Why Frame Control Is The Most Important Part of Your Pick Up Journey – May The Frame Be With You
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Why Frame Control Is The Most Important Part of Your Pick Up Journey – May The Frame Be With You

October 11, 2019

I don’t have tattoos okay the girl in the
back drew these on my hand so I have like the power puff girls on my arm now which now
I’m genuinely considering to actually get as a tattoo on my arm forever. Of course I get rejected right we all
get rejected there’s no way your ever gonna get to
a point where you are master and you will never get rejected. You just have to understand that rejection
is genuinely part of what you’re going through
right now it’s your idea is that your gonna just improve as much as
you possibly can as a person get as much success as you possibly can but realize that
in any given room some people will like you and some people will not and that’s
okay even in this room now don’t fucking like me and I can’t change that. Right I can’t change that there are some people
in this room who will not like me no matter what I say today they won’t like me
but I can’t change that that really works on what
I’m gonna talk about today. Today I want
to talk about frame control and how important frame control is. Before I get into that does anyone not
know what a frame is? Albright I’ll explain
to you guys a frame is basically almost what I would call your identity. Okay so it’s
your world view it’s your identity it’s who you
are and it’s something that you should stick to
cause if you change that your changing as a
person and you are adapting to different people’s opinions of you. So I’ll give you an example. You are
convinced that the earth is flat you are conviced that this world is just flat and
everyone around you is very very sure that it’s round which is fine if you have
a strong enough frame you can change everyone’s mind in this room that
the world is flat if you have a strong enough frame but if your frame is weak you will
let them laugh at you you will let them point at you and you let them push you down
until you change your opinion. Frame is something which you should stick
to especially when your talking to girls cause
a girl will test how strong or how weak your frame
is I’ll give you the most obvious example. A lot of
guys they will go up go push the girl you will
always see huge difference in their energy when their talking to their friends. So they’ll be
with heir friends they’ll be leaning against the bar cool calm collected just
chilling relaxed everything’s cool. Then they see a girl and their like
and their trying so hard to do whatever they can to impress this girl and their
doing everything in their power to change their frame so when the girl sees them she’s
like two minutes ago he was one way and now he’s completely different way. So the idea behind frame control is sticking
to your true identity now if someone’s opinion about you is different is someone call’s you
or example if someone doesn’t think your a good
person or if someone thinks your an amazing person both those views shouldn’t affect who
you are the biggest mistake guys make a girl speaks to them if she give’s him positive
complements he starts feeling better and better and better and better about himself. He’s frame is changing right his frame is
becoming a different person he’s like oh I feel
so good about myself next girl says one bad thing boom frame crash he’s back to zero he’s
back to even minus five or something cause he’s just lost all that power. does that kinda
make sense do you understand now what frame is everyone? Anyone still not sure what
frame is? I’m a good Sami. I’ll give you an example of how you should
stick to frame control I’ll give you to personal
experience examples. I used to work at a nightclub
used to work [Inaudible] and now I’m more comfortable in night clubs than the average
person working night club is actually very good because
you get to experience that. Now if there’s trouble
in a nightclub and a security goes up to. Let’s say for example you start a fight in
the club. I love how your like ya ya cause I do start
fights in the club and if ok so if security came
up to you you’d expect them to be like you now
out that’s his frame right? If his frame was
anything different if his frame was like listen I’m sorry don’t want to disturb you but
you know we kinda have to kick you out so you can
understand that this guy’s not showing his frame cause your not gonna listen to that. Even if some random guy even if some guy
with long hair and his [inaudible] small as me came up to you and he’s like dude the
fuck out of this club now because my frame is so strong he’ll be like. Woah this guy
must be someone I’ll leave so it’s always about something called the battle of the
frames and you want to make sure your frame is something you stick to no matter
what. I’ll give you an example of something I
used to do when I first started going into clubs
in London obviously when you go to good clubs I’m not sure how it works here because
i haven’t seen that situation but when you go to good clubs you can’t show up to a
club unless you’re on the guest list in London
in good clubs or if your holding two girls on
your arm and their like the most gorgeous in the world that’s the only way you can get
into a good night club. Otherwise there’s no ways you’re gonna get
