Why I QUIT being an Airline Pilot
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Why I QUIT being an Airline Pilot

October 11, 2019

So I think that title pretty much gave
it all away, but I quit the airline! I’m John from Fly8ma.com CFI
turned airline pilot turned back to CFI. Come along on my journey flying Alaska
to Florida and beyond. Now if that intro didn’t give it all away
yeah I used to be a CFI then I was an airline pilot, like most CFI’s. You
know you’re a CFI and then you become an airline pilot and then I decided I
wanted to go back to being a CFI which seems totally crazy, totally
counterintuitive, and you’re probably thinking: why on earth would you want to
do that why would you throw away a good airline career? And I’m gonna tell you
why. So yeah you might think like “oh you’re a terrible person you’re an idiot
you studied so hard you worked all those hours you flew with students for so many
hours you built up your time you became an airline pilot and you’re throwing
away a good career.” Well thanks mom for that motivational speech but in fact I’m
just starting a new chapter in my career and I really enjoy teaching. I really
enjoy interacting with people and the people I got to interact with at the
airline were awesome. I mean the captains I flew with super cool. Flying
with those flight attendants and everything all the different flight crews were super cool. I
was just ready to kind of trade that out and go back to being a regular old fFly8ma.com CFI. I love general aviation. I love little airplanes and, well, the airline life, let me just take you through a regular day. Right so
what’s a normal day in an airline pilots life? So day one of the trip right or
night before even it kind of starts you look at your cell phone you’re like okay
I got to go to work what am i doing. You look at it, you’re like okay I got you
know five legs to fly today woohoo it’s gonna be great. It’s a long day I’m gonna
be flying for…looks like I got 12 and a half hours on duty. I’m gonna be
paid about oh looks about like six hours five and a half to six hours. Wonderful. So
I’m gonna make five and a half hours times 30 bucks an hour. Not a lot of
money and I’m gonna have to commute that morning so I’m gonna have to get up. Gonna have to leave the house by 3:45 in the morning. Get in my a car. Drive
to the airport and then try to jump seat so you quick list for the jump seat and
you list and you’re like okay I’m number one of the list I should make it. You get
there and guess what flights delayed. It’s like okay well now how am I gonna
get to work so now you got to go from Sarasota to Atlanta on Delta and you got
to go Atlanta to Charlotte and then you get to Charlotte and you’re gonna sleep in
the crew room for a couple hours before you had to go to work at like you know
1:00 p.m. in the afternoon and then fly till past midnight but now you’ve pretty
much burned up that whole time commuting as a passenger so you’ve already flown
two legs you didn’t get paid for any of it. You were standby. You’re in the jump
seat on an old mad dog with your feet just kind of dangling because the way
the jump seat is at least my legs are too short to actually touch the floor. I
think most guys are like that. They kind of dangle there. So yeah that’s
super uncomfortable. So you get to Charlotte you quick run across the
airport. You didn’t bother to call crew scheduling and tell them you’re running
a little late because you don’t want to get in trouble and get those attendance points slapped on you. So you run across the airport, no time for food. The
lion Starbucks is too long. You quit, run down the jet bridge, show them your ID.
You run down there, you drop your bags off, people already
boarding the airplane, passports all ready. Their flight attendants and on board
captains are already there. You run down the jet bridge. You go around the airplane.
You do a quick pre-flight. You run back up, the last passengers are getting on
board, you’re quick plugging in your headset, getting out your iPad signing
paperwork, getting everything set up, setting up the FMS setting up the
airplane, trying to set up your iPad, get all ready and before you know it they’re
closing the door, pull the jet bridge and captains looking to you like “hey
man call for push” and you’re still just crazy setting up the boxes as fast as you
can get in the clearance getting the ATIS writing everything out and getting
a flight plan and put into the computer You push off the gate, you’re still super
pumped because I mean you’re gonna go fly a jet right? So although you had to get up
super early and drive to the airport and you missed that first flight and you had
to jump see all around you’re still pumped. I mean still gonna be a good time
and you’re excited you got to your first leg so you fly your whatever ,you know 45
minute leg from Charlotte to Wilmington, North Carolina and you spend most on the
ground it’s like an 18-minute flight or something and you go out to Wilmington
and back and then you get back to Charlotte
and you’re like okay cool grab my bags off the airplane we’ve got to swap
aircrafts. You got to run across the airport again you’re kind of running
late the line at Starbucks is too long so you
can’t get food. Now you’re hungry, you’re starving, but you get back on the
airplane and then you fly another super crazy long cross-country flight all the
way to Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina about an 11 minute flight you
don’t even break 10,000 feet so you shoot down to Greenville Spartanburg
quick turn twenty five minutes on the ground dump all the people off. You run
around the airplane do a post flight you get back on your get the clearance
you’re getting everything set up again you get more people on board the
airplane you fly back to Charlotte you try to fly back to Charlotte but you’re
sitting on the ground stop and you’re just sitting in the cockpit eating awful
