Will Republicans Fight to the Death on Impeachment?
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Will Republicans Fight to the Death on Impeachment?

October 26, 2019

Let’s go next to our caller from the two one
zero area code color from two one zero. Uh, what’s your name? Where are you calling from? [inaudible] uh, name’s Tony. I’m calling from San Antonio, Texas, as you
can probably tell from the accent. [inaudible] all right. Tony, what’s on your mind today? I have a quick question. Yeah, I had a quick question. First of all, just need to see if you saw
recently on the news that um, a bunch of Republicans just storms the congressional hearing. No, I didn’t see that. Okay. So there’s a large group of Republicans that
just owned the congressional hearing where the Pentagon representative is being questioned. Um, I had a quick question that kind of revolves
around that and it’s as this, uh, goes forward with the impeachment hearings and as we learn
more and more about, um, issues that come with this president, this very turmoil base
president, where do you see this evolving, I guess is the best way. It is. How violent. Uh, is this going to end up? And what do you think the overall reaction
is going to be from the government moving forward? The reaction to what I, I just, I’m not sure
Tony, I’m understanding your question. [inaudible] so the, the reaction of a, sorry, I may have
worded that as I’m seeing it, there’s a lot more Republicans that are saying they’re talking
about a civil war and all that. Uh, and I’m sure it’s all just bark, no bite. But it seeming more and more like it’s, it’s
becoming, uh, more and less aggressive. Like they are pushing more aggressively when
it comes to investigations. So I am kind of wondering what your take on
it is, how far you think it’s going to go and what the overall outcome. So I think that basically this is just a building
of tension. You have forces investigating the president
for good reason and then you have mostly Republicans opposing it publicly, even though there are
people like Anthony Scaramucci who say that privately, there is actually a lot of disdain
for Donald Trump among the Republican party. So I think that the tension will build and
Republicans will publicly push back against the investigations as much as they can and
then it’ll either get pushed over one way or the other way. It will either become what some something
like what Anthony Scaramucci says, which is Republicans will eventually have no choice
but to just sort of give up and say, you know what? Yeah, Trump’s got to go. Uh, this has to end at some point. Or you will see that it looks that as though
Donald Trump is going to be able to escape this unscathed, at least to the extent of
removal, we’ll see what the result of the November, 2020 election are. And the Republicans who stayed with Trump
will sort of appear to be victorious and, and at least claim to be on the right side,
but it could go either way. It’s really going to depend on public opinion
in the end. Okay. Yeah, that’s the biggest question I had there. I just wanted to, as far as living here and
I’m originally from a different Southern state, but I grew up, uh, as a farmer’s kid and tend
to getting concerned as far as it goes. I don’t know why someone, anybody in the South
wants to support a silver spoon fed and kinda rich guy, but you know, whatever. Um, I’m kinda concerned about my family and
their thoughts and their process and I want to make sure, especially with the rumors of
liberal hunting parties, which is ridiculous, um, that what people’s overall aspect of the
outcome is. I would like it not to evolve into something,
I guess a violent, I guess that’s the best way to put it in the overall tendency of it. Absolutely. That’s my view as well. I am against the violence. Uh, Tony, I appreciate the call from San Antonio. I’ve got to move on. I hope to hear from you again.

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  1. 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death.

  2. So there has been another “storming protest” from the GOP or is he talking about the lack lustre one that happened a few days back?

  3. They have no choice. Trump himself is more popular than his party, and many Republicans, if told to choose between Trump and his party, will choose Trump.

  4. TRUMP was caught on a hot mic telling the president of Russia he’ll give them more support after the second election! TRUMP IS DONE FOR!

  5. List of Trumps sins:
    Greed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVlGUSvypjA
    Sloth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGn7LTXgcyY
    Envy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLuYAzr_UFs
    Glutony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6rP8FO_Vwc
    Lust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSC8Q-kR44o
    Wrath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_35yJpVyAA
    Pride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPXjF-jv9dU

  6. If Trump's republicans smell defeat due to Trump's actions, they will drop Trump like a hot turd, likewise Trump will drop some republicans if they tell the truth and communicate the obvious. As far as a civil war, no one will die for or against trump, he is just not worth it.

