Why we need a secular Irish Constitution: Michael Nugent at Cork public meeting
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Why we need a secular Irish Constitution: Michael Nugent at Cork public meeting

September 23, 2019

>>: Our constitution – which was written in 1937 and reflects the Catholic ethos of
1937 which seems to believe that the creator of the universe needed Eamon de Valera and the Catholic
Church in order to vindicate its rights – starts off with a clause saying that all power comes from the Holy Trinity; it contains a clause saying that the state acknowledges that the homage of
public worship is due to Almighty God which is a clause enshrining the right of the god
into the constitution as opposed to the right of the people to worship that god. There are clauses that require the president of ireland and judges in Ireland, and members of the
Council of State in Ireland to swear a religious oath before taking office asking God to direct and sustain them. That means that in real terms, a conscientious atheist cannot
become president of Ireland, cannot serve as a judge in Ireland, or cannot serve as a
member of the Council of State in Ireland. There are a range of clauses in the constitution
that reflect Catholic teaching. The most recent in terms of the supposedly pro-life referendum enshrines Catholic teaching about the rights of the unborn, which is phrased bizarrely as an adjective with no noun attached to it because they couldn’t even figure out what it
was that they were supposedly trying to say in that and more recently because of a clause in the original
constitution which said that blasphemy is an offence which should be punishable in a court of law, Dermot Ahern, the previous Minister for Justice felt
that he had to include – put forward a new law against blasphemy, the only country in the civilised world to pass a new law against blasphemy in the
twenty-first century a couple of years ago, and that law is being cited at the United Nations by the Islamic states led by Pakistan as what they want implemented; part of –
literally part of the wording of the Irish law has been incorporated in the Islamic states’ motions at the United Nations trying to make
blasphemy and defamation of religion a crime internationally. So it’s not just here that that has an effect.
It has an effect internationally as well.

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  1. Excellent, rational, points.
    Atheist Ireland is doing a great job explaining the need for secular approaches by government in the modern world.

    I tip my hat to Michael Nugent and Atheist Ireland for working to make a positive difference in the world.

  2. It's important to understand that a 'constitution' is just a tool used by scumbag politicians who rule YOU to further screw YOU into making them rich beyond their wildest dreams.
    Ask Bertie Ahern! YOU pay him €150,000 to remind YOU of the level of YOUR intelligence.
    It's a great pity that stupidity isn't painful. Unfortunately, it is painful for those of us who have to deal with the stupidity of others. Is this your first time on the internet?

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