first-class snacks this stuff right here I have nightmares about this stuff
that’s basically what you live off of you ever wonder why I’m so skinny yeah
it’s not because I’m healthy or I run it’s because this is what you live off
of as a regional fo so ya die Bella did it’ll make you die very young but yeah
trying to munch down on some of that just to get some calories and you you
finally get back to Charlotte at least you get to keep that airplane so you
leave your stuff on it you’re running the terminal lines too long but you’re
like hey I gotta get food I’m dying and by the time you get to the out station
to your last flight you’ve already done four flights so now you got to go do the
last one everything’s gonna be closed because you’re not gonna get to the
hotel to like 1:30 2:00 in the morning or something like that so you just say
forget it I got to get food then crew scheduling is calling because hey where
are you like now the flights late and it’s your fault because you had to go
get food so you do all that you finally get back on and you’re like man I’ve
been on seven planes today you get to the hotel and you’re just beat and
that’s day one you got three more days and if you’re lucky then you’re probably
Junior and you didn’t get a very good schedule in the backend of the trips not
commutable or day four comes along and your flight is delayed you’ve had
whether you’ve had maintenance whatever you’re trying to get back to base you
walk around you realize the tire is all messed up and so now you got to call
maintenance at an outstation takes forever for them to change it maybe they
got a fly a tire out from base out to the out station and wherever you’re at
Des Moines Iowa Austin Texas somewhere and change up the tire so now you’ve
delayed several hours you finally get back to Charlotte and
it’s 10 p.m. in the last flight back home to Sarasota left at 8:00 so what do
you do now you got to go pay for a hotel out of your own pocket and then try to
commute home the next day so now your five-day trip that credited a total of
18 and a half hours and your grand takeaway is 18 and a half times 38 you
got seven hundred and three dollars out of the deal
– 85 bucks you spent on a hotel you had 618 bucks for basically five days of
work plus you don’t really get a very good night’s sleep the first day behind
that so five and a half days or so now that’s not every airline job but that’s
the regionals and that’s kind of the true part of it there are some great
parts travel benefits awesome jump seat super cool anywhere in the country you
can go all over the world I did I went to Australia Spain and Dora France all
over the place England Ireland Cuba it was awesome like
definitely take advantage of that sort of stuff but eventually you get kind of
wore out and eventually you know the paychecks just not really cutting it
eventually the signing bonus runs out and that big signing bonus e out in the
beginning isn’t really continuing so they actually make less money year –
they do year one so you’re what I made almost like 60 grand a year – I was
barely gonna make fifty so although it’s a decent wage when you got a hundred
thousand dollars in training costs like all that debt from back in flight
training you know and then you’ve got five four thousand hours of flight time
and you’ve been flying for six seven years now like yeah ever over seven
years so 7 years of flying 4,000 hours of flight time hundred thousand dollars
in debt what more debts do I have to pay so you got to pay your debt right do you
need a kidney like what what’s it gonna take for me to make like a good wage and
be able to buy a house and be able to afford a mortgage and have kids and a
family and afford all that at the airlines oh you just have to sit there
for like the next 10 or 20 years okay well I’m gonna be kind of old by then I
don’t really want to start a family when I’m 45 or 50 I don’t want to be in debt
up to my eyeballs either so I’ve got to do something else and it’s so they’re
gonna be corporate fly going back to being a CFI obviously
being a flight instructor right now super lucky there’s tons of jobs out
there they pay really well I’m able to make a living at it and I can also pick
up a lot of corporate flying on the side that pays really well to just pick up
these one-day quick Outback trips or to day out and back type trips corporate
flying that’s awesome I don’t really have to be in hotels anymore I can be in
my own house kind of on my own schedule I can get up and run every morning I can
have a routine I don’t have to wake up one morning at 3 or 4 a.m. and then the
next day I have to wake up at noon because I was flying all night and you
have to constantly change those weird sleep schedules some of the guys you
look at and you’re like hey man you’re getting close to retirement and you know
you’re gonna retire at 65 are you gonna wait all the way till you hit 65 and
they’re like I’m 48 and you’re like oh you look terrible you should really see
a doctor or something guys are dying of cancer just from being up in the
radiation from being up high and also just from the crazy sleep schedules
terrible diets we have it’s really easy to not take care of yourself at the
airline now you can you can put in the effort I guess I’m just kind of too lazy
so I didn’t really get taking care of myself or I didn’t really do a good job
taking care of myself with the airline didn’t really eat very well got sick a
lot you’re around a bunch of people and it’s just not really what I was cut out
to do so I can always go back it’s totally worth it to go back but trying
to make a really good living at it and there’s guys yeah for the most part
you’re gonna create like 65 to 85 hours a month there’s 75 to 85 hours a month
and about 38 bucks an hour to start 40 bucks an hour now some guys are like oh
you can credit 110 you can credit 115 but at the company I was at at PSA if