  7. Yeah. Sure. Just like the Repubs that "stood behind" Nixon. They stood behind him alright….just as far as they possibly could.
    The more things go against "President" Trump, the more Repubs will scurry away from the sinking ship.

  8. I think that realistically, an impeachment is inevitable. The true question should be is, in the face of the mounting evidence of his crimes, how many of the republicans will be willing to follow him to the proverbial gallows. America has now seen the true nature of this poser president, so it should be convincingly obvious concerning tRUMPS guilt. As the trumptanic sinks, the rats will bail out, one by one, in fear of their own snowflake asses going down with the ship. Ol' donnie will soon be standing ALL ALONE. How very fitting for a person that cares for no one but himself. JUSTICE FOR AMERICA!! NO MORE LIES!! IMPEACH NOW! LET'S COLLECTIVELY "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"

  9. @David Pakman – If the President were impeached and it went to trial, could the Senate hold an anonymous vote? I wonder if that would be possible for both the trial and removal if convicted.

  10. I don't think David understood that the question might not be about politics but about grassroots attitudes. It can be scary to meet people in the Mid-West and hear their aggressive stand on the situation.

  11. Republicans will never fight to the death no matter what. These people make a lot of noise with their bluffs but at the end of the day republicans fight because someone told them to. Even if they decide to organize and sit in ditches, trees, and bushes for hours and hours i have no doubt in my mind that they would fall as soon as they meet resistance. War to them is driving around with their buddies in their trucks and shooting up innocent minority families and unarmed "sjw" protesters because they think that's how war is done. I wouldn't be surprised if they truly thought they could win because Libs are too beta to pick up a gun. Imagine being so out of touch with reality…

  12. Politicians are like an adaptive virus. They will expend every trick they have to rewrite the DNA of the house rules during Trump's impeachment. They are a victim of their own device to change the rules to best attack Clinton during his call on the carpet. The system has developed an immune response and is using the republicans own defenses against them. Republicans = AIDS

  13. Half the time it seems David is ignorant of what just happened in the news. How can you be a news commentator and not keep up with the news?

  14. Speaking of "death," take a good long look at that picture of Moscow Mitchy in the thumbnail. No rent boys are gonna touch that rancid meat.

  15. has any other United States president been the main subject in the daily media as much as Trump? i don't recall one single day, since this deformity's inauguration when he hasn't been the Main Event.

  16. The Crooked Schmuck McDouche looks like many a Snapping Turtle I dragged from out of the mud. That obstructionist do-nothing thief must also GO!

  17. Storming the hearings is witness intimidation. Wake up Republicans the president is a lying SOB who will use you until you have nothing left

  18. yall pussies aint gonna impeach a man that half the country loves yall idiots. keep crying about it and the dems will lose another election…

  19. United States Code


    Part I. CRIMES


    Section 2381. TREASON

    U.S. Code § 2381. Treason

    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

  20. btw if trump isn't removed, the backlash will be legendary. i halfway hope for that outcome simply because going against trump will probably be easier than going against another republican.

  21. Public Opinion will decide this. If enough people think Trump is guilty then, he is. The senate republicans will hate having to do it, but they will vote to impeach if public opinion is for it.
    Pelosi' strategy is brilliant, every day new details emerge damning the president furter. By the time the issue does go to the Senate those repubs will have little choice once the evidence is presented in exacting detail.

  22. Unfortunately they might be bold, because they know the democrats are weak. Take away Bernie and its a pretty bleak picture.

  23. There is something strange wirh republicans…they got no shame on lying, being deshonest, cowards, making up stories, misogynists, retarded, but die defending the orange disgusting manatee no way.

  24. The impeachment will die in the senate the republicans aren’t going to vote to impeach because they are afraid of trump

  25. Fight to the death? Not if history is any indicator. This is playing out just as it did with Nixon. But if anyone thinks these gutless, liars won't jump ship like the rats they are they're not paying attention.
    And the 'violence' stuff that's getting thrown out there? Remember this. CONSERVATIVES ARE COWARDS. THEY'RE DRIVEN BY FEAR. Nothing to see here.