in so what I do is cause I wanted to get into the night clubs and at that time I wasn’t
doing so well with girls and I wasn’t on the list I would push through the crowd excuse
me excuse me excuse me and then when the security comes in front of me he’ll be
like who are you and I’ll be like move I work
here move and I’d push him away and I’d work
through and I’d get into the night club. I’ve done this so many times I don’t need
to do it anymore because now I have a different way of getting into night clubs. Try it if
your frame is strong enough I’m serious if your frame is strong enough and your
able to push through the crowd and be like move I work here and your very confident
your [inaudible] and body language your eye contact all those are confident
that means your sticking to your frame usually if you’ll be like I know the owner move he’ll
be like okay okay. Cause they don’t want to be the guy who
fucked up and like did something wrong right if you’re and important person and you’re
trying to like get into the club then you will stick
to that if your frame is strong they will accept
that. you just need to have a strong enough
frame for someone to understand and accept it. The best example I can give you you shouldn’t
be like a football which is being kicked around between people if your frame is weak someone
said their opinion about you and their kicking you around and your gonna go to the next person
and your always gonna be trying to [inaudible] where as if your the person who is like grounded
standing still and this is who you are and you present your self almost like you just
like do boom this is it this is who I am and there is nothing that I will change right? Now here’s where it gets tricky a lot of people
say oh that means I can’t adapt no no you can adapt but you have to stay true to who
your current self is who here does physics anyone does physics in this room? Quite
a few of you do you understand hat residence is for those of you who don’t know what
residence is I’ll give you like a very very dumbed
down version of what it is. But it’s basically when one item vibrates
as a frequency of its neighboring item okay. So if
I’m shaking it at this frequency and this is my
frequency and something next to me or near me will also start vibrating at that frequency. The best example is when they have soldiers
marching on a bridge if you have an entire army marching on a bridge their motion of
bridge march march march march. Is going to make the bridge vibrate at that
same way if you have enough vibration you can make that bridge collapse. That’s
why the bridges are built in a certain way so that doesn’t happen. So I’m vibrating
at a certain frequency and if people are around me and hey stay around and
i stay at that strong frequency people will eventually vibrate at my frequency. That’s why when people say whatever you
feel she feels that’s very important in this case
if you feel nervous your sending out a nervous frequency and if you do that she’ll sense
that your nervous and she’ll feel that and she’ll
either one vibrate with your frequency which is
nervous or she’ll just say I can’t do this and she’ll
walk away does that make sense? If your vibrating in a strong confident frequency
or if your laughing or if your joking or even if your jokes don’t make sense and their not
here type of jokes just because you don’t change
your frequency she will eventually vibrate at the same frequency as you. Get that
does that make sense? I think it’s very very important basically
whatever you project is what you attract in that sense
if I talk to a girl and I’m very down okay I
let’s say I had the worst day of my life and i’ve just come out of a breakup and if I’m
trying to fake a positive frequency that’ll show
and she’ll realise that something is not right because I’m trying to display something
but she can feel that I’m giving out a different
vibe. Your vibe is very important right and so it’s
also very important to be honest about that a lot of guys when they say oh but I’m
nervous it’s better to tell the girl but listen I’m actually nervous to come and speak
to you right now. Rather then try to hide
behind a fake confidence if you hide behind a fake confidence the girl is going to read
through that shes gonna feel it and she’ll be like. It’s much more important to show what your
actually offering where you stand where you come from and for her to realize okay this
guy is a little bit nervous that’s fine I appreciate
that and I respect that but it’s better to be
honest about that then try to mask it with something else. what’s very very important
is that you aren’t seeking validation. The main part about frame control is about
not seeking validation so I’ll give you an
example what most guys do when they go out and they say a joke their waiting for
her laughter it’s almost like and if she doesn’t
laugh that’s gonna attack their frame when i say a joke I’m so comfortable with it
that I laugh about it because I think it’s funny
I laugh at my own jokes because I think their funny but I’m not waiting for their
reaction she feels that confidence she feels that it’s funny and because of that she’ll
laugh she might not even understand it. i’ve been in some countries where the girls
don’t understand basic English. And I’ll say a very detailed complicated
joke and I’ll be laughing and then she starts laughing and I ask her you have no idea
why your laughing you have no idea what i just said and she’ll be like hahaha yes. And that goes to show very strongly if my