you worked on a day off you actually had to fill out all sorts of paperwork at
the end of month and there’s really narrow wonder for you to do that just to
get the money they actually owed you to make it worthwhile so if you’re old pay
rates 40 bucks an hour and they’re gonna pay you you know 1.25 because you worked
on a day off to get that extra 25% pay to make it fifty bucks an hour you have
to fill out all sorts extra paperwork otherwise they just won’t do it
and they mess up your paychecks all the time when he had cancellations and I get
it’s kind of crazy but I’m just not gonna pick up my phone on days off when
you guys call up and you’re like hey we’re junior Manning because we’re short
and how soon can you make just Charlotte it’s gonna be like uh I can’t because
it’s not worth it and best of luck I hope you don’t cancel the flight but
it’s just at some point it wasn’t worth it to go to work it started costing me
more money to pay for a parking pass of the airport to drive to the airport to
pay for commuter hotels on the front end or back end of a trip where I had to
commute in a day earlier commute out a day late and it just didn’t make sense
when I could be a CFI or fly corporate stuff and make a better living and be
able to provide for my family a little bit more but the bigger thing here what
I think really made me decide to do it because there’s plenty of guys that are
in that same boat and quite frankly I mean I did love the flying I was always
stoked and excited to go to work it was just by leg for like five of day one or
say like for like five of day two or day three you were kind of beat you know if
you’re gonna go do like 16 legs and only credit 18 hours on a trip that’s kind of
rough so what really pushed over the edge for me was exactly what you saw at
the beginning of this video I’m gonna go fly a Cessna from Alaska all the way to
Florida I’m gonna fly to all 50 states we’re gonna do this trip and I’m gonna
get to meet all of you guys everyone that’s been on this YouTube channel and
been on the ground school tens of thousands of people on Instagram on
YouTube on Facebook all these people that we’ve got to interact with that
you’ve watched our videos let me get to fly on the country now and meet all of
you and hang out with student pilots and other CF eyes and other commercial
pilots other airline guys other corporate guys just all good people
aviation is full of amazing awesome people and I’m just an airplane nerd and
a guy that likes to go have fun and fly an airplane low and slow and see stuff
saying the stuff that we can see it 100 feet 500 feet is amazing and I want to
do that I want to go out and see all the people that are watching our videos
actually meet you and fly to your home Airport and see what you’re doing and I
want to share that with everyone that maybe they can’t get into flying or
maybe they’re just too tied up with another career or they’re already too
far down a path of having kids and having a family and a
wife and a house and all these things that kind of tie them down they came and
pursue a private pilot license let alone an airline career and that’s really
their dream and I get to make these awesome videos and share them with all
of you so I’ve got a job for you to do I’m starting a brand new YouTube channel
on nothing but awesome amazing adventures across America the link is
directly below this video right in the top line in the description click on
that link subscribe to the new YouTube channel keep up with what we’re doing
where we’re at let us know where you are and comment your home Airport in this
video below we I want you to comment exactly what airport you fly out of and
I want to make a list of all these airports that all of our viewers all of
our subscribers fly at I want to come to every single one of them and I just want
to go fly around with you guys and have a good time so as long as I can pay the
bills keep the lights on and be able to put gas in the airplane and do that I’m
gonna do that now while I’m 27 years old before I’m 50 or 60 and I can barely
drag the airplane out of the hangar anymore so maybe it’s probably more like
65 70 80 something like that but way too many guys have all these dreams are what
they’re gonna do in retirement build an airplane build a boat sail around the
world or something and they’re about to retire and they dropped it of a heart
attack before they can even retire and even think about buying a boat or buying
an airplane I’m gonna do all that now. I’ll work till the day I’m dead but I’m
gonna retire up until I’m probably about 35 or 40 hopefully and then I can go
back to work. In the meantime I’m gonna have a blast and I hope people to share
all that with you guys and I want you to give me your opinions your feedback let
us know what you want to see I want our adventure across the United States to be
educational fun for you to follow interactive and I want you to learn
something and get something out of it. So give us your feedback definitely comment
your home Airport right below on this video and please guys go ahead check out
that brand new YouTube channel share with your friends spread the word. We’re
gonna be creating some awesome videos starting up in Alaska working our way
all across the country. I hope to see you guys along on this journey we want you
to come along with us super stoked to begin this adventure
with you guys super excited that you get to be my co-pilot on this adventure. Be
sure to check out the channel below the links right in the description
we’ll also put it right in this card right up here on the corner of the
screen subscribe to this channel if you guys have not already give us a thumbs
up on this video share with your friends. I hope you guys get to pursue all the
aviation adventures that you dream of just like we’re doing now. Remember if
you can’t fly every day, Fly8ma.com. We’ll see y’all next time!