  26. David, I've just watched on You Tube, Ann Coulter discussing impeachent of Bill Clinton with William F Buckley Jr. I am shocked by the incredible hypocracy of this woman! She maintains the process is in place to remove from office, people whose CHARACTER is deemed unfit for public office!

  27. "for the people" the 2nd rep of the people

    e the nation, that shall have been created and to end US? the contract between the people and the government is the constitution…when we won the war, we won our independence. independence day hasn’t happened yet, but it soon will. it’s the day that his leangle successor signs, his processors declaration. WHICH IS A DORMANT LAW THAT NOT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED BUT IT ALSO 5?) abolishes the us. government. with the use of the approached legislation. (A court motion that was filed on 27 AUGUST 2014 when the congress wasn't in session.)

    09:00 am on the first Friday of dec, 2014, “the only civil action that is for the people, “that has ever been executed, in the history of our nation, IDENTIFIES me as the 2nd rep of the people. 6.) the 10 mile square district shall be called. Jefferson’s district of California,

    it is the city know as, san Luis Obispo. under the same authority, that he created the first seat, the 2nd seat, known in the constitution has a place "which shall have beenthis is the national proclamation to the people, and this is the true meaning of the declaration OF INDEPENDENCE. when it was written by the 1st rep Thomas Jefferson and it is the burden of the people to fill the vacancy. that was caused by the elections of 1803

    there really is something hidden inside the declaration 1. the national treasure which is, the power of the people. the and it is the supreme authority of the people. 2. that is vested in their national rep who also has the right and the duties to do whatever is essayer and proper to fill the seat that, the first rep left open and his job and his title. Are the prerequisites, of the 2nd rep so " when in the cause of human events it becomes necessary for one people, to separate yourself from the political bands they we were connected to 3. it is also the laws of the nation which are," by and for the people." the u, s, government and the nation of the people are equal and separate sanctions, the first seat, Washington dace. a 10 square mile district was created by the 1st rep in 1787. then 12 years earlier he created the national seat of the people in 1776. 4.) which is the authority of his successor to create the seat, that he left open and to creat created" and "the state that shall be the same", will now be created. it is the new national seat of the people.

    the constitution contains all of the terms and conditions of the leangle and binding contract between the people and the government that was negotiated by Thomas Jefferson. he hired the government to represent the nation’s people. NEITHER DOCUMENT has been ratified by the peoples leangle reprehensive. now it’s 211 years later and no one knows what the secret language of founding fathers is, or what it means and only someone equal to Thomas Jefferson can explain what this entire means. according to the contract, the congress can every 4 years hold an election, unless some has a majority in every state.

    the secret of the true power of the people is hidden in a RIDDLE THAT is a metaphor, which means. "all for one and one for all" and this means that all of the people are all for the one person who becomes, the 2nd leangle representative of the people. who cancel the contract of the people, which abolishes the government, eliminates the national debt, and develops the write to a choice, the congress shall once every 4 years on the first Friday of deck gather to see if anyone has a majority in every state. if not there will be and election next year. however if someone does have a majority, the right to a choice has been developed upon the president and the congress shall not have an election next year. this means the people are now being represented by their national rep who has the supreme authority of the people and is the executor of the contract and has the power of the people, and has all of the electoral votes which gives him a majority in every state.

    to do that you must meet all of the conditions of both the declaration and the constitution your name must be the name that was chosen and you must know what the court motion that executes the declaration and you must be legally, the one who is not for himself and you must be "for the people" and from the people and you can't be a politician and you can’t be from the same state the you were chosen in and you must be the "one who is for all" and all of these the qualification prerequisites of the 2nd things are mentioned and

    these are THE ENTIRE requirement of the experiment of a nation, which of course IS. the national test of all who read it and it is called the declaration of independence, but first and foremost you must be independent from all of the people in America, WHICH ARE 330,000,000. people you must be the only americium who is not FOR ME.

