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October 20, 2019

powerslides say that the skate offers
more control why do they say that the skate offers more control Ola YouTube
my name is ricardo lino and i’m a wheel addict today I’m gonna talk about the
system that power smart released in July 2016 and that system is the Trinity one
two three when power slide release the Trinity system they put a video on their
YouTube channel called it’s time for Trinity so what we’re gonna do today is
I’m going to analyze the video so let’s comment on this video and let’s check
why they say whatever they say so let’s see what’s these Trinity amount all
about okay let’s watch the video together it’s time
for a new era of skates it’s time to make skates that people dream of not
what they asked for so the voice the voice in this video is
from Scott Arledge Scott College is is the main guy when it comes to developing
wheels at powerslide he is the guy behind all the development for metal
wheels which are the fastest wheels in the market and he’s also in charge of
the technology behind the undercover will Scott has been a world champion of
speed skating and that’s the voice that you’re going to listen in the rest of
the video so let’s get back to the video it’s time to make skates that enter
extension of your body so bar slides say that the skate offers more control why
do they say that the skate offers more control it’s just a frame well it’s just
a frame it’s true but this is the regular frame which I use a lot I still
use this frame a lot with one two screws one screen the front one screen the back
one line touching the boot oh this is the Trinity system one two three screws
making it one triangle let me try to make a triangle I can’t really make a
triangle this triangle here one two three this triangle means that there’s a
triangle underneath your food which means there’s no there’s not one line
touching the boot but one triangle under your food and that’s why this is there’s
more control because whenever you move the plant of your food that comes to the
skate but let’s keep going it’s time for a new vision it’s time
maximum stability three points of contact integrated what’s that
integrated X lot amount what is that let me see if I have a boot here do I have a
boot here no I don’t so maximum stability because the Trinity will make
your skates lower but I will show you that right after this video but the
Trinity will make your skates your boot your foot lower to the ground and as we
know lower to the ground will give you more stability also like I just said
before if you have a triangle under your foot instead of having one line only
that means that you are more stable because it’s all your food stabilizing
it you have a triangle under your food stabilizing your ankle instead of having
just one screen the front one spoon the back does this make sense thanks so
let’s keep going oh by the way integrated X lot what is
that look at this you see this there’s the
space here there’s one screw in front one screw here one screw on the other
side and there’s a hole where the front wheel goes through that means that the
wheels are deep inside the boot instead of the boot needing to be high see you
see like it feels like the wheel it’s inside the boot the wheel is integrated
I don’t know if that’s what they mean but that’s going to be the trendsetter
again yeah it’s time to be the trendsetter again I think it’s nothing
new that powerslide was the main brand pushing the tree will skates they first
called him try blades then the brand that we know that finish we’d blade they
they weren’t really happy with power slide calling the skate try blades so
the name was changed to try skates and yes power slide was the main brand
pushing try skates yes in the early 90s the other brand and
the first skates with trivial skates but did they call it try skates no did it
keep doing them no so I guess that’s why power slide says that they’re the
trendsetter and then they say again it’s time to reinvent skating a bit like
saying that you’re reinventing skating it’s a little bit much but the truth is
it’s a completely different feeling it’s okay
I still skate with skates without being Trinity main reason for that because I
do love my Imperials a lot and for downhill there’s not one down hill frame
yet with the Trinity system but other than that I really love this thing and
create new excitement less vibrations Wireless vibration they said last
hydration because again it’s let’s go to the triangle again that’s why it’s
called Trinity if you have one line only getting all them the shock coming from
the ground you’ll feel it differently then if you have a bigger base basically
with the Trinity system there’s the wider base there’s a bigger base getting
the vibrations which means that the vibrations will spread through your feet
instead of getting all the vibrations in the same place that’s why you feel the
vibrations differently and these will make your ride a lot more comfortable
that’s cool it’s time for a better future of skating
it’s time for a better future of skating it’s a it’s again kind of tricky but the
truth is men world records have been broken since people are using this so
Simon Albert I think that’s unsaid the German guy it’s kind of sad because
it is the best guy doing 300 meters in speed skating which is one of those
distances that if you were ever speed skating you know that the 300 meter
speed skating is kind of like the 100 meters running that’s one of the main
ones but because it’s a triumph trial thing and they need to do one at a time
it takes a long time they say it’s not good for sure but that doesn’t really
matter that has nothing to do with the Chilean system going back to the 380
system yes it’s changing skating not just from a and Toby but from today until tomorrow the better
acceleration I’m trying to get this one usually the size of the wheels would
have a lot to do with it but acceleration have to do with power I’m
trying to guess that if you can yeah I guess that’s it you can transfer more
power if there’s more contacted from the boot to the frame more contact from the
wheels to your feet so I guess that’s why they say bail better acceleration it
it makes sense but I guess the wheel size matters yes being lowered to the
ground you can push stronger yes at the same time when you have a higher frame
you can go on the edges more and somehow I believe that if you learn how to use
this edge to edge transfer you can use that as leverage for a stronger push but
if you can use this edge to edge with bigger frame with a bigger frame like
125 like these here and then you still have like a stronger connection between
the boot and the frame this yeah this will make you go faster together we
create the history of tomorrow’s try skates
it’s time for the next level of skating it’s time for Trinity I guess it’s time it’s time for Trinity
so what I’m gonna do now is mainly what I’ve been talking and what they say a
lot in this video is that you’re gonna have like I just said you have like a
bigger base touching the frame a bigger area of the boot in contact with the
frame and just like like I just said stronger connection between wheels and
feet and that’s what skates are basically when you skate you want your
feet to have wheels underneath and when you have like why they’re bays from the
boot to the frame you’re making this connection stronger also they also say
in this video that you’re going to be lower you’re gonna have less more like
more stability less vibration all those things so I guess the main thing that I
want to show you is is it really lower let’s see and I’m going to get to eighty
millimeter skates one with Trinity on this side one without being Trinity on
that side on this side one of my favorite non Trinity skates the
Imperials on the other side basically my favorite treat is skate until now
because it they both have 80 millimetres frames and wheels and they’re both same
size I’m gonna try to keep them straight as you can see the boot is slightly
lower on this one but as you can also see on the Trinity the mounting here
it’s quite high which means that it looks like there’s not a huge difference
but the place where your food seats on the inside is actually lower and the way
for you to see it is looking at the highest part of the boot so check this
out the highest part let me try to show you here this is the highest part of the
Imperial now let me try it without falling here up up up up up this is the
highest part of the castle does it seem lower yes it is you are stating actually
a lot lower and I don’t want it to finish now I want to show you with 125
millimeter skates to again my favourite boot on the left side
Imperial 125 I’ve been skating this a lot these one is the pro frame so it’s a
Imperial Maggie Cruiser with Imperial Pro frame and undercover 125 worlds
this is a car save again and the closet also has other cover wheels and also the
trinity pro frame as you can see the boot is also a little bit lower the main
difference here is because it’s a 125 the front wheel and the back wheel on
the art boot ends up being almost outside the skate so the difference is
not that obvious here but again if I’m gonna touch the highest part of the boot
this is the highest part of the Trinity of the the Imperial this is the highest
part of the Kazi so my main goal with this video was if
you still have any doubts about the trinity system if you don’t know if you
should go 165 trinity I really believe that the trinity makes you have a
completely different experience whilst and like I said before I still use the
non trinity skates like the interior for the reasons that I also told you I do
love my Imperial boot but that’s about to change because the trinity is about
to be released in an art boot shell but I can’t tell you a lot more but there’s
some stuff on the internet on what’s about to come
next anyway that’s one of the reasons and the second reason is for downhill
skating there’s not a Trinity frame yet yes you can do downhill with the Trinity
3 125 or 4 1 times but I’m talking about like a lower long
frame yes it’s slower with the Trinity 125 but at the same time I want to have
more points of contact so four or five wheels would be needed for 1/10 could
work I’ve been loving my five new frames so we’ll see we’ll see what’s coming
next I guess that’s the main thing being lower super connected boot frames or
feet wheels that’s what I wanted to tell it today if you make me the question
should I go Trinity yes you should that’s it if you enjoyed this video
don’t forget to subscribe to the channel give me some thumbs up if you like this
one give me some thumbs down if you didn’t like it but I want to know why
you didn’t like this video other than that let’s just not forget why we all
started skating because it’s fun and it’s fun thank you guys you said booth

