Why Did Actor’s Son Murder His Mom and Frame His Dad?
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Why Did Actor’s Son Murder His Mom and Frame His Dad?

October 18, 2019

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  1. How did it come to this extreme situation?😱 He needed money for his drug addiction and this was his weird way to try to get it? Time will tell.

  2. I KNEW IT! Come on now! The son left the house before his mother was killed it was obvious and they needed evidence to convince him before they disclosed it to the media.

  3. So he comes from a rich family went to Harvard was the quarterback then became a security guard & uber driver ….like wtf

  4. That's what happens folks. Too many people want psychology degrees because it semi-easy and interesting but only a few get good jobs with it. Don't make that mistake young people.

  5. Damn man, I could not think of even trying to hit my mom, The day I try is the day the world loses me, 6ft under. Damn kids now a days killing people for fun it seems like. Too bad, an innocent soul lost rip

  6. No wonder he killed his own mother and blamed his own father! His brain has been damaged beyond repair due to all of that football playing!

  7. Well I'm still waiting to hear why he killed his mom an tried to frame his dad. Now idk if I might just be retarded or something, but the video appear to have ended an I don't believe I've had that question answered anywhere in the video

  8. He was in California and a education in phycology, how could he not find work?

    It could have been what the caller said. Eli could have killed his wife. The son though just couldn’t put his weapon down though (maybe he was so mad at his Dad for doing it that he just had to get revenge). Now he is the one blamed.

    I say this cause no one wants to believe an actor is not a nice person.

  9. This is just sad because the motives is obvious for money all about greed but seriously his own mother that gave him life and show him love I just can’t even

  10. Maybe the kid killed his mom because they put the house up for sell last month for 4.2 million and the kid figured to get rid of both to inherit,seeings his life wasn't going anywhere

  11. CTE anyone? As soon as you say football now, you know it's the next thing to come up and for good reasons. Still not an excuse but has to be considered.

  12. He had everything including a great future in college yet he murdered his aging mother and tried to frame his dad. This is how he thanks his parents.

  13. WHY. DIDN'T THE DUMBASS RETARDED POLICE OFFICERS. USE. THEIR. STUNGUNS? #AllLawEnforcementAgentsWhoCarryFirearmsNeedToDieInAGenocide #TheHolocops

  14. His life was in a downward spiral because he worked as a security guard and an Uber driver???? Wow that’s a little rude IE

  15. Idk if inside edition intended this or not, but they basically said if you drive for Uber or work in security you’re life is down hill😂

  16. We'd have to hear from a sister to know why he did this, but I'm assuming his father losing his speech and or right to make financial decisions could have played a role in his decision to kill his mom..for all we know she could have been ready to put the house up for sale and kick him out..does by no means justify his decision but we don't know what his reasoning was. Living at the best high school in America then graduating from Harvard I'm sure he felt below expectations but no need in going psycho.

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