frame is strong enough that’s good if I went and I said the joke in very strong
detail and I went that’s me losing my frame right? It’s very very important for
you to stick to that and make sure that you have that very strong base line and
that’s what I want to into next subject. Your base line whatever you do whenever
your talking to a girl you have to have a certain baseline and that’s something
that you can deviate a little bit from but you always have to come back to. So when
your talking to a girl you have to always also make sure that you want to stand that
you’re not her friend your not her buddy you’re not some guy who’s gonna carry her
shopping for her. You’re baseline has to be this is a mans
to woman exchange their I’m sexually interested in you and you have to almost have a sexual
vibe of a baseline your baseline has to be a
very sexual vibe. Now it doesn’t mean you
can’t joke of course you can joke but when you do come back to that sexual vibe right? We’ve had this and the best example
i can give you is last weekend with the strongest example I’ve ever seen with a
boot camp student and it’s funny how humor can be used as a defense
mechanism most guys will try to be ‘ as funny a possible like please laugh
please laugh please laugh because we say if she laughs that’s it I’m not rejected. So were almost hiding behind the funny
guy persona because the funny guy doesn’t get rejected. I’m just the entertainer
don’t worry about me I’m not gonna have s
ex with you I’m just the funny guy. And
we realize oh wow this is who I am and this is how I present myself ass and the
girl and the girl can never reject that. But you have to understand that the guy
who does that is goes so far off his baseline that he’s completely ruined his frame and
he’s adapted a new frame where he’s just the funny guy the entertainer the guy
she’s gonna spend maybe five or ten minutes laughing at and then going to see
the next person it’s very important to stick to that sexual baseline so think about it
like this you’re at your sexual baseline your
talking to her with intent your eye contact is strong your frame is good. You know what this is this is a battle of
frames and right now your losing do you get that do you understand that? But this is
just a small example right like I’m sorry for
picking on you I’m just saying it’s just like this. But the idea is right now my frame is so strong
that there’s no way I’m changing this. Audience member: It’s because of the guys
behind me. Sami: Whatever you get what I’m saying
though right? If we stay like this long enough
one of us will break and you have to understand that when your talking to a girl one of you
will break most guys will panic and they leave just before she does so talk to a girl and
a girl might be like. I’ll give you an example most girls
make fun of my hair most girls make fun of my
height im not the tallest guy in this room right? By all means but what would someone else
do let’s say she said oh your to short. Most
guys there frame their identity of themselves is
always gonna be shattered by like oh okay and
then they’ll walk away. The only thing that I
do different and I mentioned this in previous videos is I just stand a little bit longer
and I dont change my reaction whether she gives
a me a good sign and a bad sign. I’m still gonna do exactly this just strong
eye contact happy smile on my face don’t care not affected by what she says and just
keep talking if you do that it shows your frame
is stronger than that and she will lose. And
now of course I’m not trying to say that this is
that beating them down with everything. I’m trying to say as long as your frame
is stronger whether this is in business whether
this is in sports or whether this is in meeting women your frame has to be stronger than
the other person us so you can be more dominant and that situation does that make
sense? Again the problem that most guys will make
is that they’ll be in a situation they’ll see one
side of something bad and they’ll just freak out
and they’ll go away so the idea is to stand there
as long as you possibly can even if it’s awkward and push through that awkwardness and again
keep your sexual vibe. Your sexual vibe is straight you might laugh
a little bit but then you come back to your
sexual vibe you might push and joke around a little
but then you come back to your sexual vibe don’t laugh and keep laughing and keep laughing
and you know lose your posture and lose your body language and she goes okay this guy is
clearly not the sexual vibe guy. It’s very important to stick to that baseline. Also
at some point I think were gonna do some exercises I think the exercises are gonna
help you understand this a little bit more the
exercises are very very intense because it’s something
that you will experience out in nightclubs or in
daytime and it’s something that’s very very these
exercises that we are gonna give you are tools for the
rest of your life no matter where you’re going
out whether it’s daytime or night time or whether
it’s in business or in sports these are exercises you can use forever. What I do want to make sure about just about
where everyone else is in the room who here is an absolute beginner [inaudible] absolute
beginner be honest this is just for me for my
own reference. Okay who here considers
themselves intermediate? So everyone who
didn’t put up their hands are fucking pimps .