    my name is e. pluribus Unum and according to our law it’s not legal tender if my name isn’t on it. Thomas Jefferson chose my name because he knew that only I am for the people and I am not for myself. these are all of the things that I have done, an according to the presidential and congressional terms of the contract called the constitution, my favorite part is that it tells me how to be a national representative I am the 2nd rep of the people and this is for the speaker of the house so he can tell me. hobo that he will be the last president because our contract has BEEN CONCLUDED. the people are now being represented by e. pluribus Unum and his name was chosen by the 1st rep because only he knew that I e. pluribus Unum am the only American who IS “for the people"

    which is the title of the exacutor of the contract known as the constitution that SAYS “this shall be the last year of their last TERM? the government and the test of the government is now over. this is the first legal declaration to the people, from someone who is from, by, and for the people. the nation of America, which is just now BEGINNING……., FROM e. pluribus UNUM…. who IS “FOR the people" the 2nd rep of the people…….sign on……. 12/5/2014.

    this can only happen when one of the people chooses to honor the patriotisms of our founding fathers and becomes a legal rep the people. then uses the powers of the constitution to ENACT THE DECLORATION. we agreed to let them use our electoral votes until the people eliminate the burden. and this is exactly what I have done. "we the people of the use, in order to form a more perfect union," is a union between the 1st and 2nd rep "all men are created equal" means only one man can be equal to Thomas Jefferson, and before he stepped down he appointed his successor and his name, was chosen. George WASHINGTON RECOMMENDED him, but they said that this is the only circumstance where, the one who has been CHOSEN will be chosen later. From the official and legal 2nd rep of the people o2 october 2015 dated and signed on 05/12/2014 to the speaker of the house due on 05/12/2105 the last doy of your last term is 20 november 2016 and my first day is 21/november 2016 your job that you were hired for is now complete and this is your noitce from E.PLURIBUS UNUM

  28. They are fighting, Fighting to KILL the Republic Party. The only way that they can save the Party is to get rid of TRUMP. Trump has divided this country into the White Supremacists and the rest of us. I can foresee that the next 6 Presidential terms of the USA are Democrats and could be even more unless the members of the Congress on both sides get rid of this thief and his stealing cronies.

  29. I've had YouTube ads a few times now, for ( I think) "Republicans against Trump" (something to that effect). They want people to sign a petition.

  30. The republicans have reached a point of no return, even if they do the right thing and convict in the Senate, they have been so complicit in the corruption and coverup that their electoral fates are pretty much sealed. The public backlash will send them packing

  31. I wouldn't rule out the violence but I doubt it's going to be wide spread unless police and national guard doesn't stop it for some reason and they feel like they are emboldened to continue without consequences. Some people are bringing religion into this and looking at Trump like some God chosen leader. Many people are just waiting for some kind of signal or excuse to act against a delusional conspiracy theory deep state trying to hijack the US. If (BIG IF)Trump does actually get thrown out of office I'd expect to see acts of violence against their perceived enemies. Hell, I'd expect there to be violence if Trump gets voted out in 2020, they idolize the guy that much. People like Trump use hate and bigotry to whip up their base into a mob and suddenly are surprised that there is violence but that's pretty much what mobs end up doing.

  32. Truth!?
    We ain't got no truth!
    We don't need no truth!
    We don't have to tell you the stinking truth!

    –Trolls, trools, fools, wannabe dictators, trumpian sycophants and republican hypocrites and cowards such as McConnell and Graham who act to open the door to an American Dictatorship.

  33. If you'll pardon my bluntness, The republican party has about 75-80% of it's makeup consisting of the age 50+ group of citizens, and they are represented by most of their congressional members being white old men with one foot already in the grave and clinging to power using very questionable tactics at best. This impeachment inquiry already has many of them doing very questionable things that will haunt them come next years elections, because it will be on the records, their words and actions have been recorded, and will be used against them either by Democrats or Independents, or by other Republicans disgusted with their ways and seeing a chance to kick them out as a part of restoring the Republican party to a purer conservative and not by illegal trickery for it had a few decades ago. If it does not happen, then with the 2020 elections, I fear the Republican party will see even more seats lost in both the house and especially the Senate, because what happens during the impeachment WILL be watched by people across the United States, and those memories will still be fresh come election time, and you can bet their opponents will keep those memories fresh, along with all the recorded stuff being reshown to back it up, thus ending their chances to get re-elected. This could be the nail in the coffin of the Grand Old Party, and send it to rest alonside other past political parties who chose a similar path such as the Whigs, and such.