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  1. Thanks for being real. Wonderful things happen when your humble and set aside egos and pride. Count on me being a follower.

  2. This is why I stopped working as a ski patroller. So many things are more glamorous from the outside looking in. Glad it didn’t ruin your passion, and you were smart enough to recognize it early on.

  3. If you do what you love it’s never work. That’s what it’s all about. I used to be a cop. Had my lip busted, been bruised up, daily close calls, all for way to little pay. But I loved the work and the excitement. I had to quit due to a failing back-spine problem and haven’t had a job I loved since. A job you love is worth so much more than the pay.

  4. C'mon bro….You are describing a challenging day made worse by the CHOICE to commute, which is a HUGE mistake….. and not planning for food. Not every day is like this….and you know this. Completely unrealistic description in my opinion

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience, I'm certainly benefiting from watching this video. I'm 43 and a student pilot, my goal is to become a CFI, I am considering flying commercial someday, but not unless something with the airlines change, there is currently a shortage of ~800K commercial pilots that will need to be met within the next 20 years, I'm hoping that will trigger this change. I fly out of N51 (Solberg), I hope to meet you in person, have coffee and chat. Fly Safe!

  6. I read a novel about a crop duster turned airline pilot. His wife badgered him to become an airline pilot, he became an alcoholic, divorced his wife, and returned to his cropdusting job. That was over 40 years ago, so I have NO recollection about the title.