Alright who here whenever they go out and [inaudible] they’ll accept a facebook close
like they’ll [inaudible] okay who here has ever given out his number to a girl what
if she asks? No no no I’m just asking if when you’re
exchanging numbers she says oh you give me your number
I’m not gonna give you mine and you do that. so here’s what I say they do this
because their frame isn’t strong enough and they just want it to go well whenever
a girl tells me let’s exchange facebook I tell
them no don’t have facebook number oh but no
no no number oh but I don’t usually get number. now the point of doing that is because I want
to show that my frame is strong enough and I’m not gonna take that as a no for me the
first no is not a no for me the first five ten no’s
please be let’s be strict about this don’t be
sexual predators don’t be fucking you know bad people I’m talking about generally joking
no’s please no one do anything fucked up here alright okay? But seriously for me number and every time
I’ve gotten that for me holding my frame that
has always worked out showing that you have a stronger frame will help the interaction
so much more do it get her number. It’s so much more powerful then if you say
oh let’s exchange numbers so you’d be surprised about what having a stronger
frame what it could do I’ll give you an example doing back to an example of
last weekend in [inaudible] we are students who came in the boot camp and
we were sitting down and we were at a restaurant of the Sunday at the end of the
boot camp it was a bitter end and we were sitting down getting our food and doing the
break down. The waitress comes and she was beautiful
one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in my life really gorgeous girl she comes
[inaudible] so he’s like wow she’s amazing but she’s a waitress like I need to
open up my mind and I’m like okay cool. The only rule I would say in that situation
is don’t open her in front of your friends because
if you open her up in front of your friends and
be like oh give me your number. You look like your trying to look cool in
front of your friends and she’s gonna feel under
pressure so there’s no sense in song that so talk to
her privately separately so she doesn’t feel under pressure tell her you’re not trying
to get her into trouble at work tell her then ask
for her number. So I [inaudible] they had a few
Communications while we were sitting then he got up and he’s like listen don’t want
to get you into trouble at work I just think your cute and would it be cool if we can
go out for coffee sometime or for drinks and exchange numbers. now what she did was what she said was
like listen no I can’t give out my number you give me your number and he’s like
no no no I’m asking for your number let me play my part you play your part just you
give me your number she’s just like no no no I can’t do that. He went back and he sat down. But he stuck to his frame two minutes later
she came by with a hand written note of her number she put it on the ground put
a rock on it tapped him and walked away? Pretty impressive the only thing that he
did different was that he stuck to his frame rather than him scribbling his name
oh here’s my number and waiting and hoping that she’ll text him back. Someday and getting something out
of it rather than that he stuck to his frame implemented to what I told him
to do and that happened and it’s very very interesting when you notice this
stuff happening in every different type of situation having a strong frame will also
help you avoid L.M.R. does anyone know what L.M.R. is? Last minute resistance. For those of you who don’t know last
minute resistance is when everything’s going great with a girl you’re in the club your
making out everything’s great your both very into each other it’s amazing and then
you’re on your way back to your house and it’s a little bit too far or something happens
and she’s like oh you know what actually i change my mind I don’t want to do this. Having a strong frame at that point is
very important. My friend used to have
the worst logistics in Los Angeles in L.A. he had the world’s worst logistics if you
don’t have a car or can’t afford a taxi you have zero chances of pulling in L.A.
