Why President Donald Trump Is (Falsely) Accusing People Of ‘Treason’ | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Why President Donald Trump Is (Falsely) Accusing People Of ‘Treason’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

August 27, 2019

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  1. There is an old Japanese Proverb that says: When the character of a man is not quite clear to you, look at his 'friends'. The person in the White House… his are mostly indicted, heading to jail or already in jail….. just saying.

  2. The donald's comments about "treason" reminds me of dictators and autocrats dealing with political advisories. No rule of law, no trial, no due process, no defense, just my command.

  3. when he accuses people of doing things….its those very thing that he is doing….he just admitted to Treason !! LOCK HIM UP

  4. If there still was treason , Trump is the one would've committed it , because while Russia was attacking our democracy, Trump knew and was involved with them .

  5. Trump probably thinks that word is spelled "TreeZin" with his low level of intelligence. Conned his way into the Whitehouse. That was his biggest con job so far BUT he failed to realize that All Americans are not crooks as he is.

  6. He is under the impression that he is the government so anyone that challenges his majesty is a traitor. He's in the wrong country. Here "All people are created equal". He is a hireling who should be let go.

  7. It's clearly understandable why this cretin loves the uneducated because he himself is uneducated! Forget Wharton or any other educational institutions he supposedly attended! If you don't attend classes, lectures, study… one can remain ignorant and uneducated. No wonder he has this affiliation with, his words, the uneducated!

  8. Using a foreign agent to introduce bought and paid for RUSSIAN intel is RUSSIAN collusion. And then using it to affect our election and lying abut it to the FISA court. According to democrats(in their own words) colluding with RUSSIANS is TREASON. That is what they are trying to impeach him for … Remember.

  9. I like to see how you morrons get rid of this bosso!
    You ain't going to!
    This is what is going to happend.,
    He is going to get rid of senate and democrats and turn to a dictator!
    And the worst part is yet to be known.
    This is not even the beginning!
    He will comet the most horrendous acts in the history of man kaind!

  10. Hans L…you’re full of it! The Queen did not invite The Trump’s to London! They just showed up like the Beverly Hillbillies! I think Teresa May invited Trump only to visit her! It’s like The Griswolds descending on the Royal Family in a National Lampoon movie 🍿! The Queen cannot stomach Trump! Trumpy and his malignant entourage when on a holiday on the taxpayer’s dine! When will you Yanks wake up ?

  11. It is Bad when Other presidents see that you are not a legitimate president. Need to get this group out.

  12. This guy is dangereuse
    Will be ready To rippe the constitution if he COULD.. ..
    That's why for me his voters and all his republican butt licker are the réal traitor

  13. These people that stand behind the man in the WH are paid federal employees. The guy to the left of the man in the WH in the striped shirt? He is a secret service agent that guards the president. I have seen his face in other videos. And he probably pulled the brown man on the right side of the man in the WH is probably a service employee of the WH. What a joke!

  14. We make allowances for someone so ignorant, but his utter incomprehension of the Constitution is what makes him so sure that some wicked conspiracy is afoot to get him when officials do their jobs; and being so very SURE is what makes him thoroughly persuasive to his similarly ignorant constituency. Bill Barr's just a lawyer working his best angle.

  15. Donald Trump is criminalizing dissent more importantly his criminalizing the first amendment free speech never Trump no way 2020! 🎉🎈

  16. King Caligula Trump rules. Soon to come. We're going to need Guy Fawkes or the French revolution. This f*cker is not going to leave voluntarily.

  17. World war 2? I think he forgot about the husband and wife that were caught spying for Russia. They were put to death. And that was long after WW2

  18. Wearing cowboy hats inside a house…..not just any house, but the WHITE HOUSE.

    I will honor my mom when I say this: “Take off your @#$& hat when you come into this house!!”

    Heck, I even take off my hat while eating in restaurants, weird huh?

  19. I'd say it's because Trump always accuses others of doing exactly what he's been doing, is doing or will be doing.

  20. It's getting close to war with the left. It's the left pushing the fake news media. They just don't like a non political type and they lost in 2016. Un american ?? who are you but you can't see how badly the spin cycle goes. — sick — of it all.

  21. What a vile nasty shallow ignorant uneducated traitor who hates humanity. What do you call someone who conspires with an adversarial government to steal the presidency? The supporters of trump are bot Christians or patriots. They are racist fascists. US will regret this mistake more than anyone can anticipate. He hates America.

