WHO OWNS YOUR LAND? You do. Can they tell you what to do? NO
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WHO OWNS YOUR LAND? You do. Can they tell you what to do? NO

November 26, 2019

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  1. That last upload of this, I couldn’t like or comment. This one seems better. Everyone in Aus needs Wayne’s brain. Abolish government. We the people must stand & act.

  2. Legal fiction. That's right. And this is also the reason why why " Australia" can be sued by a corporation. Because "Australia" is also a legal fiction. I received a letter from cs legal demanding the rate rates.
    But on this letter something cought my eye. It was the signature. Someone wrote
    CS Legal ( in handwriting )
    So I called CS Legal and asked to speak with Mr. or Mrs CS Legal. They just hang up

  3. Ripper story mate.
    For myself and all those reading this. Where would be a recommended source of information that the average person can go to and learn to correct legalese terminology and true and concise way of conveying what you want/need to say. I dipped my toe into the waters the Internet to try and improve my understanding of the legal system and its law. I found next to nothing of any practical use. The odd ‘trivia night’ type of tid bit was found here and there. But no collection of information about the system and what a citizen outside of the field of law should know in order to be able to operate, at even a rudimentary level, within the legal system. Any info I found that appeared relevant to my interest was not legible for the un-initiated such as myself. Or if there is such as source of info, its bloody hard to find!
    Honestly (and sadly) Wikipedia was BY FAR the most ‘digestible’ source I could find. And even that needed the odd, quick change of tack to go find definitions or interpretations etc etc.

    Seriously, seems a consultant is the only source available to the public for navigating the legal system. At the mercy of a ‘trained’ representative that does not know your precise history/wishes, and is DEFINITELY not going to challenge the validity and authenticity of the system and the true and inalienable rights the citizen is seeking to have recognised.
    Not what I’d call a fair trial…

  4. People were having trouble with the last upload, could not comment etc, hope this one works out ok. Sorry about that, things are getting stranger by the day, wink, wink…. God Bless.. 🙂

  5. They know the bastard politicians, they're all guilty in their boy's club. There's a reason they call it a 'Party', and we're not invited!! Get them out, the only thing they deserve is a jail cell.

  6. Hi there I have heard about 6 of your videos so far and at 1st (with respect hear me out) thought you were a little crazy with your views on law etc, I am starting to see you are the real deal and speak with facts and evidence (I have dug a little on topics you have discussed) and you check out correct ✅, you speak a lot on federal and WA law regarding land (particularly WA) does this also apply to QLD ?
    I would like to research this and could do with a little direction please.
    A video on this would be great 👍
    Regards Derek

  7. Excellent, the better the general public can understand the constitutional law, the better they'll comprehend how their liberties, freedom's & Commonwealth asset's & resources were sold out from under neath them.

  8. This one though is an artificial fiction. Once a company is registered, it becomes an artificial person. It enjoys the benefits, rights, duties and liabilities which a natural person enjoys. A natural person is a legal entity from birth but an artificial person becomes a legal entity once it has been incorporated.

  9. had a laugh along with the camera operator , The corruption foot hold in this country is so deep it,s a hard fight. thank you for all your work to bring Australia back to a peoples country for all generations , hopefully the truth will sink in

    Strange how the World hated German ss rule over the country That is exactly what is happening in many countries , via a creation of governments to create law/ legal corruption .Sheep are blind to the path there walking.

  10. The town I live in (QLD) has some issues.

    The mayor is former QLD police commisioner.
    Our local representitive is a former detective.
    The council acts as a law unto itself.

    They send "rate money" to china.
    There is some major corruption here, but I fear the local cops are in on it. They would have to be as they are all from the same boys club.
    Unemployment is up each year, drugs and other crimes are up, costs are up, services are decreasing etc etc etc
    Any tips on how to….. come to a peaceful solution to the area`s problem?

  11. Hey mate i went to watch this video and youtube said you had taken it down so i changed my VPN from Australia to another country and hows that you haven't taken it down at all. Just thought id let you know.

  12. Listen old mate….I’m a great believer in freedom and people living by their own rights and liberty.. BUT…instead of sitting telling us about what’s wrong…….how about you tell us what we have to do to make if right. We are many thousands of patriots just waiting to be told what legal way we can sort our country out. So, we appreciate your stellar work in the past mate…..BUT JUST LET US KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT……..

  13. Of course every one has a legal fiction without it you couldn't contract with other legal fictions ( like minded person) you may think you are talking man to man when doing buisness but they add – res to you and in that address they put Mr / Mrs and so on if you don't hold allodial title it ain't yours but it will take the people to stand and say no more Government was created by man for the benefit of man and it needs to be flipped back to that

  14. Let me clear brother, if you vote for a party you consent to be governed and they control you. all land is in trust what you must understand, its your trust what you need administrate

  15. Hear! Hear! Bravo Wayne!
    I paid cash for my humble little home, no banks involved except for the transfer of the fiat currency.
    How does this affect me, if at all?
    And, more importantly, how do I become a sworn Officer to The Crown?

  16. 'Aussie Farms Inc' charitable status revoked. (Skynews via the AI bot)


    get our plight to 10% of the population and it will take off faster than the bride's nightie on the wedding night.

    also known as the J curve.

  17. The tide is turning & it’s in no small part from Wayne Glew. No wonder they don’t teach the Constitution in schools they could never have gotten away with their crimes against us.

  18. Love and total respect Wayne, never thought I would ever get to say that to a copper again! your old school and a man who fights so hard for all he believes in.

  19. Hey Wayne I’ve got court tomorrow and I wanna hold the judge in treason.

    Do I declare that the three tiers of government have been ceased.

    They are operating under a book that is now held in fraud and is staying there until proven otherwise.

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