no chance right. Because the night bus
takes an hour to even get to where you are and by the time you get home it’s
kinda crazy. He used to live with his mom and he
used to have no money for taxi or no car so whenever he would leave the
club they’ve been spending all night together. They would walk up and stand at the bus
stop and she’d look at him and she’s like you don’t have a car and he’s like nope. No were gonna take the bus and he
would stick to his frame right? And they’d be by his house and he
would say you have to be quiet my moms sleeping. You live with your mom
and he’s like ya grabs your hand and walks to his room if at any point this guy
hesitated to [inaudible] able to close if at any point he goes I don’t have a car
i can’t afford a taxi you know I’m broke but
we can take the night bus for sure the girls would have been like. And this wasn’t once or twice this guy
did this every single weekend every single weekend he went out he would always get
a girl and would always go on the night bus and you’d just see the guy was the most
cool calm and collected guy i’ve ever seen where he’d just be sitting on the bus like
this and the girl would be talking and he’d be
like ya ya he’d always have a very strong frame. He when you believe something you
want to make sure that you can project that belief onto someone else without them
ever doubting it if your convinced that the night bus is the right way to take a girl
home then believe it to the bitter end same with if you believe that the earth is flat
that’s fine but believe it to the bitter end. And make sure whoever you tell that story
to is someone who your gonna say it to is
someone your gonna say it to so strongly that there’s no way your gonna budge
and slight hesitation [inaudible] your story’s invalid your argument’s invalid and
there’s no way your not gonna be able to get anything out of that and your sure you’ve
just lost your frame I’m sure if someone here
had a strong enough frame and he tried to convince me about something
i didn’t believe in. If he had a strong enough frame I’d
eventually believe it and everyone in this room can believe something and
the same sense that you put up your frame and you were very convincing and
you put out your frame. You should keep to it and stick to your
story no matter what happens zero hesitation that is a strong frame and
you keep that and that kinda builds onto your identity and people can say
okay this guy he’s always always always very strong about that this guy is very
precise and very strict so it must be right. A lot of positions use this and a lot of
people believe in politicians because of their strong frame control they might not
be good for the job they might have very different beliefs it because they
have [Inaudbile] fucks up doesn’t matter you already have so much belief
you’ve already brought in so much into their into their politicians system that no
matter what he does wrong oh no no doesn’t matter he did one fuck up it
doesn’t matter he’s still the best right? But think about that right like I mean right
now I’m not how. Audience member: I love [inaudible]
Sami [inaudible] I’m not trying to argue politics for me that’s fine but
he’s got a very strong frame right I’m not for him I’m not against him for
me it’s not my business cause it doesn’t affect me but his frame is
so strong that whatever he says he’s very strong to stick to it. Even if people ya but the wall
is gonna cost to much money no no no wall no no no but what about no no no
wall and he stuck to it cause of all that media coverage he’s gotten so
much exporsure just because he’s not budging from his frame sticking to it this
is his belief system and no way he’s gonna change that for anybody right. It’s crazy what you can do when your
frame is that strong how much you can change someone’s identity
someone’s belief [inaudible] very very interesting. Alright
Most religious people very fanatic religious people are close minded but they have
strong frames and there is no way you could convince them otherwise if someone
is [inaudible] there is no way you can
beat that frame cause there in that sense in
that argument there is no way you can win there frame is so strong that even if you
can prove to them that it’s bullshit their still
convinced whatever you’re gonna do it’s not gonna work. But that’s what I’m talking about when it
comes to a point when your [inaudible] your in that kind of situation no matter
[inaudible] no matter how wrong you might be even if your trying to convince her
about something which is bullshit and you know it’s fucking bullshit an exercise were
about to get into you want to stick to your ground no no no I’m serious this is how
it is I’m serious. And you want to stick to it as much as you
can if that’s something you want to do and you want to make sure that your frame is
strong you have to almost be close minded. Im not saying don’t be adapatable if someone
