Who Enforces the Constitution, when Business & Corporation Violate Human Rights?
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Who Enforces the Constitution, when Business & Corporation Violate Human Rights?

September 17, 2019

Okay, this is my Paperless journal here how women get promoted or temp work? blow job creation job interview This is an honorable religious man And then I put the 14th amendment where is equality who enforces the Constitution when corporations and business violate human rights That’s what I would like to know who enforces the Constitution when corporation and business violate Human Rights and so this is just kind of a response to everything related to How you know the setting a Supreme Court judge? Who? Me as a woman my personal opinion feels like that he’s not representative of women and I see that as a problem and so this is symbolic of the casting couch or Women getting promotions, you know in jobs and things like that or or not getting promotions Oh, there was something else this was interesting this morning on I was watching CNBC They’ve been having a little bit, you know some interesting things on there They were talking about Amazon had an artificial intelligence that they ran a test to see Who-who artificial intelligence would hire and they said it started hiring men only Because it was taking the information that was put online and So therefore the computer itself actually started Discriminating because that’s what men do so that’s my theory on using artificial intelligence to surface anti diversity and and I you know I I believe that you can use artificial intelligence to surface anti diversity in companies You know, you can do it anonymously, you know, not specifically, you know, maybe names or people But I truly believe that you can use artificial intelligence to run it on people collect data And then you can find a whole bunch of anti diversity And you know, but the thing is is like well, how do you fix it? So when you know when a company knows that the sentiment is violating the Constitution Related to equality the 14th amendment. What are you gonna do to fix it? Who’s gonna fix it? So it’s a violation People are doing it. So how do you fix it? That’s what I want to know and so yeah, this is symbolic It’s symbolism. It’s art. It’s symbolic. And this is how me and a lot of women feel this is how we feel we’ve been treated and you Know some of us might just be the tip of the iceberg because when more women start speaking out Yeah Wharf as time passes more women they are speaking out and And so it’s like is this what you know, like is it possible? So since men claim to be so protective of women? But yet when you have a wife a spouse an acquaintance You want to control why do you want to control that person and so Other women Whether you work with them or whether you’re dating them for a while There’s somebody’s mother sister cousin friend relative But a lot of you men are treating them like shit a lot of men are treating women like shit just because you can just because you can do it doesn’t mean you have to So that’s that’s just my my thinking on that So yeah And actually I found art this drawing is one of the best things that’s kind of like I kind of feel like I’m feeling a little bit better as time passes when it comes to Some of the things that I’d been programmed to hold inside. I’ve been feeling a lot better expressing myself with art and you know, so so it it’s it’s just you know, because I can Sew and I can get get it outside outside of my head and express it How I want to express it and not be told To hold it inside. That’s the part. That’s best of all You know, yeah and that was the thing that was hard, you know like Well, I don’t know I think maybe there was something going on and things were hat supposed to happen how they did happen We’re kind of at a boiling point right now women are at a boiling point like a huge boiling point But anyway, that’s it. That’s all I have to say so If this makes you uncomfortable if you’re a man, and it makes you uncomfortable Maybe it should

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