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  1. the holy trinilino. u could have just edited in some straight lines into the video to show the height difference. ive seen it but maybe it would have been more clear with added lines.

  2. Surely someone has interest. Here's the new Powerslide catalog for 2018. Since Lino has not posted it, it's likely to be clear. @Lino, if it is a problem, feel free to delete this post. Note: Look at the trinity urban skates! 😉 http://www.deeport.com/linkimages/PS_Cat2018_wop_150dpi.pdf

  3. Man.
    I would like you to compare the trinity frame and the wizard frame.
    I know the wizard frame produce more control as well
    Apart of that. Please man, more tutorial of jumps and slides
    Greetings from Lima- Peru

  4. Trinity it is, probably going to be 110mm's. But first I need money for it. Thanks for the video, I was steering for my future skates to be trinity but these kind of videos help get things clearer coming from someone who skates both and explains what it does different. 🙂 I would love to have a similar kind of video talking about bearing types (different sealing, shielding, open, materials, smoothness.) if you ever find the time and/or see it fit on your channel. Cheers

  5. I am currently skating the 2018 Tau with the trinity 125, 100 and 80R frames. I’m interested in trying the 4×110 option for straight line distance and maybe downhill. Have you tried the 4×110 trinity frame yet?

  6. Ricardo, i have a question, my city is small and just have me skating, i have a slalom skates and i an a beginer, i can skate well but, i have poblam to learn new stuff, you have some tips for me? Thanks for all

  7. I already order powerslide Kaze Triniti, I see on the website there are photos you use Kaze, therefore I order kaze, I want to try Triniti technology, but I never read someone's comments, boot is too hard, is it true ?