makes a joke you can laugh with them you can joke remember the whole point about
this is to keep your strong baseline vibe that’s very important and to stick to your
frame you can deviate a little bit you always have to come back to your frame. Audience member: what if you are close
minded and you have a strong frame you will not be open if you are close minded
and you have a strong frame you will not be able to learn anything because you
have a strong frame do you believe that [inaudible] Sami: okay I get what you mean well
okay so at that point I don’t mean be close minded to all new information and
all that stuff of course. The whole point
of this is to learn new stuff you guys watch different videos sometimes you’ll
watch a different video about this guys method of pick and your like no not my
style and then you watch this guy’s method and your like not my style but I’ll try
it out. So your open minded that’s fine as a
human being you [inaudible] when your talking to someone and your trying
to make sure your gonna be getting this person interest in you to find some sort of
interest in you you have to make sure that your confidence your core is strong
that’s where it leads to once you’re talking to a girl you can be as open minded as
you want to be but once you’re talking to a
girl you have to have a sexual baseline and a strong frame because your trying
to show that you’re not weak. [Inaudible] trying to text your frame
no matter what if you’re going to come up to me in a club and you might have all
the good things to say and a girl will just be like you’re wearing shorts in a club
she might do that just to see how strong your frame is if you just go she’ll be like
i knew it this guy wasn’t as strong as his frame he isn’t worth my time. As a girl she has the option of going home
with any guy she chooses as a girl they can come up to the night club basically
go home with any guy they want. So why
would she waste her time on someone who isn’t as confident or who has a strong enough
frame than she expects him to I guess the bad thing about being a guy is that you
can rock up to a nightclub and say all the bullshit you want to say and pretend
your someone else and that’s enough right? So the girls job instead of just taking the
first guy home she meets she’ll test you why shouldn’t she test you there’s so many
other options. Right now let’s say there’s a
girl here in the front and she saw all these guys right now why wouldn’t she choose
the first one ya sure this guy might be he might present himself as an alpha guy he
might look like an alpha guy but she wants to test that why would she waste her time
with someone who doesn’t have a strong frame. [inaudible] not worth her time so her
job is to filter out and that’s fine she can filter out this guy this guy this guy and
so she finds that guy I like his frame I like
his vibe that’s interesting he’s got a stronger vibe I made fun of him about
something he doesn’t care he didn’t move he didn’t budge if you’re a guy
who’s frame is collapsible and you just get defeated by anything why should she
waste her time on you cause that makes sense. Audience member: how do you work the muscle? Sami How do you work the muscle? Audience member: [inaudible]
Sami: Okay so if I said this previously I think this is very important I’ll always
do this so whenever I say oh [inaudible]
you still get rejected the best thing I do which I don’t think a lot of people
do is I’ll stand in set and wait for my rejection and wait an extra sixth seconds
I’ll wait through sixty seconds more of discomfort and I’ll try to talk more or
try to do whatever else I can just to like flip
it back around. But I make sure that I’m still not
affected I still have a smile on my face I’m still happy I’m still the same
person cause nothing changed but I stand for sixty seconds longer if and
what ended up happening most times [inaudible] they flip and they
change their mind they might hate you in the beginning and they might switch
their mind and change it after a while. But if you are able to push yourself to
last for an extra sixty more seconds what does that mean? This guys got a
good frame he’s not as weak as I thought he was even though I made
fun of him he didn’t flinch he stood there took it and carried on talking. Maybe I should check it again and she’ll
test it again and again. If you get a shit
test that might be a good sign a girl giving you a shit test is basically me
saying are you good enough to handle me then she give you another one if she’s
still standing there and she’s still giving you tests all that means is she’s testing
to see how strong your identity is if you have a weak identity for the first sign
for the first small detail when she says and you feel a bit hurt she’ll
be like ya I was right next. Let’s see who’s next out there. Questions
about frame I’m an amazing Sami. Audience member: [inaudible]
Sami: You also have to be socially calibrated to see when some things
