‘Why aren’t you in parliament?’ Boris Johnson heckled in Rotherham
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‘Why aren’t you in parliament?’ Boris Johnson heckled in Rotherham

November 18, 2019

Someone with the power to sort out
what matters most to local people. – Like our MPs, Boris? Yes. Indeed.
– Maybe get back to parliament? Indeed. Yes.
– Yeah? I’m all in favour of our MPs … – Why are you not
with them in parliament sorting out the mess
that you have created? Would you mind, I’m very happy
to get back to parliament very soon.
[heckler continues talking] But what we want, I think, to see …
– Why don’t you sort it out, Boris? Why don’t you sort it out? What we want to see in this
region is towns and communities
[heckler continues talking] able to represent that gentleman
and sort out his needs.

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  1. Well he is right, he is campaigning instead of searching for an solution. Are the 30 days soon over he promised a solution to the Irish border?

  2. The question should be: Why are remain MPs blocking Brexit despite being elected on a promises to carry it out? And why are they now blocking a general election to stop the people from voting the lying BSers out of parliament?

  3. I cannot believe the measures the anti-democrats will go to hand our nation to a nascent foreign Empire; no wonder the liars and charlatans in Parliament refuse to face the electorate.

  4. Haha that's funny when Boris calling him a gentleman and in the same time his security throwing him out from the conference 😂😂😂😂

  5. Boris, the man who is a pathological liar, an elitist that calls £250k "chicken feed", plows public money into dead projects led by his friends. He's breaking British law, published tweaked documents on the most realistic "no deal outcome".The guy no-one can trust who couldn't negotiate as foreign secretary, and has no mandate. The only thing he got right is dying in a ditch after 31st October.

  6. BoJo is a bloody disaster. First we had that disaster in the White House; now we have this disaster in Number 10. That BoJo is PM would be a joke if it weren't so serious.

  7. Thousand thanks and German citizenship for Boris Johnson. Finally, you Britons now have a boss who is visually and mentally at the same level as the SUN describes us Germans for over half a century. We love him and are happy that we finally found our master !!!

  8. Typical remoaner blames Boris for the mess he’s caused when it’s parliament who are actively going up against him to stop brexit !

  9. Notice that, like Trump, he had the security guards throw the man out rather then face him. Says it all really.

    David Cameron said the Boris would 'no doubt make an excellent PM.' Wonder what he will say about Boris and Gove in his new autobiography. Do you think he has changed his mind.

  10. It's no coincidence this heckler is there, this was planned and we'll see a lot more of it in the coming months. Clearly the gloves are now off. "Then again, what's sauce for the Goose is sauce for the Gander" and this type of behaviour can easily be replicated at the other Parties speeches if this is the way they want to play.

  11. Why is Boris allowed to speak yet a man with equal rights is thrown out??
    Everyone with a conscience (like the ""rebel tories") should have stood up and walked out

  12. I'm all in favour of removing disruptive people, but they got the wrong guy. The one on stage is clearly causing far more chaos. Why hasn't he been dragged away?

  13. Boris heckles back "I put all my dreams in you and you dared to put on a condome!" Take it off, start dreaming! Anglophalodor United Kingdom! Love you hobbits!

  14. Two people, one with an opinion and one leading a country to a better democratic existence supported by 17.4 million people and rising.

  15. Dear "The Guardian",
    Thank you for posting
    Episode 5:
    (..and 3 quarters)
    "Sorting Out His Needs"
    Proof here that they are taking "inven tory" with the backstop.
    Cuz, Mr. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said those forementionable words, Per vadim! 😠
    I love you, and that's the end of that.
    That's why. 👶 💕
    Mish Again
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace ✌

  16. who do we support? it`s hard brexit and no deal :))) or do we support stay in EU? i`m for all of it guys i`m with u till the end lets have a beer :))))

  17. I never voted for food , water , medicine and fuel shortages , price hikes amongst all the other chaos that will come with brexit.

  18. The comments in here would be better put in The Sun channel, get some arguments going with Boris-loving Sun readers. Otherwise the echo chambers get pretty tedious.

  19. Go Boris. if EU don't get those 9 billion £ they will collapse…..!!!!! They are buffing……..By the way talks with Junta(r)?…….I thought it was Donald Duck Tusk???

  20. I must 1st say I hate Boris the liar but I commend him for trying for the very 1st time in his life to be honourable by keeping his promise to come out of E.U. on 31st,
    Here's the but…

    Bribes and empty promises can't hide Cons true colours, if he really cared about the left behind,

    He wouldn't have announced tax giveaways for the super rich as his 1st policy announcement,

    And if he's serious about rebuilding countries infrastructure,
    and ending austerity (which actually means like the bail outs = ordinary people pay the price and his buddies make bumper profits and more)
    Austerity will end when we can have fair tax on super rich Google Starbucks Amazon etc

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