Which Frame Rate Should You Use?

October 5, 2019

What’s up guys my name is Josh, and today I want to quickly talk to you about why frame rates matter, and I’m going to do
it simply by showing you. So frame rates are important because they determine smoothness in an image. Bottom line the higher the frame rate, the clearer moving
objects will appear. Here’s some video of me running through the woods at 24
frames per second. You’ll notice it looks pretty choppy.
However, 24 frames per second is known for having a more cinematic look, because
the most common frame rate that you’ve seen in movies has been 24 frames per
second for basically the past century. Here’s an example of me running through
the woods at 30 frames per second. You’ll see it looks pretty good, but it’s not
perfectly smooth. So here it is at 60 frames per second. Much better.
60 frames is probably better for sports, video games, or anything with a lot of
action. So why would you want to go higher than 60 frames per second? Well,
the higher the frame rate, the more you can slow the footage down in
post-production, then you can get some sweet shots like this, this, and this. One
thing to note is that you do need more light when shooting with higher frame
rate, so avoid shooting in a dark area in these situations. Most anything you’ll be
shooting with a lot of action should be pretty well lit anyway. Well, I hope that
helps. If you have any other questions regarding frame rates, or why I’m out in
the middle of the woods, feel free to contact me any time here.

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