  22. We have had a War on Terror since 2001 and he's still continuing today fact, the unverified Steele dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton to set up a false narrative of Russia collusion in an attempt to have the Trump administration thrown out of office and Trump to face impeachment chargers fact, the Russia collusion narrative was a tentacle of a much bigger monster where Barry had weaponized his three-letter agencies to spy on all Americans and anyone else he felt threatened by fact, just because you listen to fake news doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
    Link for the meaning of treason
    Two and a half years the Democrats have done nothing but undermine Trump, he is the most vetted president in history tenfold, and you still have antifa bashing anyone who supports Trump including a reporter this week who has had a brain bleed, or anyone that wears a Maga hat all the ambushing of people leaving Trump events, you call Milo a racist homophobe, even though he has a black partner, Ben Shapiro who is a Jew, you label as a Nazi, Candace Owens you label as a racist Nazi even though she is black, you say whatever comes into your head, it doesn't matter if it's true or not or whether it makes any sense at all, as long as it makes your pea sized brain feel justified. It's hammer time, fire up old Sparky, sharpen the guillotine, let the 100000 seal indictments, gitmo and the military trials begin. Who wants to cry me a river and tell me how bad I am for telling the truth. MSNBC, CNN and you other storytelling clowns you have eaten the forbidden fruit, see you at the unemployment line, you are Traders to the American people

  23. Treason?…………crimes against the nation USA…..not disagreement against any person,including the President


  25. The sickest narcissistic piece of dog dung that ever decorated the pavement. Dumpf in a watermelon shell. Nuts are too small to hold his 300 lbs gut!

  26. Well no one has ever accused donnie of logic, literacy, common sense and a vocabulary larger than a two year old!

  27. Sir arrested Taylor cutfilm and Alysa Lynch…who spread violence our nation . USA …they are original suspected

  28. Trumps ego won't allow him to realize how dumb he sounds, a true con man that's going down in 2020, that is if he refuses to give up power, that's a different issue.

  29. So by that definition alone–He is guilty, all he needs is a War! Bump that, he fits the other two. Everything he says, are things that describe himself to a tee!! An abuser does the same thing, accuses you of the very thing they are doing!!

  30. This man John mitchum is telling the truth about trump. That's exactly what trump is doing, stirring up his base of imbeciles.

  31. The only interference in the election by Russia was running adds. Most of the adds were in favor of Clinton. The info taken from the DNC server was the information of how the DNC set up the system so Bernie Sanders would loose the nomination and Clinton would win!

  32. Velho won't understand about the 'rule of law'.. He is an Indian like Kamala Harris. Indians have a caste system. Racist society

  33. If we keep listening to or let him continue to take us slowly down economicly we might as well just lay down and let him take this country to the dogs.
    There will be a big sign , Welcome To The United States Of Russia.
    I said it first. Best vote him out of office.
    Impeaching the chances are slim but possible.

  34. You know Chump Trump is lying when his lips are moving. Wow!. Every time this clown speaks he's lying.

  35. I have never supported Trump, and I can never imagine doing so, but… what the "press" has done for the last 2 plus years in what appears to be a concerted effort with the FBI is to mount an attack which. at this point, appears to have been baseless. I read the documents and watched the hearings. This was a witch hunt. Sure Trump is a disgusting human, but the actions of the press and FBI seem far worse than any "grabbing" and bragging that Trump ever did. Russian collusoin?? What a joke. The treason part may be too far, but we will have to see. It's easy to believe, though, based on what the FBI has done, especially the exchanges between Strzok and Page. I think Comey (or his bosses) are almost certainly going down. Even worse, the demonization of Trump by the left practically guarantees him another term, so the Democrats will be to blame if he wins again, all because they couldn't just let him self destruct and wait for 2020 in silence.

  36. Is it treason with Trump? yes i think, he is willing to commit treason, in he's last cam-pan / son in law met for in agents to rig the last election. has already bin cot once and he quoted as saying he'ed take help again. Why has impeachment not started he should be removed by force tried and sentient for treason him and all his supporter's family so on. try them all convict them all take there money give it to the country. just a thought

  37. “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

    ― Theodore Roosevelt

  38. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of treason in the 50s and we were not officially at war with the Soviet Union.

  39. Treason is what Donald Trump is doing to this country and the way he keeps sucking up to all these dictators. But what can you expect from a con man.

  40. Actually that's not true. Treason is what is committed by those in office who act against the Constitution and hence the people of the united "States of America".

  41. Treason is aiding or abetting a foriegn government during a time of war. Not sure cold wars are considered here. Just by trying to get rid of his opponents in this manner shows you he hasn't a clue how to govern . period.

  42. Can we get him for preach of promise, start my law suit. This man is a failure to ever United States citizen. Sign me up. What about his oath we at least got his dum as in that area of The law yeah.

  43. I am so looking forward to the day that we aren't subjected to the face and voice of the orange buffoon from Uranus

  44. Every member of Congress and Senate are all guilty of treason,any official who writes,votes for or enforces weapons laws is guilty of treason.
    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
    All weapons laws and treaties are acts of treason.
    PERJURY is treason and a felony under state and federal law.
    All members of Congress who war against freedom of speech freedom of religion and the right to bear arms and illegal search and siezure is a TRESSPASSER of their offices their jurisdiction and authority are null and void
    No American citizen is bound to obey a unconstitutional law.
    A unconstitutional law is null and void it is irrelevant what any court thinks or believes or rules.the constitution of the United States of America overrides and overrules all judges.

  45. Cortez is a traitor
    Pelosi is a traitor
    Biden is a traitor
    Cumo is a traitor
    Robert o'rourke is a traitor
    All guilty of treason.

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