White House Directs Don McGahn Not To Testify To House Judiciary Cmte. | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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White House Directs Don McGahn Not To Testify To House Judiciary Cmte. | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

November 23, 2019

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  1. Wasn't it stated earlier that when Trump gave McGahn permission to go talk to Mr. Mueller, Trump lost his executive and attorney-client privileges and/or immunity? In other words, he gave away his right to prevent Mr. McGahn from testifying in front of the court. Anyway, Mr. Mueller's report will be publicly posted unredacted sooner or later, right? Somebody needs to remind Barr and the Congress about the LAW that when the president gave his permission to Mr. McGahn to talk to Mr. Muller, he lost his executive and attorney-client privileges and/or immunity.
    Barr, and his gambling debts are messing up everything much more than the president's antics. Probably, his need for money helped to make him become one more lackey to Trump, like all the others who have joined Trump's circle. How much is he getting paid by the WH or some other country? Is this fair?
    Besides, it is very convenient that Barr always comes out with a new twist in an already "stipulated" law, such as "citing the separation of powers"… he is full of … it! Somebody needs to remind Barr and the Congress about the LAW that when the president gave his permission to Mr. McGahn to talk to Mr. Muller, he lost his executive and attorney-client privileges and/or immunity.

    The Congress and the presidency are not different powers, they both work for the government. What's more, Congress is the superior law of the United States and of the president. He should have been taken away at the first stupidity he did.
    We need to know what the report says. Besides, Trump and Barr continuously trying to obstruct justice, so if you all are innocent, why then …. are you fighting it?

    I believe that since Barr was elected the AG by Trump (an illegitimate president), then Barr cannot be legitimate at all.
    Mr. McGahn, please testify. You are not working at the WH anymore. There must be a law that will allow you to testify and send Trump and Barr to fly away. Let's keep in mind the fact the Trump is AN ILLEGITIMATE PERSON, PERSONIFYING A PRESIDENT AND USURPING THE PRESIDENCY. This individual has taken for granted that he deserves anything and everything he wants.
    I would appreciate it very much if somebody explains to me why Trump and his family feel like the are above everybody, that they deserve everything, that we should just let them do whatever they want with our health, money and children? When in reality they are just a bunch of self-imposed opportunists, who unfortunately for us, were lucky enough to invade the WH.

    If everything continues like this, there won't be any more USA the way we know it.

    But, that might will mean that Trump and his family won't have more use for the USA, and will move to another country (oh, happiness!) where they can steal, lie, imprison innocents like the children that were kidnapped, and so on.

  2. even if this comes off for the WH all they are doing is setting a precedent for next Pres' – something they really need to consider.

  3. They sound like Putin when facing question from his people wanting to know who killed the reporters 😬

  4. I agree that council shouldn't be forced to testify against their client.
    However, when that client has already given council permission to speak openly, there is nothing wrong with going before an oversight body to give testimony on what was already said previously. That way there is no abuse of attorney client privilege.
    As long as McGahn only repeats what he stated during questioning by Mueller and stays on topic, it doesn't matter, permission was already given by Trump and the White House

  5. House democrats appear to be planning on playing a long, drawn out game hoping to get to the election in 2020 without doing an actual impeachment. They seem to hope to only do investigations with occasional court cases and subpoenas. Democrats, meanwhile, are upset with the behavior of the administration and want more. They want the bad actors in the administration to be removed and Trump to be impeached. These are not compatible and are a formula for losing 2020 elections in Congress to the republicans and the presidency to Trump.

  6. How can he order someone to not testify about something they have already testified too, nor is he a senior advisor or the White House lawyer and hasn't been for awhile. Doesn't this obstruct Congress from being able to do their jobs? The man can create a world problem trying to boil water.

  7. Can a Federal Judge order the ARREST of donald trump for harrasing a witness and obstructing justice? Asking for me.🤔 🏛🗽🏛

  8. An investigation should be done to find out who is guiding & showing Trump the ropes on becoming a dictator and being so ruthless with his arrogant behaviour towards the law.

  9. King Donald has spoken! This is crazy! Witness tampering, obstruction Trump is guilty as sin. For someone who claims he's innocent he sure acts guilty!

