Why Thailand Hates Its Future King
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Why Thailand Hates Its Future King

August 26, 2019

In October 2016, the long-reigning king of
Thailand passed away after several years of health complications. The 88-year-old king had ruled for the past
70 years, meaning that for a vast majority of the country, he is the only leader they
had ever lived under. With the king’s controversial son taking
his place, we wanted to know what will happen to Thailand’s monarchy? Well, Thai royalty is somewhat unique. Firstly, besides being one of the very few
remaining monarchies in the world, Thailand narrows down even further as one of the only
countries left to punish negative or insulting speech against the King. This is known as “lèse-majesté”, and
has prevented open discussion of the former leader’s health issues and potential succession. This inability to discuss royal issues muddies
the waters during a time of political instability. In fact, over the past decades, Thailand has
undergone numerous coup d’états, more than any other country on earth. Since 1932 they’ve seen 12 successful and
7 unsuccessful coups, particularly as a result of the extreme political divide in government. One former leader, who was ousted in a coup
and is currently in exile, is thought to represent the “Red Shirts”, who are working class
Thais in rural areas. They are opposed to the political elite and
conservative middle class, which are supported by the country’s military, and bureaucracy. Just in 2014, a constitutional court removed
the elected Prime Minister, who was actually the sister of the exiled Red Shirt leader. Following the removal, the country underwent
yet another coup. However, despite Thailand’s numerous coups,
the monarchy has remained unchanged, largely because it is more of a figurehead role than
an active political position. And while opinion on the former king was split,
the office of the monarchy was treated with reverence by many Thai people. But now, the king’s successor, his son,
threatens to dismantle that respect. The so-called “millionaire playboy” has
been repeatedly embroiled in scandals, including extremely unflattering photographs of the
Prince wearing a belly-shirt, low-rise jeans, and sporting large tattoos. The Prince also made his poodle a high ranking
member of the Air Force. Internal diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks
showed some political elites expressing concern about the Prince replacing the elderly king,
and what that could mean for the monarchy. One major fear by these elites is that the
Prince has ties to the exiled leader of the Red Shirts, which could severely complicate
the existing split in government. Others worry that he will squander the country’s
$53 billion dollar business investment network operated by the royal crown, or worse yet,
yield control of it to the Red Shirts. These fears are likely the reason that the
Prince’s coronation was postponed for one year following the death of the King. In the meantime, a high ranking former advisor
to the king will fulfill the role. Once crowned, however, it will be on the Prince
to either uphold the monarchy with respect, or continue to act controversially, and lose

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  1. He and his fiancé are living in comfort near my hometown Munich, I feel he prefers to stay here instead of becoming King of Thailand.

  2. The monarchy is not a 'figurehead role' at all. It has had a strong (but subtle) hand in coups and it has prevented the country from having sound and trustworthy institutions, the monarchy consistently voicing the idea that politicians and laws didn't really matter over faith and spiritual guidance. That's the well-developed argument of the book "the king never smiles" banned in Thailand, although on the whole quite balanced about Bhumibol.

  3. sorry guys it is totally unrelated to the topic. Do you happen to know what is the occasion occurred in the picture at minute 1:27? There was the Swedish king and Sultan of Brunei.

  4. The military in Thailand has taken over. Something tells me the government will be rebuilt into a Military Dictatorship.

  5. It doesn't suprise me that now this would show some kind of bias to support some left leaning movement in a foreign country

  6. l know where did you got stupid information from, you're not Thai so do not even say anything about Thai King, if people want to know more about Thailand, pls. go to Thailand and find out, not only just listen to this ediet people saying. l never ever believe it.

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  8. Thailand people no one hates our king, Don’t used the words all Thai people we Love our king no matter last king or future king

  9. Oversea news always specified Thais people hates future King, what is the truth ?
    Why foreigner know much more Than Thai people? I'm Thai who really hate this kind of news, we really protect royal family and never said about Royal in public, why news can always make it's funny? You never have King? You do not have religion? You never feel it's sensitive topic for Thai people?

