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  1. I think muslims, atheists and LBGTQ citizens should FLOOD that line with complaints of infringements from right wingers. I mean EVERY DAYUM DAY!

  2. Honestly. It's time to stop permitting the Right Wing Christians to dictate everything. Every faith should work to enable the right of their beliefs to be projected onto American life as the precedence has been set. That seems to be the only way to stop this runaway train! #Resist

  3. What ever is wrong with your country? And you criticize Iran for being a theocracy, come on guys, wake up!

  4. This is probably the least funniest thing i've ever seen. Stephen Colbert really sucks now. I hate Trump, just to tell you, but his show is only about how bad Trump is, it's not even comedy anymore. It's stupidity .

  5. Unmasked Jeff Sessions gremlin to Progressive blue wave:
    "…And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

  6. You just gotta hate that smirking little elf Sessions. Every time his type claim religious liberty is being impeded what they mean is their liberty to impose their standards on everyone else. Bunch of christian fascists.

  7. Ill admit I've seen some people diss religon and there are some double standards(in movies a religious person insulting others beliefs is bigotry but an atheist insulting others beliefs is "intellegant commentary") but its not a huge issue in the american political spectrum and Jeff is just using it as an excuse

  8. So  who wants to break it to the Religious Liberty Task Force that they are the Christian equivalent of ISIS?

  9. The thing is, this isn't for Religious Liberty. This for being able to discriminate against your neighbor. As always.

  10. Oh right, indeed, that will be religious "liberty" for only the Christian Evangelicals. Do they remember the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence, and the destiny of tyrants? People can be religious tyrants as well.

  11. Full freedom should be given to people who want to choose which bits of their beliefs are being offended by serving gay people as long as they use that in every aspect of their lives….like slaughtering their wife if she isn't a virgin, ensuring they don't wear certain fabrics, never cut your hair or shave, sell your daughters to their rapists and, of course, don't work on Sundays! You cannot claim offence at your cherry-picked bible verses while you wander around daily disobeying and offending your own god.

  12. Somehow the religious rights is more important than basic human rights. A gay couple getting married does not affect someone else's life in any imaginable way. And yet some people can't seem to stop themselves from telling others what to do with their lives. This is just too mind-blowing.

  13. It is quite ingenious how conservatives coin popular phrases to hide the reality of what they represent. It should be called: Legalized Discrimination based on Religion Task Force. You do not hear gays saying don't go to church or practice only the missionary and only with your wife. Reality check: many guys cheat or at least certainly wants his wife to go outside the "mission" now and then.

  14. hahaha so funny. Someone should just make a religion based around homosexuality. Done! LOL – Hey Pastafarianism is a religion!

  15. I find this so offensive! The Ghostbusters, even in cartoon form, would never associate with the religious right. They're all about science and shit. 😜

  16. I am christian. Raised baptist and a firm believer in the message of hope and forgiveness. So this…. this use of the bible as a bludgeon to club anyone and everyone you dislike not only is a blasphemy that goes against jesus's core message, but is also (and more importantly on the material here and now) against what our founding fathers and the constitutional seperation of church and state wishes. After all once you decree a perticular faith is the law of the land you can use it to justify anything on account of morality… which is exaactly what is happening.

    I stand with those that show that not only does the Emperor has no clothes, but he's also an Asshole.

  17. At this point we need to question if this is really about our first amendment rights, cause honestly this attack on religion is frankly way over played and honestly Christians shouldn't be persecuted for their beliefs but it doesn't give them an excuse to essentially discriminate against people based on what their religion says is wrong. But they don't have the right to play victim like this. I hate to use this phrase but they just need to suck it up, cause we are not a Christian nation and believe in separation of church and state, if people think that if laws are interfering with our first amendment rights then action should be taken but with this it seems like the s guys just hate good people under an excuse.

  18. Like seriously WTF is going on with these ppl? What are they gonna do, throw bibles & chase the gay away?😁

  19. Evangelicals feel morally superior and their only god is money. They destroyed indigenous people around the world, enslaved others, killed the nature in the name of Old Testament God. They have nothing in common with Jesus ("a nice guy") who is, unfortunately, just a mythical character like Zeus, for example. Poor religious idiots are being robbed from their rights and dignity by rich bastards because the believe they will be rewarded after death. Sadly, there's no cure for human's stupidity.

  20. Sure, why not? Society could use a good laugh at those fools. About the best way to deal with them. Expose them to the light of absurdity.

  21. First thing I would probably do is ban all public religion, no handouts, no tax exemptions no special treatment. No Sundays off, no swearing on bibles, no more religious reference on our money. And no solicitations. Want to believe in things other than facts then do it in your own house, in private.

  22. Christians, Muslims – stop believing your fairytales, accept that we're on a lonely little planet in a universe that is infinitely large and start appreciating the beauty of what we have here and now.

  23. I love it. about time Christian views be heard and not trampled upon. God First. Enough of the liberal nonsense.

  24. Coming sooner the end of civilization as we know it. Do we really need to make cartoons about it!? It already is a cartoon a very sad one.

  25. I really hope there are groups in the US getting ready to challenge the setting up of this task force under the constitution.

  26. 0:10 "nuns being ordered to buy contraceptives" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh Jesus save me pump me full of ya holy juice 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's what she said 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh GOD ima dieing…

  27. I don't believe in conspiracy theories for the most but I do agree with this one "Powers that be want LGBQ+ to be annihilated because all anyone really needs to do is point out TAXES.." If an American company uses public thoroughfares (everyone does) than all those that pay taxes can NOT be denied services.. unless of course you want to give them a tax break. In short 'if you pay taxes you can not be denied the privileges and rights of any American citizen

  28. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, Ok, said my piece, which pretty much goes along with the constitution.

  29. All that is needed is for the Church of Satan, Wiccans, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and all LGBT-Affirming and Evolution Believing Christian denominations to apply to join the Task Force. If they are barred from joining, SUE THE GOVERNMENT!

  30. As a Christian I applaud this. USA doesn't have to have laws that favor a religion but having laws against any is just as bad. I should respect everyone as God teaches but I will not support sin as the cake company also followed. Though I have intention to bash anyone since I am just as a sinner. Why can't everyone some level as respect like this. The fact that we have to have a law to for that to happen is sickening.

  31. The American Taliban fighting for the right to discriminate against people in the "land of the free" where "all men are created equal".

  32. trump is a mob criminal con man. A racist buffoon. A brain deteriorating narcissistic personality disordered compulsive liar. A greedy lying grifter. It's too America's eternal shame that this worst person became president.

  33. The thing i havnt seen anyone point out is this whole “dont serve gay people” isnt even a christian teaching. If they actually read the New Testament they claim to love so much they would find the opposite of basically everything they claim to believe. Im sorry i dont remember the part where jesus said “love thy neighbor, unless they’re one of the gays then persecute the shit out of them”

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