  10. Put this president in jail for obtruction of justice in our face.
    Somebody better put this president in seclusion.he has lost his mind like nancy said.

  11. Don McGahn show some guts and turn up.. You are a private citizen now. Ignore the Whitehouse and front up. Be a man not a weak whoosey..

  12. McGhan gave 30 hrs of testimony to Mueller and his band of 18 Trump hating
    Democrat lawyers. Mueller found ZERO. The witch hunt and harassment is over.

  13. Hillary check mates trump the moment she handed him the presidency

    And his ego got the best of him

    Pass the popcorn 🍿

  14. Even if McGahn was still the lawyer for the office of the presidency he still would have to comply with the subpoena and if he had any character or loyalty to the nation he would be eager to testify and uphold his ethics and reputation.

  15. I say show up for Congress or I release a capias out on you! And have the sergeant in arms put you in cuffs.

  16. A lot of detail??? He failed to mention that McGahn is a FORMER White House official. All of the arguments presented by DOJ were related to ACTING White House officials. Also not mentioned is the fact that executive privileged was already waived when McGahn gave testimony to the Special Counsel.

    What type of reporting is this?

  17. I thought there was no obstruction, collusion. Why the WH doesn't want Mr. McGhan to testify!! 45 play too many games. He is a terrible leader. I think 44 is trying to shut down transparency!! Not going to happen seeing all this corruption!! No wonder 45 been bankrupt several times. This mofool doesn't make goid decisions!

  18. Traction ? Schmidt has obviously misinterpreted the 'narrative' ! McGahn, the GOP and Barr have underestimated the resilience and fortitude of the TRUE AMERCAN's when our Constitution is under attack . Especially by some two bit petty criminal like this POTUS. McGahn is a real POS. And Mr. Amash won't have to worry about looking right in our eyes…

  19. Trump can't stop everybody giving evidence against him. In the fullness of time when trump is dead all his criminality will be exposed.

  20. Soooo basically the Department of Justice was made for the working class and the poor and only ya ordinary folk are subject to going to prison for not following the law? Got it! 😒

  21. McGahn needs to think for himself. Refusing to testify is untenable and is disrespectful of The American People.

  22. When a person is on trial, if he claims that he was only 'following ' orders,it is not accepted. Based on this, everyone who was stopped from testifying or from giving documents by the White House should defy WH and cooperate with Congress for their own safety.

  23. So like if they were married? But if we're in close relations for decades we could be forced to, unless we're married to them…hmmm

  24. Fire Pelosi for continuing to be a failed leader. Based on the Mueller Report where he outlined the crime, how Trump can be charged and prosecuted and outlined the statue of limitations for each crime, IMPEACHMENT hearing should be held.

    Democrats playing checkers. Republicans playing chess. Importantly, Republicans are willing to sacrifice themselves: reputation, integrity, and money.

    Nancy Pelosi, your leadership is causing DEMOCRATS the 2020 election.

  25. Ok, time to start impeachment proceedings. That will give congress the power to make him appear. I think that's the only way to get him in now. Going to court will take a long time.

  26. So to be. Presidential adviser You Must Be Above The Law and Both sides Agree? How criminally corrupt!!

  27. The hypocrisy of the media
    Before you throw dirt
    Report about this
    I don't believe in the deep media do your own research for the truth watch this video and start asking questions why all this started

  28. McGann has already spent 30 hours with Muller. Oh yeah. Trump's evil minions have hidden Mueller's book too.

  29. So a lawyer is being asked hide possible criminal behaviour… that's not what they tell us in law school, a lawyer should not deliberately hide the truth

  30. FAKE POTUS is just a hired mouth. Republicans are complicit criminals hoping to hide their long term abuses of power.

  31. So, if McGahn has any integrity, can he not say, "Guess what, I defy your illegal direction?" He is NO LONGER in the position. It may apply to CURRENT persons in the administration, but HE IS NOT IN THAT POSITION ANYMORE!

