Why vote in the Scottish Parliament election
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Why vote in the Scottish Parliament election

November 23, 2019

Voting in Scottish Parliament elections gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Parliament passes laws on matters
that affect your daily life, such as education, health, law and order, sport, training, transport
and housing. These are known as devolved matters. It will also be getting new powers over income
tax and some aspects of welfare. You’ll be voting to elect Members of the
Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to represent you in the Scottish Parliament and work for you
in your local area. Everyone in Scotland has one constituency
MSP and seven regional MSPs. You can contact any of your 8 MSPs, or attend
their surgeries, to give them your views or seek their help with a devolved matter. The party (or coalition of parties) with the
most MSPs overall in the election will have the opportunity to form the next Scottish
Government. So make sure you vote in the next election and have your say on who represents you.

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