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  1. Common misconception: the statue of liberty wasn't given to commemorate independence from England – the collection of funds in France was explicitly to celebrate victory over the Slave States in 1865. * That's why she's stepping out of chains. * see Adam Gopnik,

  2. "Within waters of New Jearsey there's an island of New York that's federal land atop of which the national monument of the Statue of Liberty stands."
    This sums up how much not straight forward the situation is

  3. So the Statue of Liberty on New Jersey's side but New York owns the land but New Jersey owns the other part of the lower land that the United States put the Statue of Liberty on the New York's land that's on New Jersey's side but over New Jersey's land

  4. 4:59 (hidden)
    France: The F stands for 'Forever', you idiot.

    USA: You pretentious bitch. I hate you forever

  5. EZ-PASS NY and EZ-PASS NJ don't even talk to each other (or so I assume with my awful experience calling customer service)

  6. Statue of liberty is in NYC not NJ. Yes, it's in NJ waters and yes its closer to NJ than NYC, but it's in NYC NOT NJ. It even have NYC address and part of the borough Manhattan.

  7. After USA said Bffs forever, there is one frame that says:
    france: the F stands for forever you idiot
    Usa: you pretentious b****. i hate you forever

  8. 4:59

    France: The F stands for “Forever”, you idiot.
    US: You pretentious bitch. I hate you. Forever.

    You’re welcome.

  9. If you pause just before 5:00 hits, it's tricky, turn down speed to 0.25 then at 4:59 keep spamming pause and play, you'll see a funny Easter egg

  10. As a NJ resident, yes we are this petty and our state Government is as weak as history says it is… chris Christie and now Murphy along with literal criminals in our Senate is proof enough NY is putting something in our tap water to breed this insanity

  11. If you pause the vid at the right time in 5:00 France says the f stands for forever, you idiot. And America said you pretentious btch. I hate you. Forever

  12. 2:12 the amount of people i see in the comments who didnt get the reference to "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." disappoints me.

  13. New York seriously argued the Supreme Court didn't have authority? FFS, its their explicit power per the US Federal Constitution.

    Article 3, Section 2, Paragraph 1: "The judicial power shall extend … to controversies between two or more states." There it is. Clear as day. Its been there since 1787.

  14. The real question is. Who owns newark liberty airport cuz its in new jersey but its advertised as a new york airport. SO WHO OWNS IT

  15. New York: I want the toy!!!
    New Jersey: No It's mine!!!
    New York: IT'S MINE!!!!
    New Jersey: Im telling Mommy!!!
    United States: Why won't you just share the toy?

    (Ten minutes later)
    New York: THE TOY IS MINE!!!!!

  16. who owns the statue? The Federal Government, who owns the expansion of the island? The Federal Government, if it doesn't own it now, it will decide to own it the second someone asks it about the matter.

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