  10. Rumour is that the new king lost one of the Royal palaces to Thaksin in a card game a few years ago. He also looks mixed race, which would explain why his father never smiled in public.

  11. Thai People don't hate king #10 we need time to know him more. we always loved our king . you guy need to stop say thing that is not true. not your DAM !! business

  12. one of the few remaining monarchies in the world?? there are half a dozen in asia, 10 in Europe; Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica and other Carib island have Elizabeth II as does Australia New Zealand New Guinea, some Pacific island chains, Tonga, what is this guy talking about?

  13. It is an ABSOLUTE LIE to say that Thailand has had more coups than any country on earth. Not even close. Get your facts straight.

  14. kuwait is the best democracy country in middle east where u get ur information im from kuwait we have bad Government is it ok now dont say wrong information plz

  15. You did not dig true deep information about Thailand and this king. What do you want from Thailand? Do you want Thai people kill each other ? Because your VDO / clip making people hate King Rama 10! Blood is always thicker than water!! This king has done many good things in the past. He risked his life for his father and his people before. Stop destroying Thailand this way!!! This is tooooooo muchhhhh from what you are doing now!!!

  16. I dont hate him but I just lost hope on him. When i see something like this it just like a knife stab me in the heart.

  17. Monarchies and republics act as opposites. First pick which you want. If you want a republic you need to upset your lower class, meanwhile, if you want a Monarchy you must upset your upper class. If you are already a monarch but wish to be the alternative type of monarch (constitutional/absolute) you need to upset the upper class to make the switch.
    It is important to remember you may need to have 2 revolutions to switch from republic to the right type of monarchy you want.

  18. Shame… Not only that you try to propaganda the fiction, rumors, and personal opinion. Now you cannot even accept the different opinion. How is democracy your channel?

  19. +Pietro Jenkins……I challenge you back up your highly dubious claim that 'Thailand has a booming tourist industry'! [other than that provided by the pro-junta propagandist TAT].
    FYI Thailand's tourist industry has been in steady decline for a number of years – due in part to the rising cost of visiting the Kingdom in comparison to other more appealing Asian destinations such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia etc [combined with Thailand's utterly wicked 'double-pricing' culture and artificially inflated level of the Baht].
    In addition, the obscene levels of road deaths in Thailand [now officially the world's worst] and repeated warnings issued by leading western motoring organisations that RTA's are the 2nd most common cause of death for tourists visiting the country, combined with completely uncontrolled regulation of tourist-targeted companies resulting in countless deaths to visitors in activities as varied as go-karting to jet-skiing.
    In 2015, John Stapleton's book ''Thailand: Deadly Destination'' named the Kingdom as the most dangerous country to visit in the world! But even if you doubt Mr Stapleton, the World Economic Forum reported Thailand to be the 19th most dangerous country to visit in May 2017.
    British visitors have literally fallen by 50% in the past 12 months alone and many that did visit stated that would never want to return – not least the elderly Owen family who were videoed being beaten senseless in Hua Hin last year [which was not even covered by Thai media].
    Idiotic and wholly inaccurate claims such as you make Mr Jenkins perpetuate a totally false and highly misleading image of Thailand as a safe and attractive holiday destination. In truth, Thailand today is a cesspool of cheats, criminals, low-life scum and corrupt government agencies and officials. Coupled with this are a disgustingly racist, greed-driven, inanely arrogant and lazy people.
    The only person who could possibly be attracted by such a vile place is people such as yourself.

  20. Besides the many corrections that Thai citizens and expats alike are offering in the comments, you need to understand that no one ever wanted to even imagine their leader losing their life. Someone who changed the country so much into what it is today, so there was no preparation for when he did die. That's why everything has taken so long.