are really a no and be like ok ok no alright sometimes also I might make
jokes which are to extreme and the girl will be offended and I’ll still be laughing
and [inaudible] that was offensive that wasn’t cool and I’ll stand my ground
and she’ll say that was really not cool. At that point if your a fucking retard
[inaudible] you have to understand social ques and she says that wasn’t cool
that was really fucked up at that point your just like ok alright my bad I
made a mistake I thought it was funny I’m sorry I apologize I apologize
I’m sorry I genuinely am sorry. cause
you’re still a fucking human being. I don’t mean this in the extreme if
this is an extreme situation and you’ve really pushed to far take it back and
understand that you’ve pushed to far [inaudible] there’s also something
called tension on tension off okay. I’ll give you a very good example about
this for example when I’m talking to a girl [inaudible] and I’m getting the number. everyone says oh you have to stay eye
contact the whole way then take out your phone like a ninja point at her chest and
give her the phone without ever looking at your phone. That’s to much tension
if you stay with tension on the entire time the girl will be like whoa to much tension. Ya sure you’ve got strong frame control
but you have to understand the balance so what I’ll do I’ll give you an example
of how I get the number I’ll look at the girl
I’ll be like you know what [inaudible] I have to go see my friends now you know
what we should do and I’ll look don and I’ll be like here so this is the tension
off and back on here give me your number and maybe we’ll hang out
sometime tension on tension off I might look around like around the
room give me your number tension on. This is just an example of tension on
tension off same thing when your at a club what most guys do when
their kissing a girl in the club they think that they have to stay superglued
to her face for the rest of the night and that’s the only way they can go
home. I hate that I think that’s the
that’s basically tension on on on and so many times you’ll see a girl in the
club and they’ll be like leaning back while making out with a guy and the
guy is like to into it and the girl is like whoa whoa whoa . So that’s to much tension you also
want to be the person who understands frames but at the same time who is
able to do tension on tension off cause if you’re only tension on you’ll scare
away the girl she’ll be like fuck this fuck that make sense? Audience member:[inaudible]
Sami: Okay I’ll take a little step back cause in the beginning and
I actually forgot to mention this when it comes to night clubs it’s a
little bit different for now let’s just discuss night clubs okay. Are you
talking about night clubs in general. I’m gonna break this down into two parts
the first part is if your down there’s only two ways to get up either or first of all
the only way to really get up is to just accept what your current state is like. If your down be like you know what I’m
down I’m a little bit down today this and this happened it’s okay just accept it just
try to absorb as much as you possibly can from the environment and just let it
sink in you can actually stand in the night club and just let all the music
all the things and try to force a smile. And try to really really just as much
as you can bring up your state just like that or you can do some fun
exercises with your friends [inaudible] to get out of that zone to get out of it. Now if you’re really really down there’s
no way back up then just accept it and when you approach if you talk to a
girl actually say listen I’m actually not feeling myself today I’m a little bit
down remember what I said about keeping true to your identity keeping true better
then to just put on a mask and say I’m feeling amazing and then inside being
like why did she leave me. That’s definitely someone you don’t want
to be you should be true to your frame no matter what right so if you’re feeling
down try to see what you can do to push yourself [inaudible] stay at
that point accept it and just open in that zone in that state that you feel
the biggest mistake guys do when they go into a nightclub and I used to
do a lot and their like I’m just gonna check out what this night club looks
like and they’ll walk around you know I’m just gonna go to the bar just get a
drink just walk around [inaudible] drank too much then they go pee and
come back out and be like okay. Time to approach and in that whole
time what you’ve basically done is you’ve overwhelmed yourself without even realizing
it because your just like hot girls hot girls cool cool cool. And your visual perception
is just like so much is happening the music is intense there’s big guys and
your like that guy I so much bigger than me that guy’s got a V.I.P. table
without even realizing it it’s something that happens in your subconscious subconsciously