  8. My main problem is that if Trinity is that much better, why didn't they make Imperial Megacruisers with it? Now I see (thanks to @Michel Lange) that there will (maybe) be a 'NEXT Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125' with Trinity. I really wish Powerslide had better distribution in the U.S. – models seem to just 'drip' out very slowly here. I guess these new Imperials won't be here for a year… and at a reasonable price for two… 🙁

  9. in a nutshell: is it really a new era as they claim it to be or is it a gimmicky thing that no one's gonna bother about? seeing how they released it in 2016 and it's almost 2018 and i heard of it for the first time, i guess, it's the latter.

  10. I admit I am curious as to how a Trinity mount feels. But on more personal note, since I use 60mm aggressive frame, would there be (provided there was a choice) a difference between that and a trinity? What would be the advantages and disadvantages?

  11. WTF? There are at least two New Zealanders narrating Powerslide videos on YouTube and you can't even buy the skates in this country! It's time… for inline skates in NZ.

  12. You should go Trinity because it's the future of Powerslide, and everything else will be phased out. I heard they were even going to license the mounting system to other brands like Seba. So you will see Trinity mounts everywhere from here on out. Don't be tempted with the non-Trinity sale prices. It's obsolete tech, hold out, save up, get Trinity!

  13. I do like Trinity frame. I think it is much better than traditional frame. What I don't like about PS is how inconsistent they are with creating small size boots (35-36 European women) that come with Trinity frames. They just suck at it: put on their site that they make them and in fact they don't! Not even in production plans! Skating bigger and soft boots really ruins the experience for me. Pain, pain, pain. This is why I am pro-Seba with their the most comfortable boots ever that I can find in any size.

  14. TheTrinity mount is Awesome! But honestly, the POWERSLIDE Trinity boots HURT! I got Swells 125 and they sitting in the garage . ALL of the reviews on these skates get 1 star and say that they hurt the inner ankle. I wish the company would listen and change the fit-Im sure they'd see a huge profit increase well. Be our voice Ricardo and ask them to do something about it , pleae,,,,

  15. HI Lino,

    I just purchased a pair of swell trinity 125 city… Really after watching your video and looking at hours of information. I really wanted an urban freestyle, but I could not find one in my size that I could get shipped to me asap. I really decided i definitely wanted something in the power slide trinity family. I am leaving on a 5 month trip to the Bahamas in 2 weeks…Can I push the swell in ways that I could push the freestyle line? Nothing super aggressive, but maybe a few jumps and tricks…. I'm light. Like 115. Or are the boot and frame not supportive enough? Will they maneuver as well as the freestyles? Can I ride them on roads that are a bit harsh? I am thinking maybe I need a few pairs. The off-road ones look like a load of fun too! And though I am attracted to the tri…Should I consider four wheels? As a cyclist there was a big switch a few years back from small 26 wheels to 29 wheels. I am thinking this 3 wheel theme is comparable to that switch in the Mtn bike world. I am a competitive Mtn biker but bikes are too big for sailboats… Skating seems to be the perfect fit now. Any advice you can offer is appreciated! Thanks!

  16. NEXT….lol… I want a pair of Next 125 but not available in the US at the moment. Good work on the channel btw, just subscribed and rolling since 93:)

  17. They should make the Quattro system and make it the new mounting Style style for aggressive skates. They could recess the frame into the soulplate which would hide the screws, allow you to change frames without taking Wheels out and also allow you to ride lower On the frame/wheels. Just an idea. I love my RAZORS shifts but I could easily bring a tool with me and change out a frame which would take up a lot less space than the whole soulframe with frame and wheels attached like with the shifts.

  18. So if this crazy add another screw system is changing the world of skating, the usd aeon one fram system must be a fucking revolution in the realm of skating… they mustve popped a few blood vessels thinking of that one

  19. Lino, you forgot one technical issue – are the Trinity's laterally adjustable and what impact does that have on 110 & 125mm's

  20. hi there im skating on Tau power slide 2017 on 125 mm wheels body weight 100 kg i though if i change my boot or frame size like new next boot with dual crown liner or downsize frame too 100 mm wheels because feet and ligaments in pain after skating also i love to skate

  21. Hi, I am looking at either the Powerslide Next Supercruiser 110's or the Kaze Supercruiser 110's. While I like the lightweight nature of the Kaze I am a little cautious that they won't be too durable. I don't skate aggressive but I do a lot of street/urban skating with small jumps etc. Would you mind a paragraph here to give your opinion between those two skates? Thank you.

  22. Lino, I've got a Seba deluxe 80mm. What are the differences between the Seba deluxe frame and the trinity frame? Is the deluxe better or trinity.? Thanks. Cheers from Argentina

  23. I feel like making propiatary mounts is a bit of a step back and they say that they are lower but have a section of the boot coming down to the frame anyway! So isn't it just as high? I won't be as annoyed if they offer other mounts or other manufactuers adopt the trinity mounting system. I come from skate boards and love how I can mix and match from all manufactuers and I think having a standard system helps everyone. Maybe we are still in the early days of inline skating really?

  24. Ricardo, do you think other brands will embrace this form of connection as a new standard? Maybe the patent of Powerslide is to much of influence in cost and it will be only for Powerslide only? Greetings from Belgium, we love your channel alot ! Keep it up !

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