  32. 2 out of 3 equal branches of the government agree Don McGahn should not testify about crimes that never happened. According to the Legislative Branch (Jarrold “RodeoClownWhoCouldn’tFitInBarrel” Nadler) this is a “Constitutional Crises”

  33. Listen up America it’s way passed time to remove all of our so called government. To many old Politicians running this country. It’s time for a new government. The political party on both democrat and republican have been in office for far too long. And what do we have to show for it? NOTHING more than a coward and a pathetic little man child running around throwing a tantrum and old republican men allowing him to . And on the other side old democrat to afraid to do anything about it. Our so called government is a total Disgrace. Time for a new government one for the 21st century not the 19th century . trump is taking us backwards and trying to divide us not move us forward..

  34. Hi Ali.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Ali.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Ali.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  35. Maybe he thinks if he keeps obstructing justice over and over and over… that they will never be able to catch up with it all. You have to think like a mentally-disabled 8 yr old to figure out trump sometimes. 🤔

  36. Trump is guilty we know it he knows it the whole world knows it !
    Well maybe not the GOP but I think their just in denial or their in on it
    that wouldn’t shock me either Graham McConnell Barr Penes Nunez Jordan
    It would all make.seance and let’s not leave out his vermin off spring did you ever
    figure Eric would turn out the smart one to stay out this political circus’ his
    clown shoes father is ring mastering

  37. Add more counts of criminal obstruction, and abuse of power, by traitor-trump. McGhan has no leg to stand one here… he will be held in contempt, and get a Court Order to testify, and then we will hear traitor-trump's words of OBSTRUCTION straight form McGhan's mouth for all to hear for themselves.

  38. They should drag them all in . Going on without them cant hurt bringing them in . We got to this stage and nothing happens.

  39. Trump isn't a king. Why is everyone obeying his orders. Stop catering to this BUFFOON already.
    He's acting like Putin, I'm sure Putin took procession of Trump body and mind. But the American public isn't responsible for no PEE PEE TAPES. Let Trump suffer the consquences.
    He's the one that got involve with Putin, not the American public.
    It's almost like everyone is listening to Putins orders.
    The Democratic need to find their back bone.
    That's what I voted for them. They need to take action now, instead of listening to this TRATIOR.

  40. What I want to know is why Mueller is still remaining silent? This circus has gone on long enough. Mueller can put all this BS to bed by explaining himself to the American people. If anything I am starting to have doubts about Mueller. For one thing, why did Mueller not follow the money? Men and women under his watch dedicated their time, service and profession to seek truth. Right now we have a lawless president who thinks is above the law. Had it been a regular citizen doing half the things Meghan and Munichin are doing they would be in jail.

  41. These are the tactics of a 3rd world dictator, not the leader of the free world. There is very little difference between Twittler and a thug like Mugabe or Milosovic, except he's not committing mass murder – yet.

  42. Isn't this just more obstruction? Just out in the open? America, you are officially a banana republic.

  43. Halley looks pilled… bummin’ me out, man…. Halley is FINE, but she’s been AWOL for awhile. Kinda makes one wonder….

  44. They have no argument. John Dean testified against Nixon. LMAO How soon Rethuglicons forget history. Guess they think their voters are clueless, oh wait, they are.

  45. Disappointed in Don McGahn.
    well the anarchist and fascists have won. Now what?
    Hope they will LET us vote in 2020…

  46. What are they offering these people to refuse testimony, or how are they blackmailing them? Putin says that he has to arrange another meeting with Trump. Chances are he feels he needs to remind Trump of what he needs to carry out for him… or else.

  47. Just because he may not be legally obligated does not mean that he doesn’t have a moral obligation

  48. The White House has a lot of dumbasses running a circus for the world to watch. Stupid stupid stupid. New management needed ASAP

  49. Don Mcgahn the white house doesn't pay you. We the people of America pays you. Do what's right and stop being a brown nose.

  50. Isn’t this against the law? If I ignore a subpoena I would go to jail. Why aren’t these people?

  51. So with this new obstruction and witness tampering going on it don't matter if he wins the whitehouse he will face charges

  52. McGahin has already spoken to Mueller so now they want to stop him from speaking to congress.
    Obstruction and witness tampering.
    Time to take so called opinions to court!

  53. The white house is.disobaying your own laws and the constitution what a bunch of hypocrites. Trump has corrupt all of you.

  54. Mcgahn testified for Mueller. 30 hours.
    – If Mueller doesn't testify, Mcgahn doesn't testify. That's simple and fair.
    – Barr's sworn testimony has established the requirement that BOTH testify.

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