Wholesale Picture Frames – How We Make Them For You (FramesByPost.com)
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Wholesale Picture Frames – How We Make Them For You (FramesByPost.com)

September 11, 2019

Hello Welcome to Frames By Post. Now I’m going to show you how we manufacture
picture frames and photo frames. Here is some of our molding. We’ve just selected a black one and lets get
it joined, cut, assembled and wrapped. Ok these are the double saws that cut the
molding. Let you’re going to see. Ok now we’re going to get them joined. Ok so now we have a joined frame, metal sharp
wedges the strongest wedges to join out frames. So we got a nice smooth joins, lovely corners. So lets go get it assembled. Ok lets get this wrapped. Here we have it. One frame cut, joined, assembled, and wrapped
ready to roll and get packed and dispatched out to get to you. Thank you.

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  1. Hi
    My father has business of photo frames in India. I want to enchance my father business. So can you give me some suggestions how's its possible?

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