  34. **BREAKING**
    The investigation of the investigation into the Russian Probe has now turned into a criminal investigation…what a prominent upgrade. Globalist's leftists and their shills are going through the stages of severe panic.

  35. DP you are very patient (to your credit) with callers. The two views I need as often as possible are yours and Shields & Brooks. Please keep up the good work.

  36. It's been in the news since it happened yesturday. How could anyone missed the story of the republican house members storming into the house chambers. Half of those republican house members were already on the committee's hearing the evidence. O yea and that they broke the law bringing in cell phones that could send messages back to the Kremlin.

  37. Fight to the death? The bone spur party? BWAHAHAHAHA. The best they are capable of is a reenactment of a drunken sissy fight.

  38. Of course they will. Lying, cheating, squeezing, squealing wiggling every inch they can get. They're as bad as you could be. Flip flop soulless reconatours

  39. We all know the caller was asking about the republicans storming the SCIF meeting, he mispoke and said congressional meeting. David not being able to figure that out made that call pretty awkward.

  40. Matt Gaetz tried to intimidate Michael Cohen during the Mueller investigation, and now he's leading this whole storm into the impeachment inquiry witness depositions. Why go so far? I don't understand why some Republicans have suddenly become so hellbent on keeping Trump president, it's at a point where it feels like there's DEFINITELY something way more to this than meets the eye. Can't be about principle, I'd almost think that there's some kind of blackmail scheme going on where if Trump goes down a lot of Republicans are going down with him.

  41. Hey serious question, not trying to start a keyboard fight. What will all of u do if people start getting arrested on the left with durhams investigation? I dont trust cia people. They are responsible for terrible shit over the years. Therefore my bias is making me believe that all this deep state bs is probable. I am watching both sides and the right is making a better case. I dont like the Brennan/clapper types being contributers on cnn. It is creepy. And b4 the insults start, i voted obama then trump. Woukd like to vote tulsi but the CORRUPT dnc will never allow that. From watching both sides the left(not necessarily progressives),seems dirtier than trump. Wtf? Am i gonna have to pick the less of 2 evils my whoke life? Im a combat vet, and i will reenlist if we go to war again and i think trump is a better option to keep me with my sons. Wtf? Drunk rant over

  42. they will fight right up until the elections start again then they look at the numbers and change their tunes so people will vote then back into power………..republicans are the weakest saddest bunch you will ever meet they stand for NOTHING these days except "owning the libs" and ask anyone that has stood with a group that has nothing but spite they fall apart as spite is merely Spackle plugging holes in a drunks walls when something more substantial is needed to keep the wall standing over the winter

  43. It was disgraceful behaviour by the GOP. The problem is they have no honor, no idea of justice, it's just all politics. It's very sad that the Republican party has lost its way. Trump should not be President, he should never have been allowed to run. Where are America's standards?

  44. I have a great new idea for a gameshow: Put 10 Republicans on an island with only enough food for 10 people and watch them all fight to the death.

  45. Not if the Senate Republicans set aside their partisanship and fulfill their role as Jurors honorably. That aint about to happen with that corrupt group. Just remember this at Jury selection time… next election.

  46. Republicans don't give a shit about Trump. They ARE affraid about the investigations going on.
    Every day a new scandal pops up!

  47. Fight to the death? Yeah, right. Those cocksuckers send people to fight to the death for their damn oil and money in senseless wars while they sit comfortably and safely in their offices. Many of them have never even fought to the death for real.

  48. It gives me great hope that people growing up in the environment the caller describes don't automatically give up on an independent thought process. Thanks!

  49. Will they fight to death? No, of course not. Republicans have self preservation and self serving instincts like no one else. They will abandon ship as soon as they see it will sink. If it sinks, that is. They sure don't want to go down with Trump, which would mean end of career.

  50. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/10/ted-malloch-for-whom-the-bell-tolls-the-final-chapter-in-the-attempted-coup-detat-against-trump/
    The end is extremely fucking nigh. You're all fucked. 🙂

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