  7. Mad Respect for you Brother ❤️❤️❤️
    I’m in the Army, about to get my private pilot license and you help me out out with some decisions. Respect ✊🏽

  8. Thanks for the great video… Im 28 and i want to become a Pilot i live in Houston TX Can you plz help me make this dream of mine a reality? Im a new Subscriber

  9. I thought I saw a CRJ in it hahahah, well I work for a regional as MTC, and I totally get you. People don’t really see what’s going on in airline industry. Working for regional sucks ( can’t say much about the main since I simply don’t know)

  10. I came across this video while looking for videos to teach my daughter how to fly. As a former USAirways pilot and furloughee of 9/11, I chose not to return to flying when called back in 2005. no more lavish retirement, 1/3 pay cut, commuting two time zones to the east and knowing that I would be the junior man on the property the day that I got back to an uncertain future, led me too forgo my dream job that I had with invested a decade and a half of my life into. Now with 15 years to look back at my decision, I still feel that I made the right choice at that time. There seems to be a high demand right now for airline pilots. I wonder if that’s because the airlines bargained away the high wages that once drew in quality, lifelong pilots. I wonder if I am encouraging her to make the right decision? As I reflect on my last 15 years as a small business owner and the trials and tribulations that have come with it, I often look back at the career I could’ve had as a pilot I am reminded by this video that I believe that I made the right decision. I was home every single night to tuck my kids in, never missed a Christmas or birthday or even a Boy Scout meeting. There’s some things that money just can’t buy…

  11. Hey!!! I'm Paulo and I'm flying in Brazil at the SBBP (icao) as a student eat… will be a pleasure to have you with us to have some fun… see you

  12. Even the old timers who have to get up at 3 AM to get their 5 AM departure hate the miserable sleep on layovers. Trading in wives is a very expensive proposition too.

  13. I retired at 60 years old and that was 2 years ago,I got my PPL in 1998 but haven't flown in 10 years,I thought about doing a review and getting current but going to get a physical,then refreshing my memory on everything and THEN,the cost..they want $90 an hour to rent a C150,10 years ago it was around,$55 an hour,anyway…I forgot about that idea.😃
    Being retired..it was too much work!🤣🤣😂

  14. Dude. You quit too early. I have a pension good schedule and did the military. I own a small airplane and love flying. Teaching would have never done that for me. I love teaching but long term airlines especially the majors are where it’s at. Ups and fedex. Delta too. Glad you’re willing to teach. It’s an investment.

  15. My hat is off to you sir. When I was 16 I got my PPL and made a decision not to be an airline pilot because that is what I wanted to do but realized i didn't want to live my life out of a suitcase. I asked airline pilots every chance I had. Some loved it and some hated it. I am glad I am PPL so I can enjoy flying because when anything becomes a chore the passion dies down. I'm glad you decided to follow your heart and with your expertise as an airline pilot you have incredible knowledge you can share with your students that's way above and beyond. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Wow you wore me out listening to you ! No wonder planes crash . It's like the idea of keeping a doctor working for 24+ hours ? Where is the wisdom ? It's time to fix these systems now !

  17. You communicate really fluently, really well. Definitely, you would be wasted being a full-time commercial pilot. God bless you.

  18. It is amazing having to constantly explain why you don't want to be an airline pilot, people don't get it, I am a chief flying instructor, I am an educator, I tow banners, I get to fly vintage multi engine war birds, I get to Bop around in puddle jumpers and generally spend my days getting paid to have fun in aeroplanes, why would I give that up to sit in a flying bus and watch it flying itself, na, I'm good.

  19. I have been working so hard to get to the airlines and I’m finally here. I live close to my base so I don’t have to commute, I fly a pretty nice aircraft and it’s fun to fly for the most part, the crews have been overall nice and the locations cool, I’ve got a line and I’ve been here about a year and change. I don’t like this job at all and I feel so incredibly dumb because it’s what I’ve been working toward and I’ve hyped it up so much…but I think I have to quit.

