Why the Treaty of Fort Laramie Failed to Maintain Peace
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Why the Treaty of Fort Laramie Failed to Maintain Peace

January 16, 2020

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  1. "Complications arose in the Black Hills when Gold was discovered." That's not a complication, that's greed kicking in.

  2. [FACT] IF it wasnt for the " US ARMY " This Place This GREAT NATION would LOOK Like a Cross between MEXICO & AFghanistan !

  3. And just saying but Custer looks a lot like my grandpa when he was young because my grandpa had the same mustache as Custer

  4. We need to allow natives to buy back land and build their own city where people with native Americans blood can live and build together

  5. I can appreciate them wanting to let people know about the Black Hills (there are several different names for it in different First People Nations), but I get frustrated when they lump all of the Sioux Nation into the Lakotas. It's even on Wiki which is kind of an insult. There are 7 subnation within the Sioux people, and they still exist, I'm part Dakota Sioux. Sitting Bull was such a huge influence that he was able to unite those nations, some of which were antagonistic toward each other. The treaty affected all Sioux Nations, and the results still continue to affect each part of the Sioux Nation. Some Repercussions and laws that were placed have not yet been lifted.

    Other laws while no longer reinforced after my grandmother's generation, were still valid laws until the Obama presidency terminated some of them. You can't really show how remarkable the history is if you keep repeating what history told us 20 years ago. With more recognition of what has transpired with the First Nations the history that was white-washed or hidden has come to light. Yes, Native Americans were sometimes just as at fault as the settlers, other times, more often than not they were, while not victims, the ones who had to shoulder the responsibility.

    I would ask any channel or person who wants to do a Documentary, to show the larger aspects of the history that until 20 years ago painted us as heathens that were evil. Remember that little tune as a kid, "one little indian"? It was such an innocent child's rhyme, but it reflected what history told. We have come a long way since then. If historically we can acknowledge the horrors that faced other minority peoples, then I would ask the same consideration be shown to us. Evil or good, at fault, or instigator, I would ask that we be shown for who and what we once were and who we have since become. "1 Man had enough influence to unite a nation." Now if that was said in a history class who would those children think they were hearing about? That is what is missing from these documentaries.

    You can't tell recent history unless you truly show what that history meant. Abraham Lincoln was an amazing man who was before his time, but despite all of that and his actions to help abolish slavery, Native Americans were merely animals in his eyes. Let us respect the history we have by showing and telling more of what happened. I do not hate Abraham Lincoln and even understand where he came from as far as "indians" were concerned, and knowing much of what transpired and how, does not make me respect his role in our United States History any less. That is the kind of history I would like to be shown. A history that rather than trying to place guilt or evoke sympathy, lets us know we have grown from who we once were and gives us pride in all that we have overcome. A history that can give us pride in who we are and strength as we continue into our future, knowing all that we have overcome and the fortitude to continue to walk forward as a nation, while continuing to overcome the obstacles and challenges that face us.

  6. Negroes are Natives of America aswell. Webster's Dictionary 1828 AMER'ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races,(negroes) found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

  7. The Indian tribes had to be contained so that they had very little of the land that was deemed of value. Remember, they were here first and all this country belonged to one tribe or another.

  8. Because Europeans broke the treaty……just like the hundreds of others they broke? Just a guess…….We've been in denial of civilizations thriving here prior to our "discovery" of the continent. The ruins of cities of 20,000 are being found in Ohio and Southern Kansas……..

  9. Treaties are broken we all wait to take your souls ha ha Ha tree breakers land these boat people ask yourself who are the boat people who stole land who saw our suffering I lay claim to it go ahead leave a bad comment I’ll take your soul to we are all waiting

  10. What a horrible video. There is no real information contained within and it certainly does NOT explain why the Fort Laramie treaty failed. Very poor job.

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