE USE OF HFR THEATERS.

  8. The reason movies are still shot in 24fps is purely cost, back in the day of filming with actual film it would have takes 1.5 times more film to shoot at 60 fps and today its just the amount of data storage you would need for all the footage.

    Movies clearly look better at the higher frame rate whether it's an action scene or slow moving landscape scene thats why tv manufacturers add all the post processing tech to their tvs to simulate a much higher frame rate.

  9. i have a logitech hd pro webcam C920 and my recording software is open broadcaster software v0.659b. when i move in fallout 4, it jumps/skips. i have 1000 max bitrate, and i had buffer size (kbit) at the standard 0. i have the quality balance (or what it's called in english) at 7 or 8. if anybody wanna help me, i can film my screen, and you can see exactly what i have. i would appreciate it VERY much, if someone could help me. thank you. 🙂

  10. one maybe stupid question, if you shoot real life scenes in 24fps and the video game scenes in 60 fps, and then you export in 60 fps or 24 fps or 30 fps?

  11. Motion Blur is created by SHUTTER SPEED, not frame rate. Frame rate has NO bearing on how the frame looks. Just the RATE at which the FRAMEs are displayed. ie "FRAME RATE".

  12. "60 fps which games might play at" not on consoles, not even 2 years after making this shitty video. Peasants.

  13. I had all my 8mm film transferred in HD at 18 FPS it was converted back in the 80's I put music to that one I was told to use H264 AVC mp4 AT 1920×1080 120p 60 mbps @ 60 FPS Is this correct? I just retransferred but the music is not matching with the old video both are at 18fps using Cyber Link Power Director 15 which setting is for the speed and which is for quality Thanks

  14. My opinions on framerates in gaming:
    1-15: Horrible
    20: Bad
    24: Mediocre
    30: Acceptable
    45-50: Good
    60: Great
    80-120: Amazing
    144+: Overkill

  15. Youtube, if you want people to upload in 60fps, then give us the option to change it to 30fps. Not everyone has super-fast internet.


  17. BEFORE YOU START SHOOTING IN 24FPS GO WATCH THIS: https://youtu.be/pjMtux_zFU4

  18. You're the best …ever thank youuuuuuuu so much love you for all these clear explanations 😀😆😄👍

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