Why Do We Still Have Monarchies?
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Why Do We Still Have Monarchies?

August 23, 2019

On Sept. 9th, 2015, Queen Elizabeth the Second
surpassed her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest running British
monarch in history. But although the Queen is quite popular in the United Kingdom, about
one in 6 Britons feel the monarchy should be completely abolished. So, why do we still
have monarchies? Well, the United Kingdom isn’t the only
country to retain a royal family. In fact, there are around 40 nations worldwide with
monarchs – with various titles like King, Queen, Sultan and Emir. Many of these countries
are leftover British colonies who still acknowledge the authority of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Several are still ruled through absolute monarchies.
Nations like Swaziland and Qatar have hereditary rulers who exert full control over legislative,
executive and judicial branches of the government. One of the most successful absolute monarchies
is in Vatican City, which is governed by the Pope. The rest are primarily in the Middle
East and Africa. These nations tend to be plagued by human rights abuses because there
aren’t sufficient checks on the monarch’s supreme power. But in most nations with royal families, like
Sweden or Japan, monarch power is minimal, and they have few if any official state duties.
They retain mostly symbolic power, and exist as the face of the country for ceremonial
functions. Known as the “head of state,” they differ from the “head of government,”
who would be the actual political leader of the government. In the United Kingdom, one expert summed up
the Queen’s duties as, “the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, and the
right to warn.” The Queen’s political powers DO include appointing the Prime Minister
and declaring War or Peace. However, traditionally, the monarch’s decisions in the UK have aligned
with the constitutional government’s. If they ever were to disagree, these laws could
change to remove the monarch’s authority. For example, in 2008, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg
refused to sign a euthanasia bill into law, although it had been approved by parliament.
Luxembourg’s parliament then promptly amended the constitution so that bills no longer needed
the signature of the Grand Duke. Today, one of the most important royal duties
is with philanthropy. Queen Elizabeth the second is said to have “done more for charity
than any other monarch in history”, helping to raise more than a billion dollars in aid.
Overall, British royalty is said to contribute to more than 3,000 charities worldwide. Royal
families also play a role in preserving a nation’s culture and history. The British
crown jewels and a number of castles and palaces are owned by the state, but they are used
by royalty to keep the UK’s historical traditions alive. Monarchies may be a thing of the past,
but royal families are invaluable for cultural preservation, diplomacy, and philanthropy. Some British citizens, however, think that
monarchy is outdated. Should Britain still have a king and queen? Learn more in Seeker
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  1. I think Monarchy is intriguing and the pageantry is entertaining, but the reality of this rather costly show contrasts sharply with the principles of egalitarianism. I can't say I really agree with hereditary birth rights, however, I would love to have the oppertunity to cut ribbon for a living, live in a palace, smile and give inspirational speeches throughout the land. That sounds like a lot more fun than the lot I was born with. 🙂

  2. 2018 and still people supporting monarchies. privileged people with special rights at birth that live in castles and palaces with tax-payers money and massive wealth stolen through the centuries to their own people. go figure out.

  3. Conspiracy theory says: because they are supper rich
    , don't have to pay taxes, all their expences paid by government. They are one of the trillionaires in the world. They own massive of lands and estates around the world especially in their pevious colonies. They own most stocks of furtune 500, banks, oil companies, since 100s of years togathers with the bankers. They own part of financial cities in the world such as the City of London, Vatican, washington DC, Hongkong, Shyanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. Is that true? So that is why they are the most adored and celebrated Royal in the world. Because indirectly million of people's paycheck paid by them. Eamples, most medias own by corporation, and most stock of the corporations own by them??? Is very naive, reporters said they worth only $ 400 billions? In contrast, many poor royal family are poor, no one even know and care. Are all those true? You can say that is just conspiracy theory, not true because no one can or want to prove it.

  4. Morocco is a constitutional monarchy now although the king has more power than for example Elizabeth II

  5. 1/6 DONT LIKE THE QUEEN!! Maybe we should change to a presidency! The president of the US has higher than 80% popularity right?

  6. The way he says the Queen appoints the British Prime Minister makes us sound so undemocratic. I'm from Britain and for the record, we have democratic elections. The Queen simply appoints the winner.

  7. the royal family is very popular, some don't realise what they do and give such a stability to the uk and commonweatlh countries. they just see what it costs. well for you anti royals it only costs every uk citizen 65p per year!! and do they know if we get rid of the royal family our TAX would go up?? quite a lot i hear. and also uk ecomony would loose hundreds of millions a year if not more.