    I had so much more fun and satisfaction flying GA and teaching students. I also don’t like how incredibly lonely it is out on the line. Every trip you have a new crew and it’s always the same conversations “so where are you from?” “How long have you been here?” “Blah blah blah”. I like building relationships with people. Also long cruise routes are INCREDIBLY boring…you’re just sitting there staring at screens and listening to ATC while coming up with stupid banter. Sometimes crews do stuff together but for the most part it’s a solo adventure. The money is actually not bad and they have a great retirement plan and 401K match but the amount you get paid vs duty time makes that hourly pay much less if you spread it from there. Maybe I just got into the airlines too late. Travel benefits, GREAT! I been to a lot of the country for free and it’s great when I go but for the most part….meh. I mean ask pilots and they all say the same thing. When you’ve been on a long 4 day trip the last thing you wanna do is get back on another airplane that’s taking you somewhere that isn’t home.
    Theres also personal crap at home like potentially growing a business that could use my help that make me think a career change now would be easier. But man do I feel stupid.

    I respect the job and I love aviation…but after writing it all down like I did above it’s becoming painfully obvious. I think I need to talk to someone or just give this more time and see what year 2 will bring. What a clown.

  20. It was an option I abandoned when I knew every frequency, heading, waypoint and altitude to expect.
    Some people's fantasy are others stepping Stones to better

  21. I did not realize it was that bad and it seemed that your health might be suffering in the 1960 eastern was transitioning to jets my dad came on board then swap one leg on panel then another n the right seat it was great I could go wherever he went the whole flight in the jump seat it was great

  22. How much is flight school now how long does it take to earn 1500 hours jet blue will take 200 grand and make you a ppilot it so discouraging

  23. I am a Chinese student pilot in America to get the training and will come back to work for Airliner when I finished the training.I like you choice although I cannot choose because I have a contract with the Airliner.But thanks for your sharing that let me get more information about this job!!

  24. great video thank you for publishing it. Aside from being a CFI, Flying corporate and working at the airlines, is there money to be made delivering goods/products by flight? For example, is it difficult to get contracts from companies if you owned a Kodac Cessna and wanted to deliver for a company? does that even exist?

  25. I don't think that anyone calling you out as saying that this is unrealistic or this is just one day out of a thousand isn't getting the point. The hundred grand in debt to be an airline pilot, the scrutiny of the job, the long hours, and the time you are not paid for while you are literally working, the yearly re-certification, and the stress that you are now in control of hundreds of people's lives is definitely not worth it. My schooling was 40k, at a technical college. I started at 40 k right out, and at 60k now as I moved to another job. My debt is paid in 2.5 years. This guy, on the other hand, has to get to that 100k – so at 60k the first year, he didn't just pay all of it down… He went and realized some dreams – maybe he paid down 15k. So take a look at year 2 – he's down 10k now at his job… So now he pays 10k to the loan. So he's at 25k…. Ok, now how much longer till he gets that 75k paid off, all the while paying for more instruction, certs,classes, spenidng time flying and over and over and on and on – And maybe he sticks to it, right – Now 10 years later – like the truck drivers – they have no pilot planes, and there is not job for this guy…. and all the truckers too

  26. There's a path that extends beyond just being "hired" at a major airline. It's rough at first but seniority begins to dictate schedule and those who hold off on advancing their seat position can end up with very palatable schedules. Those who chase the seat and the money have a different result. Hats off for being true to yourself but those who can hang in there for a bit often end up with decent lives as airline pilots.

  27. This is a video for millennials… I thought you complained a lot… how is running to Starbucks a struggle?? Thanks for sharing though, that's why I liked the video !!!

  28. So here is where FLY8MA thinks it's cool to discurage all young aspiring air line pilots to give up on the idea and just be a looser like him,……. pathetic .

  29. You went to PSA!!!!! ANY, and I do mean ANY amount of research would have told you exactly what you were getting into. This video may be true for that airline, but does not represent the industry. I am 3 months into being out of training, and still on reserve… however I am home based on reserve. This I expected, and am okay with. Commuting to reserves is not a good life. FACT. But pay your dues or quit. Thanks for quitting as unworthy and giving your spot to someone who truly wants to be there and deserves it.

  30. Great post John! one of lifes best secrets too. Use what time we have been given to enjoy the life we have to live. Great explanations and outcomes. Thanks for sharing mate. Cheers!

