Why Do Our Eyes Water When We Yawn
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Why Do Our Eyes Water When We Yawn

August 25, 2019

welcome to let’s play in this video I
will be answering the question why do our eyes water when we yawn. The
composition of our tears and the muscles of our face holds the answer to this
phenomenon. Tears are a mixture of fatty oil, water and mucus and all these components
of the tears are each produced by three layers. The fatty oils are produced by
with Miebomian glands forming an oily layer. The oil prevents the tears from
evaporating too quickly and also makes our eyes look glossy. Another layer
consisting of water and water soluble proteins are produced by the lacrimal
glands. Then there is the third mucus base layer which together with the water base layer
keeps the eye moist. Now this mixture is spread over our eyes whenever we blink.
However when there overproduction of the watery layer this mixtures leak out as tears.
And this mostly happens when we cry or yawn. When we yawn, the muscles of the face surrounding the eyes pull tight this puts pressure on the Lacrimal glands under our
eyebrows which then causes them to produce more of the watery layer of our
tears. Another factor that plays a role in
bringing out tears when we yawn so hardly is that our tears normally drain out of
little ducts at the inner corners of our eyes but squeezing our facial muscles
during a yawn temporarily closes off these ducts keeping the tears in our eyes
a little longer than usual all these extra tears have no place to go, so you
tear up then when you open your eyes the extra tears find their ways their
dreams with the next couple of blinks. This is why we shed tears when we yawn

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