  8. the same with a President, in a semipresidencial system, the President is just there for representation of the country dont have almost any power and you have to pay for him and then when he done his mandate you still have to pay for him as ex-presidente and pay for the new one. In German and Italy the Presidents arent even elected by their people.

  9. In the UK, they should officially Abolish the Monarchy in 2066, so that when it falls it would have been exactly 1000 years since the monarchy began in 1066!!!

  10. "Overall, British royalty is said to contribute to more than 3,000 charities worldwide."
    Yeah… Contributing from the loots they stole to get rich to be able to contribute to charities worldwide.

  11. The Queen still has more power than you think.
    1) She cannot be prosecuted
    2) She doesn't need a passport or driving license
    3) The military pledges their allegiance to the Queen
    4) She can dissolve parliament
    5) She decides if the elected prime minister should become 'THE' prime minister.

    People think the Queen has no power but in actual fact she is the most powerful Lady in the World.

  12. if i recall correctly, democracy is the outdated system since the greek themselves changed back to autocracy due to its failure

  13. I think the Monarch should have more power than they do right now they have been stripped of it and Britain should have a monarchy

  14. Disliking this video, the biased view isnt something I am fond of, I really wanted an unbiased video to watch that gave an objective view

  15. The Monarchies should return to Europe, at the very least as a constitutional system. The Monarchy unites the people, and gives them a strong head of state, something a elected official cannot be.

  16. Sweden is one of the most press free and democratic countries in the world. Sweden is not so equal thanks to feminism and leftists. But in Sweden we don’t live in a dictatorship. We have a king and we still have a stabile and democratic society. The king does nothing to make his power greater or something bad.

  17. HOW bloody dare you, you have a clear BIAS on this, you silly man. Monarchy is the power of the people to ensure their leader knows, that they are not the absolute ruler and they are only there to serve their country and people.

  18. The royal family is just a figurehead without any power. But they are still using up taxpayer's money. They are wasting money that can be used to improve schools or public services.

  19. The Vatican is NOT a monarchy, The longest reigning British monarch is James 111,,,,,Elizabeth Windsor is a usurper, The claim that Australia/Canada/NZ are,,,,left over British colonies,,,,is too true, Alas

  20. We in Malaysia have 1 Yang Dipertuan Agong or King of Kings that were selected from 9 kings in every 5 years

  21. this is vastly overlooked but democracies are very expensive and monarchies are cheaper in terms of government spending

  22. 1 in 6 is only 16-17% of the people which means that an overwhelming majority of 83% of the people still favor the monarchy. It’s all about perspective and of course 1 in 6 sounds like a great many but it’s actually rather minimal.

  23. As an American, I just want to say that the British monarchy can be traced back for more than a thousand years. Despite our history 300 years ago, it would be really sad to see monarchy of the UK get completely abolished.

  24. It amazes me, how in this civilized modern world we now live in, that these countries with monarchs, have it where their citizens are brainwashed from birth, to love, admire, and cherish these kind of people. You cannot debate with most of these people, that tell you that they love their royal families, and believe that it is somehow a part of their identity of their country, culture, and hairitage. It would be just like trying to go up to somebody and try to persuade them to drop their religion, that they have followed from birth. By no means do I think my country of the USA, has figured it out perfectly, how we decide who runs our government, for all the people of our land. However, we only allow a person no more than 8 years, to have a go at leading our country. I would never want to live in any type of country, where a person has any type of governmental power, because of their supposed Birthright. (If you are going to reply to my comment, please no conspiracy theories comments, like how the Rothschild family rules the world.)

  25. Britain will never abolish the monarchy! God save the Queen!
    🇬🇧 Rule Britannia 🇬🇧

  26. I think its stupid, why can't people just be kings and queens of their own house. But its just for culture.

  27. The presidency is more powerful than any monarchy… We think it's safe because they only rule for a maximum of 8 years… And we get fooled…. But the real monarchy isn't the person sitting in the oval office.. it's the possition itself.. and it's more powerful than any monarchy…. I mean USA military is bigger, deadlier and more advance than any monarchy in history.

  28. I Love Kings And Monarchy 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇳🇴 🇸🇦 🇦🇪 🇧🇭 🇴🇲 🇶🇦 🇰🇼 🇯🇴 🇲🇦 🇧🇳 🇲🇾 Love These Countries ❤

  29. I Support Monarchy 👑 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇯🇵 🇸🇪 🇸🇦 🇦🇪 🇶🇦 🇴🇲 🇰🇼 🇧🇭 🇯🇴 🇲🇦 🇲🇾 Long Live Monarchies ✌

  30. I always think "Bismarck supported the monarchy in a time where everyone was against it, so there has to be something with it. Right?"

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