Why did the Lamanites Break Their Treaty with King Limhi? (Knowhy #98)
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Why did the Lamanites Break Their Treaty with King Limhi? (Knowhy #98)

November 20, 2019

After Abinadi’s death Lamanites were seen
at the borders of the kingdom. As King Limhi took the throne, he made a treaty
with the Lamanites to ensure peace. In Mosiah 20, the Lamanites suddenly broke
their treaty with a swift and violent invasion and subjugation of the Nephite people. What would have caused the Lamanites to act
so aggressively despite a peace agreement? The abduction of a number of Lamanite maidens
by King Noah’s fleeing priests was seen as a flagrant violation of a covenant made
between Limhi and the Lamanites. In ancient times, especially in Israel, breaking
a treaty could easily become a life or death situation From the Lamanite perspective the Nephites
broke their treaty though premeditated kidnapping, thievery, and unlawful marriages. This simple story of a broken covenant actually
provides preamble for the often violent relationship between the Nephites and Lamanites throughout
the rest of the Book of Mormon. And now you know why.

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