Who Owns Antarctica?
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Who Owns Antarctica?

March 8, 2020

Antarctica is the windiest, coldest, driest,
and most uninhabited region on the planet. With 98% of the continent covered in miles-thick
ice, and limited resources, Antarctica is easily the most naturally inhospitable place
on earth. Still, that barren icescape covers a tenth of the world’s land. And as we know,
most countries aren’t super willing to let unclaimed land stay unclaimed. Currently,
fifty-one countries have joint international control over Antarctica, with seven claiming
overlapping jurisdiction over certain portions. So, who exactly controls Antarctica? Well, back when there was still unexplored
land ready for the taking, in order to control a territory, you usually had to be an aboriginal
inhabitant, a powerful occupying force, or at the very least, the first person to show
up. In Antarctica’s case, there are no indigenous peoples, nor even an occupying force. And
even today, there is no permanent human population, so it’s hard to argue that any one dominant
nation controls the continent. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries,
a number of expeditions to Antarctica led to many surrounding islands and bays being
claimed by different countries. The first was the United Kingdom, which attempted to
lay claim to most of the continent. This land grab worried international powers, and around
the 1930s, France, Norway, Argentina, Chile (CHEE-leh) and Nazi Germany began carving
out their own territorial claims. Following the end of World War Two, Germany lost any
claim to the land, and the US asserted its own territorial dominion. By 1959, following a period of scientific
frenzy on the continent, twelve countries signed the Antarctic Treaty, establishing
the area as a condominium. No, not like the type of housing. It means that multiple countries
mutually agree to have equal sovereignty over a territory. Although technically, all the
previous territorial claims are still in effect. Since then, a few dozen more countries have
joined that treaty. So who owns Antarctica? Well, no one and everyone.
In short, the Antarctic Treaty establishes the continent as a scientific preserve only
to be used for peaceful, scientific purposes. That means no military activity or nuclear
testing, and free sharing of any scientific discoveries. Plus there’s an environmental
moratorium on mining and drilling until at least 2048. As of now, Antarctica may be one
of the few places in the world where mutual international cooperation has lead to peaceful
dispute resolution and uninhibited scientific research. Things are equally complicated on the opposite
side of our planet too, and the debate over the North Pole gets a lot more messy. To learn
why, check out our video here. Make sure you stay on top of all our new videos by subscribing
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  1. Me and my dad have talked to military research centres belonging to russia and other countries like the U.S.Very cool actually..He even talked to space shuttles.

  2. To date, there have been 11 births on Antarctica. By almost every Culture, and political doctrine about "Ownership" – Those 11 people, by rights, should own it (as they are its only native citizens)

  3. Most everybody knows why the Antarctica treaty was put in 1959, because Richard E. Byrd born 1888-1957 found the dome and was killed off two years later in 1957…and he was only 67 years old and in good health.

  4. Antarctica is the type of place where a small medical problem could turn into a very serious problem.Remember years ago when a scientist determined she had breast cancer? A cold-weather US plane (AC-130?) flew down in the middle of winter in bad conditions and got her out of there.

  5. First, remove any claims from countries in the northern hemisphere they don't deserve a claim being so far away. The only countries in the southern hemisphere Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand with a legitimate claim. The Antarctic Treaty System is currently being undermined by China and Russia building bases just like the South China Sea they need to be kicked out for good.

  6. A Norwegian was the first person on the South Pole, and planted the Norwegian flag there. Thus all of Antarctica should be considered Norwegian.

  7. British were there first so the rest of the world should really go …..f*ck themselves. Especially Chile and Argentina.

  8. Pretty interesting that after Admiral Byrd mentioned land beyond Antarctica and a continent as big as America, south from middle America. Then the Antarctic Treaty was in place so we can't even go there unless we are on a strictly guided tour and shown only less than 1% of the land mass. Then suddenly we "went to the moon" and we live on a small spinning ball. What a crazy conspiracy theory :^)!!!

    Or we are enslaved with the illusion of freedom. That would be funee guise!

  9. It's so messed up how all the countries have peace treaties in Antarctica but as soon as thay come back to their country it's time to go to war. It's claimed to be for research but try to go their on a private ship or air plain you will be forced to turn around or you will be killed. Their is a mountain range called the Rockefeller Mountains, on that note it's already been PRIVATIZED. Back when all we had for navigation was maps the ships charted more miles around Antarctica then was recorded at the equator. Now that doesn't make sense the maps were right because that's all that had for navigating back then NASA came out and said the world isn't round but it's shaped like a pair smaller on top and bigger on top then why don't the CGI computer graphic imagining thay show us look that ??? I say it's because we live at the center of galaxies and everything rotates around us on a flat Earth.

  10. Humans owning our planet ik ita true but its not right we were born in the human laws and have to follow them or we get locked up

  11. Every country wants to do research in antarctica and no one is allowed to go there without clearance because you're not supposed to disturb the penguins.. Seems legit..

  12. Actually only 12 countiries sign the treaty so if other countries want to they can put up their flags and clail they land

  13. Rothschild owns Antarctica. It was a war on the penguins because their evolution was moving at a fast pace. Blacks evolution is moving fast too they must be remove as well but anyway. The penguins learned how to speak. Even when a baby penguin dies the mother would kidnap a baby penguin which will cause the mother of the kidnapped child to kidnap a child. And it continues. Google that

  14. The race on the other side of the ice wall owns Antartica, there are fresh water resources,a mountain of diamonds,a mountain of cole,oil is pretty hard to extract so oil not worth it but the areas that dont have snow are interesting, no one owns Antartica, ot belongs to Everyone!

  15. Flirida maquis has incredible satellite footage showing a huge oil leak down there.

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