your seeing all this stuff and if you’re strength or wherever you felt
your confidence was up here by walking in a circle in the club like that it brings
it down down down down down and now
your confidence is around here. so when you’re approaching a girl
and your just like every time someone gets to the club before you get to the
club gonna [inaudible] it’s gonna be my night tonight is the night yesterday
that was shit tonight is the night tonight is
gonna be the fucking night they get in the club they make that circle they
[inaudible] to much their mind sees too much to many girls to many big guys
and their like. And they’ll be like ok maybe I’ll approach
one girl tonight tomorrow tomorrow is the night tomorrow night I’m going out till
the bitter end tomorrow night you know my
leg I can’t do it but tomorrow night is when it’s gonna happen all they kind of switch
to is we’ll find a spot in the club where were happy and we’ll just stand there a
lot of guys a lot of mistakes they do if their talking to their friend their not really
talking to their friend their checking out girls in the night club. Again to much perceptual shit is
happening their just being overwhelmed and then when they open so much overwhelming
what we do is we stay in our zone and were in our own party this is our part
if you wanna go to the bathroom go but you’re coming back here if you’re gonna
get a drink go get a drink but this is our area
and were gonna assume that when we talk to
our friends were in such a good energy a good flow of energy that and were having
so much fun then if I see a girl I’ll bring her to the party. But I don’t do hunting the biggest mistake
you could do as a guy is look around and hunt that’s fucking you up if your
talking about oh you don’t feel to good or if your down that’ll make you even more
down when guys go into the club and their just looking around and their hunting
that’s fucking creepy that’s just like looking around and saying who should I take home tonight. And you you you’re you’re you’re remember
what I said whatever you project is what you attract so the only thing you’ll
attract is a very creepy girl so the only thing your showing off your just projecting
a very creepy vibe by just scanning the room don’t scan the room when you go
to a club go with your friends and if a girl passes
by grab her pull her in it’s your party. Get her into your party what happens when
you out at the club oh are you guys having a party can I come [inaudible] and
everyone feels that your trying to steal their energy steal their vibe does that make sense? You’d bring people into your party you’re
not trying to steal peoples parties by scanning
the room you are a thief that joins someone else’s party. And that’s it and hopefully someone lets you
in and you’re like yes I’m in this party and that’s when your frames weak
and your like please keep me here and you’re doing whatever you can
just to keep yourself in that party and their just like ya no bro out
get out of this party right? That’s very
very very important keep yourself as the person who’s not on the hunt this
is your frame this is your area this is your zone this is your party your not
trying to steal someone else’s party. Alright were gonna do some fun exercise
the first exercise were gonna do is were gonna switch off all the lights and were
gonna play a game called were gonna switch of all the lights and play a games
called who’s in my mouth it’s not my joke it’s from Dain Cook if you watch comedy so
I stole that joke. just so people at home on Youtube don’t
go oh that’s fuck you alright cause I got a
good reaction I stole his joke ya. Seriously before we start I’ll just
show you the exercise up front and this is a very interesting exercise on
frame control this first one is about how amazing your day was and I’m just gonna
have a strong [inaudible] and your job is to have a stronger frame then
me and I’m gonna be a bitchy girl and try to tell him that I’m not interested
and he has to keep talking no matter what just
keep my attention so how’s your day?

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    It's also important to note this is for immediate pick up dates, but when you're with a woman for an extended period of time (or marry), the dynamics change a little. Suddenly you two are motivated by external factors other than the two of you (like kids, or debt), BUT this doesn't mean you should let down your frame. Ironically if you do, your woman will begin to doubt your togetherness, and be susceptible to "weakness." By maintaining (and evolving) your frame as you naturally change (by your own terms), you keep your woman interested, and she finds value with you as a partner. When you have enough confidence in yourself and no longer seek validation from your woman, you'll find she'll follow you instead of the other way around. That's all you need to be.

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