  21. This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government. This content is blocked in Thailand

  22. The ppl should rise up against this man he lives in luxury his people suffer . The king of shame has no respect for his people. He is no god but a devil

  23. This is a bit Harsh..In England,Prince Andrew in a Ambassador/go between for the International Arms Dealers & his dog became His wife…?.

  24. This is how they get likes,hits. How do they decide that thai hates their king? Misleading video. How this video proves Thailand hate the existing king?

  25. at least they are upfront with not criticizing government! Here in the USA Obama's gestopo civilian task force will gangstalk you. The said part is the people who do the gangstalking are too stupid to debate other people's ideas so they have to reduce themselves to attacking the person instead of their thoughts.

  26. thai pirates vietnamese boat people . victims of the thai pirates . panatnikhom camp . p.o. box 18 chonburi , 20140

  27. Unlike UK or other monarch, Thai monarch still control huge power, they just do it behind the scene but sometimes they did show it to the Thai people,. Like during 92 clash between military government and anti government protester that became so bad that it nearly make a civil war, Thai king step in and call both leaders and have practically told them what to do on national tv, and they follow even it mean that the leader of military government have to lost his power. The king have a tight grip on its people by many civil project and subtle directive..

  28. I'm a Thai, and in Thailand we love our kings! This is such a one sided information. Oh, and the picture, it's probably faked. He's a future king, he wouldn't be showing off his tattoos with a vest on, if he has any. (And yes I call it a vest because I have a British accent) Some political figures have expressed concern about our beloved former king, King Bhumbibol, And, they were drastically wrong, instead of actually asking Thai people, you guys were being lazy. This information is extremely one-sided.

  29. what a lie. what a biased and foolish matter. The Thais never hate their kings and the Royal Family. Stop being fools and liars

  30. Please do not believ any politice,They create idea for
    concern what they
    Change constitution promust because they are communist leader:sample Laos is communist leader control every thing they do now ,they do drug smugling sale,lao people if say about contry leader you get kill like the kamerou combodia.

  31. Baby That how In My Life To be Find Out People Rule Te Fix The problem Of MONGATAGNAR DEGAR LANDS So Will Get Up Move On My War In Vietnam Country's People New Every Freedom Everyone Life Hope Your People In Thailand World Government People 🌏🇹🇭🇺🇸Help My People Stay In You Guy's City Montagnard DEGAR Repuze People Than Rolan Mtd God Bless Everyone

  32. As a Thai myself who have been in the States for 30 years. It’s very sad to hear that our King have passed away. He was a great King and how many people respect him even if we have move out of Thailand ourselves. I myself wonder how the New King will be to the country but at the same time he’s a human being himself just like anyone. As for the belly shirts….no comment. Yes, for sure he will never be his father but he can grow up and be a great King himself.

  33. You should have studied more than this about Thailand before you make video because your information was so wrong. I’m THAI live in US.

  34. You must carefully of using words… not all Thai feel the same… I love my future king ,,, he got cool style…. but government yes I hate them…😛

  35. The late King was a wonderful man. The present King is amoral and a poor example. The Thai monarchy wants modernization. Up off the floor. Stop that "Oompa Loompa" nonsense. Sirindhorn would make a fine monarch. This fellow should remain a high ranking military person. With Air Marshall Foo Foo his dog.

  36. Horrible clickbait title… Most Thais are extremely respective of their royal family and now that its 3 years after this video it's proved incorecct…

  37. "One of the few remaining monarchies in the world"

    What? There are over 45 countries in the world that are monarchies, whereas his statement makes it sound as if there are 5.

  38. Why is it all the time, the misleading rubbish comes from the USA ? Again, they have not got their facts right, oh dear !

  39. why thai's hates its future king ?
    i cant undurstend this. pls some thai's can explane that for other country 🤔

  40. lol you left out his drug trafficking with his now-ex wife, his absolutely disgusting party with his wife/dog, his mental illness, his whoring and partying, how he lives outside Thailand (as do all the royal family) etc etc etc

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