Will Falk: We Know What Must Be Done (Sabotage)
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Will Falk: We Know What Must Be Done (Sabotage)

October 15, 2019

I argue for direct confrontation with
the forces that are destroying the planet I think that the best way to
the only way that we’re gonna save the planet is if we dismantle industrial
infrastructure you know the we know what is destroying the world we know that the
combustion of fossil fuels is producing climate change for example we
know that the you know that the expansion of agricultural operations of industrialization destroys habitat for the species we share
this beautiful planet with we know what is causing the problems and if
we’re going to if we’re going to stop environmental destruction we have to
actually stop environmental destruction we can’t ask other people to do it for
us so so like I said I argue for dismantling industrial infrastructure I
think that morally we’re obligated to do this as quickly as possible the longer
that we wait the less of a planet is going to be left and we don’t have any
time to waste so I more specifically I argue for things like sabotage there are
miles and miles and miles of undefended pipelines of relatively unguarded hubs
where things like fossil fuels are produced are refined and if this culture
doesn’t have access to its lifeblood to fossil fuels then it can’t keep
destroying you have to be able to fill the backhoe with oil or gas in order for
it to operate unfortunately not a lot of people are ready to hear this or want to
hear this and unfortunately as much as I wish that
there was a serious militant resistance movement forming that was willing to
consider these more direct approaches that just doesn’t seem to be the case
so when I realized that it’s one thing for me to you know get on a podcast or
get on my computer and type up an argument for attacking industrial
infrastructure it but it’s another I think it’s more effective to actually
experientially show people why the tactics that they’ve been taught to
believe in aren’t working you know when I say something like we need to
dismantle industrial infrastructure we need to consider tactics like
sabotage people say well we don’t need to do that we can file a lawsuit we can
we can get the right candidates in office but and what
what the example of what has happened in Toledo is showing people is that that it
doesn’t work you know and you can waste I don’t want to say I don’t want to say
that the people of Toledo wasted their time but imagine if they already knew
that everything that they were going to try back in 2014 wasn’t going to work could we have stopped something because again nothing has been stopped in Toledo the lake is still being poisoned the algae blooms getting worse you know
for all of the efforts that we’ve done in Toledo nothing physically has
changed so that quote that you just read about you know much like using single
matches to illuminate a painting in a darkroom I think that we have to show
people and the reason that I keep doing law work is to from the outset tell
people I don’t think this is going to work I’m a lawyer I’m telling you this
but if you still don’t believe me and you want
to go through the process I’ll go through that process with you and then
hopefully those people through their blood sweat and tears that they poured
into this when at the end of the campaign when they haven’t achieved what
they what they thought they were going to there is going to be a moment where
people are angry and they are energized and they have for the last five years
honed their organizing skills built relationships within their communities
really put together a framework for a truly serious resistance movement and I
want to be there when those people do experience that anger to say there’s
other things we can try we the legal system is not the end-all be-all is not
the last thing you know now it’s time to think about how we how we can directly
challenge physically challenge what is happening actually shut down the forces
that are destroying the planet that are poisoning Lake Erie you know and to me
that that does require physical and perhaps armed confrontation
you know what is it that we’re actually trying to do through the
legal system when we file a lawsuit what is it that we’re actually trying to do
and to me at the at the very basic level what we’re trying to do is we’re trying
to get the judge to order men and women with with guns armed men and women with
guns the police the National Guard in Canada the RCMP we’re trying to
we’re trying to get the judge to order the police to act on our behalf you know
so if if we file a lawsuit against the corporate project and we’re successful
in getting a judge to rule that that that project shouldn’t go on the real
power behind the judge’s decision is the judges ability to if that
corporation disobeys the judge’s order the judge now has the power to order the
police to go stop the corporation so if we know that the legal system doesn’t
work for us cut out the middleman cut out we don’t need it to be
the the state’s police that are protecting us why don’t we learn how to
protect ourselves is my big point why don’t we skip the last like in
Toledo why don’t we skip the last five years of truly grueling work of using
all those resources and and what if we started to think about you know our own
police forces or you know our own our own more militant tactics and instead of
wasting time precious precious time where we’re losing so much why don’t we
skip that step and get right to it and and and stop the destruction

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  1. When corporations rule the world, environmental catastrophe is the result. I am a veteran of environmental battles. The assholes know they can wait us out, and they can bankrupt us because they have bigger pockets. Can we start pulling corporate charters?

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