  31. 👍😉 thanks for being honest, we dont know much is happening out there, still dreaming tobe a pilot😬😬😬 😊👎now i will jus be a private pilot, 👍

  32. I'm out of CYAM in sault ste marie, ontario! Currently in my first semester of the sault college aviation program, we train in zlin 242s

  33. So complains about lack of money, not able to afford a mortgage, family, etc. Going to fly to every airport across the country in a Cessna, without income. Perfect sense. If you do the time at the regionals and are good at what you do, you move on to the major airlines and make great money. It's called investing in yourself.

  34. I so get this….been a flight attendant, CFI, EMS pilot, Corporate pilot, and regional airline pilot. Made more $$ as a flight attendant. Had a family, lost a family (3 children and their airline pilot dad in a plane crash), and now back to an airline again as a flight attendant minus my whole family. The loss of my kids put a huge dent in my love for flying. You have to do what you love TODAY. The career is not for everyone.

  35. I used to be a mortgage banker. Done a loan one time for a 9-5 airline pilot for fed ex. Made 300k per year. Maybe you should fly for a huge company.

  36. Just got PAID $250/hr x 21hrs to STAY HOME this weekend when I was "bought off" my 787 trip to EZE so a "new to the 787 FO" on reserve could get some actual flight time in the jet! Yeah last Year… on SHORT CALL RESERVE I flew on New Years Day and the next time I flew a trip was in JUNE! (I did two one day landing sims in that time frame to remain current) Good on ya for doing what you like but you gotta "pay your dues" somewhere be it at AMERICAN EAGLE or the USAF like I did to get to the point where you GET PAID TO SIT AT HOME on your "work days!" Oh yeah and when you do fly it's typically a 3 or 4 man crew which means YOU GET PAID TO SLEEP IN THE BUNK for 1/3 or 1/2 of the 2-LEG flight! (yes the legs are a little longer than 11 minutes) Did I tell you I flew a 787 FCF for 2 HOURS AROUND TX & OK with no pax…just 4 maintenance personnel? Yeah that SUCKED (cough cough) or how 'bout the DEADHEAD TO PARIS IN 1ST CLASS to ferry a 787 back that was having the L Motor FAN blades repaired after it sucked in FOD? Yeah 3 dudes with 2 DAYS IN PARIS who then FERRIED AN EMPTY 787 BACK TO THE U.S.A. !!!!! Like to TEACH? psssttttt…it's called becoming a CHECK AIRMAN or and Instructor Pilot/IP as we used to call 'em in the USAF…(wink wink) You can TEACH ALLLLL YOU WANT! YOU CAN EVEN TEACH…EXTRA IF YOU'D LIKE! How 'bout Salmon fishing in AK on a layover or bringing your GF to Beijing China and WALKING ON THE GREAT WALL???!!! Again…good on ya but a number of us OWN our very own personal tiny planes so absolutely NOTHING stops you from still doing that!!! Does commuting suck? in a word… YES! But honestly I could make a video TEN TIMES LONGER than yours about all the FANTASTIC POSITIVES of being a "REAL AIRLINE PILOT!"

  37. This is why I can't crack open a flying magazine… All they want to write about is the "pilot shortage", when in reality, it is just a "PAY SHORTAGE"

  38. Good video, but we all have to pay our dues to get to the top. This is like a doctor, in residency, quitting his/her job because it's "HARD WORK". Those who go through this and persevere, get to the majors airlines. I am an airline pilot, make plenty of income, and have a great lifestyle. Word to the newcomers. Try not to commute. It takes the best job in the world, and turns it into a tough job to maintain.

  39. Now, PSA starts at 50$ an hour. This guys whole ordeal is "Commuting" and "Tired" and "Not Enough Money". Beware that this is not the case for MOST pilots. He speaks of burnout and financial burden. The low is 50k a year. His burnout was induced by his reduced passion for Airline Pilot. Do your own research and find what you like. Im currently a first year regional pilot 6 months in– and I LOVE IT. Do You. Maybe this guy has a wife and kids to support. I don't, so it's a much different scenario.

  40. Airline pilot can be the best job on earth or the worst job. Commuting to work is awful. Living in base is amazing. If you can drive to work on reserve, it’s the best job ever. You’ll have more time to yourself than you ever thought possible. My advice is if you’re thinking of being an airline pilot then live in base

  41. This is not at all even true at the regional level. I am a pilot for Republic Airways and we have a great lifestyle even at year 1! the longest we will sit on reserve is a couple months maximum and you can pick up trips and make all kinds of money. Don't let ONE persons negative experience deter you from becoming an airline pilot. We have a 12-18 month captain upgrade time that pays 100k plus at just year two! We have pay protection so you don't have to worry about affording food. Live in base or live in a place where it is easy to commute. It is not that hard. Airlines just weren't for this guy. You don't have to eat airline food. Take protein bars and drinks and pack some sandwiches. I know tons of friends who are pilots who are very healthy still and in amazing shape. Airlines are incredible, especially right now. Get hired by a reputable airline and your life is going to be awesome. Nothing is for everyone.

  42. The problem is capitalism guys. Harder you work less you get. And you age faster. That’s how the elite keep the ppl broke fighting for scraps. And that’s just the distraction so we don’t see how they control us so we don’t rise up against them.

  43. What no food on the plane for pilots? The FAA needs to be reformed starting with minimum seat pitch and minimum seat width to allow for the McDonald`s generation!

  44. So.. it seems like you can easily just quit? Where’d you flew? Because based on what i know that there’s things like “contract” which put you in jail or charge if you just quit.

  45. I've got a successful career outside of aviation, but my lifelong dream is to earn a private pilot's license. I used to fly almost 200,000 miles per year as a passenger before I made a career change, and yet I can still barely sleep due to excitement the night before any flight. Come visit my wife, 18-month-old daughter, and me in LGB (Long Beach, CA)! Maybe by the time you work your way around to us, I'll have started flight school…

  46. Damn bro! You def hit the head on the nail.. i want to fly just so i can learn but as far as a career, its basically just another job

  47. Yeah like half of this information is garbage. Very bias and obviously trying to justify his choice. So much misleading or bad information about what it is like or can be like. I can assure you that your experience isn't universal for the "airlines"

  48. Flying airliners is dam easy these days. Jets are very safe too. Most
    countries they start training co pilots at 100 hours total or less
    (mostly on simulators) and by 200 hours they put them on the copilot
    seat fully qualified to fly and land the airplane if the older captain
    cannot. Some of those hired only flew on a real small airplane 30 hours
    and the rest on simulators. I forgot the name of the program. They do
    that even in Europe since 2006. Airline flying can be very boring for the pilots that like maneuvering flights or flight instructing..

  49. Flying airliners is dam easy these days. Jets are very safe too. Most
    countries they start training co pilots at 100 hours total or less
    (mostly on simulators) and by 200 hours they put them on the copilot
    seat fully qualified to fly and land the airplane if the older captain
    cannot. Some of those hired only flew on a real small airplane 30 hours
    and the rest on simulators. I forgot the name of the program. They do
    that even in Europe since 2006. Airline flying can be very boring for the pilots that like maneuvering flights or flight instructing..

  50. My goodness what happened to the airline industry? It went from bad to worse. I remember when Pres. Reagan busted the air traffic  controllers union and it put the airlines and employees on notice. Fly or else. From then on the industry suffered from low wages and crazy hours. My respect to you. You'll make it. No doubt about it, and thanks for the video. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. I hope as little people as possible believe him. He wasn’t an airline pilot and he didn’t have a ‘good airline career’ to throw away to begin with. Right seat entry level regional is just a “hoop” to jump through on the way to the real airlines with the real pay and real quality of life. It’s like deciding you don’t want to be a surgeon because the schedule sucks and pay is low during your residency. I too didn’t like many things about working for a regional airline but I waited (Not that long) and worked hard. If this guy had the slightest dedication he would move up from the regionals and make six figure pay for several legs a month. I’m glad he’s happy making 20 an hour flying a Cessna. I just hope people here understand he is no inspirational figure, just a quitter.

    767 Captain

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